Brooks Felicity
First Colouring Book: Nativity

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  • Brooks Felicity. All About Families
    All About Families
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    What do families look like? Who's in your family? And how can families change? With delightful illustrations, this glorious celebration of family diversity talks about lone-parent families, adoptive, foster, divorced, remarried, and mixed race families, and lots, lots more, showing little children that families come in all shapes and sizes.
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    A charming activity book filled with picturesque garden scenes including "scrumptious fruits", "busy bugs" and a "who's who" of things found in the garden. Little children will love exploring the wonders that can be found outside the back door in this lively book, with over 200 stickers to complete the scenes. Children enjoy exploring gardens and spotting creatures that they know - and discovering ones that they don't. This book allows them to do the same thing while colouring and stickering along the way!
  • Brooks Felicity. My First Book About Nature
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    Children will enjoy learning about plants and flowers, insects and bugs, animal tracks and many more nature-related topics in this resourceful picture book. This educational picture book offers the perfect balance of having fun while learning. This brightly coloured picture book is a fun and interactive way for children to learn about nature and the world around them.
  • Brooks Felicity. My First 100 Words
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    Little children can discover 100 everyday words in this wonderfully illustrated book, full of busy buzzing bees, pattering raindrops, chattering children and noisy little lambs. Colourful, labelled scenes include a jungle bursting with wildlife, a cosy bedroom and a bustling city street, all beautifully illustrated by Sophie Touliatou.
  • Brooks Felicity. Dress the Teddy Bears Going to Shops Sticker Book
    Dress the Teddy Bears Going to Shops Sticker Book
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    Dress the teddy bears — Milly, Benjamin, Oscar and Izzy — in clothes appropriate for their various shopping outings, with the 200 plus stickers provided. There are lots of things to spot and talk about; selecting the stickers will help develop little children's sorting and matching skills and placing them correctly helps develop manual dexterity. Part of a collectible series featuring the same group of friendly teddy bears.
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    This charming illustrated collection of traditional Christmas carols is sure to delight little children. Includes the well-loved carols 'Away in a Manger', 'Silent Night', 'We Three Kings', 'We Wish you a Merry Christmas' and more. Delightfully illustrated, the sturdy board book is the perfect size for little hands to hold and explore.
  • Brooks Felicity. Christmas. Board book
    Christmas. Board book
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    Babies and toddlers will love learning their first Christmas words with this magical board book filled with Christmassy things to spot and talk about. There are children decorating a snowman, Santa and his reindeer delivering presents, carol singers and much more. A lovely way to talk about and anticipate Christmas with little ones.
  • Brooks Felicity. Shapes. Board book
    Shapes. Board book
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    A colourful lift-the-flap board book to help children learn about shapes in a fun way. Each page features an illustrated scene full of spotting, naming and counting activities, from a circus show to a trip to the seaside and a summer picnic. Activities include lifting circular, triangular and star-shaped flaps at the circus to uncover the hidden performers, and searching for animals at the seaside by lifting beach balls, kites and umbrellas. With over 80 flaps to lift, each page has lots to spot and talk about, even for pre-readers.
  • Brooks Felicity. My First Book About Me
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    This brightly colored information book is a fun and interactive way for children to learn about themselves and the world around them. Learn about human diversity (skin color, hair color, eyes, tastes etc), about different emotions a person can feel, about daily routines, about different types of families and loved ones and about their body.
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    Little children can discover animals around the world in this entertaining colouring book. Attractive scenes show animals living in a rainforest, the savannah, a farmyard and more, and the backgrounds are already coloured in, so children can focus on the fun parts.
  • Greenwell Jessica. Christmas
    Greenwell Jessica
    Little children will love colouring the fun and festive pictures in this book. Scenes include building a snowman, elves working in Santa's workshop, a beautifully decorated tree and Santa in his sleigh.

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