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  • Animal Colours
    Animal Colours
    Animal Colours
  • Dawn Sirett. Colours
    Dawn Sirett
    Teach your child about colours with this hands-on "My Little Carry Book". With lots of fun-filled pictures, your toddler will love learning about colours with this brand new "My Little Carry Book". Turn the pages with your child and watch as they develop language and reading skills. Every bright, bold page introduces a different coloured object with engaging rhyming words to read aloud. Your child will love the bright spotty handle that they can carry and pretend they have a bag, just like you! This is a great new series that your child can pick up and carry around, wherever they go. Книжка с вырубкой.
  • Colours and Shapes
    Colours and Shapes
    Get ready to play, get ready to learn, get ready for school with Colours and Shapes Help your child get ready for school with Colours and Shapes. Support your little ones first steps in early learning and let them match the coloured socks, join the dots and spot the difference. Get Ready for School is a new series of interactive books and playbooks which gives every child the best start to learning with key skills developed through play, exploration and real-life situations. It makes getting ready for school fun and exciting with lift-the-flap activities, see-through peep-holes, stickers and much more. The friendly monkey, cat and other characters will support, guide and inspire your child's early learning. Each element of the series will support active learning through creative thinking, boosting confidence, curiosity and independence.
  • Creature Colours
    Creature Colours
    In this ten-page board book, young readers learn their colours based on the wild colours of animals around the world.
  • Early Birds: Rainbow Zoo
    Early Birds: Rainbow Zoo
    The Early Birds range introduces first concepts with colourful, friendly illustrations and clear, descriptive text. From blue elephant to red parrot, little ones will love turning the tabs to reveal a different colour on each page.
  • Felicity Brooks. Lift-the-Flap Shapes
    Lift-the-Flap Shapes
    Felicity Brooks
    A fun, gentle way for preschool children to learn essential skills such as shape recognition and naming. Part of a growing series, which includes lift-the-flap books on colours, words and counting.
  • My First Colors
    My First Colors
    My First Colors
  • Eric Carle. My Very First Book of Colors
    My Very First Book of Colors
    Eric Carle
    What color is a bluebird? Easy to answer, but even easier when you have thecolor to match it with. Find the color in the top half of a page that matches the picture on the bottom half. From pink flowers to purple grapes, this colorful book is full of fun and surprises. Children will love solving these color puzzles featuring Eric Carle's bold and vibrant artwork.
  • Eric Carle. My Very First Book of Shapes
    My Very First Book of Shapes
    Eric Carle
    My Very First Book of Shapes
  • illustrated by Edouard Manceau. My First Color Dominoes
    My First Color Dominoes
    illustrated by Edouard Manceau
    A book and a domino game - double the fun when it comes to learning colours. Children will love matching colours and familiar objects in this new twist on an old classic. Board book with modern graphic illustrations reinforces colour names.
  • Eric Carle. My Very First Book of Shapes
    My Very First Book of Shapes
    Eric Carle
    A split-page wordless board book teaching children the simple concept of shapes through Eric Carle's inimitable collage illustrations. Readers need to line up the shape in the top section of the book with the same shaped image in the bottom section.
  • LCC Pantone LCC Pantone. Pantone: Colours
    Pantone: Colours
    LCC Pantone LCC Pantone
    Pantone: Colours introduces children to the ten basic colours and twenty shades of each. Every spread features a colour heading, a monochromatic image and a variety of gridded shades and tints of the same colour. Younger children will enjoy naming the colours of the high-contrast recognisable objects. Slightly older children will peruse the shades to choose favourites; immersing themselves in the concept that one colour name actually refers to a variety of dark, light and in-between tones.
  • Pantone: Colour Cards: 18 Oversized Flash Cards
    Pantone: Colour Cards: 18 Oversized Flash Cards
    These flash cards are an engaging and beautiful invitation for children and parents to explore colour together in a whole new way. This 18 card set includes 2 tones of each of the 9 basic colours. Lollipop Purple, Starfish Orange, and Grasshopper Green are just a few of the dazzling shades in this collection. Each card features a solid colour on one side, such as Duckling Yellow (Pantone 1215). When you flip the card over, additional colours in the same colour family (yellow) are introduced in the context of an illustrated pattern, so that a child can pick out which shade is Duckling Yellow. These innovative flash cards are both practical and stunning, making them an irresistible addition to any child's toy box, bookshelf or wall!
  • Silvia Borando. Shapes at Play
    Shapes at Play
    Silvia Borando
    From minibombo, the creators of The White Book and Black Cat, White Cat comes a playful first book of shapes. Meet the red triangles, the yellow squares and the blue circles, who have a great idea for a game: together, they want to see if they can make a brand new shape! Hopping and bouncing and – bump! – sometimes colliding, they soon realize that they can be anything they want to be! A little house or a speedy car, an apple tree or a runaway train, the possibilities are endless ... they might even be out of this world! Exploring how triangles, squares and circles can be found all around us, minibombo introduce young readers to their very first shapes with playfulness, humour and in their trademark graphic style.
  • Silvia Borando. Shapes, Reshape!
    Shapes, Reshape!
    Silvia Borando
    Count down from 10 to 1 in this playful interactive exploration of the shapes that make up our favourite animals. The shapes, at first, are lined up neatly in rows. But, at the turn of the page, they’re mixed up, moved around and reshaped into all kinds of animals! Buzzy and clucky and scaly and sluuuurpy! Look – these green shapes reshape into scaly things. What they could be? Turn the page to reveal … of course! 3 alligators, snip, snap and snappy! As we visit ten groups of shapes, can you try and guess what animal the shapes will become before the shapes reshape? (But, with the animals getting bigger and more ferocious each time, watch out for a rather fiery finale!)
  • Carol Medcalf. Shapes, Colours and Patterns
    Shapes, Colours and Patterns
    Carol Medcalf
    This range of Maths and English activity books really helps to boost your child's progress at every stage of their learning. The series aims to build up important skills through activity-packed fun. Each activity is designed to give your child a real sense of achievement. - Help boost confidence and develop good learning habits for life. - Motivate children to learn at home using colourful activities that make learning fun. - Include helpful tips and answers so that you easily support your child's learning at home.
  • Small Beginnings: Colour and Count
    Small Beginnings: Colour and Count
    The path to learning is enhanced through play, and these books have been specially designed for pre-schoolers who simply love to play! Small Beginnings will inspire children's imagination, promote curiosity and encourage exploration. Simple, early concepts are explored in a structured, progressive way. Stickers on every page and a progress chart at the back of the book will keep motivation levels high. Share these books with your child and enjoy learning together. Small Beginnings make for happy endings!
  • Squeaky Baby Bath Book Colours
    Squeaky Baby Bath Book Colours
    Squeaky Baby Bath Book Colours
  • Petr Horacek. Strawberries Are Red
    Strawberries Are Red
    Petr Horacek
    Combining graphic pictures with ingeniously simple novelty devices, this book reveals that strawberries are red, oranges are orange, bananas are yellow and so on. Each page has more cut off it than the one before, so that the layered images finally form a delicious-looking fruit salad surprise!
  • Tabbed Board Books: My First Colors
    Tabbed Board Books: My First Colors
    Tabbed Board Books: My First Colors

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