Rachel Wells
Alfie the Doorstep Cat

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  • Rachel  Wells. Alfie the Holiday Cat
    Alfie the Holiday Cat
    Rachel Wells
    The Sunday Times bestseller returns for a fourth book! Alfie and his mischievous kitten George are back for more adventures – this time taking them a long way from home…Alfie and George just can’t seem to keep out of trouble. So when they hear that their owners have got a new holiday home, they can’t wait to visit it and enjoy some new adventures.But when they arrive, they don’t find the comfort they’re used to. Crumbling walls, peeling paint, dripping ceilings…this little Cornish cottage is clearly on its last legs.Family and friends rally round to try and save the cottage – but it soon becomes clear that the locals don’t want them there at all. It’s up to Alfie and George to make sure their family is welcomed into the village – that’s if they can keep out of the way of the nastiest cat they’ve ever encountered…
  • Rachel  Wells. Alfie in the Snow
    Alfie in the Snow
    Rachel Wells
    Can Alfie and George save Christmas?The Sunday Times bestseller returns for a fifth book! Alfie and his mischievous kitten George are back for more adventuresWhen a new family moves onto Edgar Road, Alfie and George can’t wait to welcome them – especially when they discover they have a cat too!Alfie imagines they’ll be the perfect neighbours, but when one little misunderstanding gets blown out of proportion, the street is suddenly at war!As the snow starts to fall, Alfie and George have their work cut out for them to bring the street back together. But can one doorstep cat and his mischievous kitten use their festive spirit to reunite everyone in time for Christmas?A heart-warming novel that is perfect to curl up with this festive season. For fans of A Street Cat Named Bob, Cathy Bramley and Holly Hepburn.
  • Rachel  Wells. Alfie Far From Home
    Alfie Far From Home
    Rachel Wells

  • Rachel  Wells. Alfie Cat In Trouble
    Alfie Cat In Trouble
    Rachel Wells
    Alfie the Doorstep Cat – star of the smash-hit Sunday Times bestseller – is back in brand new ALFIE story for a younger readership.Alfie is everyone’s favourite cat. A big ball of grey fur who changes the lives of every family he meets. When the Clover family move into Alfie’s neighbourhood he soon makes friends with eight-year-old Stanley Clover. Stanley wants to be a famous explorer and takes Alfie along on his adventures. But Alfie soon realises that Stanley is unhappy. He is jealous of his talented sister Viola and feels ignored by his mum and dad who only ever seem to notice him when he gets into trouble. Can Alfie help Stanley get noticed for the right reasons?
  • Rachel  Wells. A Cat Called Alfie
    A Cat Called Alfie
    Rachel Wells

  • Rachel  Wells. Alfie and George: A heart-warming tale about how one cat and his kitten brought a street together
    Alfie and George: A heart-warming tale about how one cat and his kitten brought a street together
    Rachel Wells
    The Sunday Times bestseller is back, with his biggest adventure yet. The perfect read for fans of A Street Cat Named Bob.As the residents of Edgar Road know, Alfie is no ordinary cat. Since his arrival in the street, he's made every house his home, helping this group of neighbours to become friends for life.But now there's a new cat on Alfie's turf – a tiny ball of fur called George. With no home to call his own, this little kitten is in desperate need. And little does Alfie know that they’ve got quite an adventure ahead of them to get him through this most difficult of times…A heart-warming story that's impossible not to love – Alfie is back and more adventurous than ever!

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