Chris Cowlin
The Greatest General Knowledge Quiz Book

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    The British TV Sitcom Quiz Book
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    The sitcom has proved to be one of the most enduring genres in British TV history, reflecting the social changes and national concerns of the time, and has brought many memorable and much-loved characters to our screens. Who can forget iconic figures like Frank Spencer, Basil Fawlty and Reggie Perrin or the antics of the Trotters, the Meldrews and the staff of Grace Brothers' department store, to name but a few? The 1,000 questions in The British TV Sitcom Quiz book will test your knowledge of your favourite series from yesteryear to the current day. From Steptoe and Son, Dad's Army and Porridge to Absolutely Fabulous, The Office, and My Family, this book is bulging with facts that will refresh your memory and help you to recapture some of those magical moments in situation comedy. With a fitting foreword by Brian Murphy from the hilarious '70s TV show George and Mildred and Nicholas Parsons OBE, this is a must-have book for all sitcom fans.
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    The West Ham United Quiz Book
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    Now is the time to find out how much you West Ham United fans really know, but be warned - your brains are sure to take a hammering as you struggle to answer the 1,000 challenging questions in this quiz book, covering every aspect of the team's history, such as players, managers, opponents, scores, transfers, nationalities and every competition you can think of. You'll be arguing with the referee and pleading for extra time as the questions spark recollections and ardent discussions of the legendary greats and nail-biting matches that have shaped the club over the years. With a fitting foreword by Hammers legend Julian Dicks, and bulging with important facts and figures, this book will entertain as well as educate, but be prepared for a few fouls and yellow cards along the way.

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