Andrew Robinson
Raspberry Pi Projects

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  • Andrew  Robinson. Raspberry Pi Hardware Projects 1
    Raspberry Pi Hardware Projects 1
    Andrew Robinson
    Learn how to take full advantage of all of Raspberry Pi’s amazing features and functions—and have a blast doing it! Congratulations on becoming a proud owner of a Raspberry Pi, the credit-card-sized computer! If you’re ready to dive in and start finding out what this amazing little gizmo is really capable of, this ebook is for you. Taken from the forthcoming Raspberry Pi Projects, Raspberry Pi Hardware Projects 1 contains three cool hardware projects that let you have fun with the Raspberry Pi while developing your Raspberry Pi skills. The authors – PiFace inventor, Andrew Robinson and Raspberry Pi For Dummies co-author, Mike Cook – show you how to build: Reaction timer Twittering toy Disco Lights The ebook also includes a brief guide to setting up the Raspberry Pi for those very new to its unique ways and a bonus project, the Insult Generator, which will teach you simple Python programming while making you laugh. With Raspberry Pi Hardware Projects 1 you’ll learn everything you need to know to program the Raspberry Pi and build cool, automated and interactive gadgets in no time.

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