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Другие книги автора Egor Rybakov
  • Egor Rybakov. Procrastination. Selected poems
    Procrastination. Selected poems
    Egor Rybakov
    My new collection is dedicated to my favorite topic of psychology and its author, in whose performance it sounds so relevant and brilliant…
  • Egor Rybakov. Christina
    Egor Rybakov
    Is dedicated to the young girl, that changed my life terminally and irrevocably. It was she who inspired me to write poems and promote them further.
  • Egor Rybakov. Psysuccess (English Version). Selected poems
    Psysuccess (English Version). Selected poems
    Egor Rybakov
    We are born with the idea of being happy. In our youth we dream of great achievements and successes. But over time, all this is lost and the colors of life are not so saturated and bright. Movement, that must yield joy and drooling, bear only pain and suffering. The mind, which should determine each of our new movements, sometimes prevents us from living and developing. In my new collection I have included my best works dedicated to self-development and self-actualization.
  • Egor Rybakov. Phenomenon of Christina. Selected poems
    Phenomenon of Christina. Selected poems
    Egor Rybakov
    I want you to meet a girl who gave me a whole universe of feelings and boundless emotions. Whose voice endlessly inspires and fills the soul with great warmth and tenderness. Who heals the mind magic words, helps to understand themselves and the world, and who is not a sin to imitate and day after day to follow in her footsteps…

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