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  • Pothula Sujatha,P. Dhavachelvan and A. Balasubramanian. A Comparative Analysis of IR and MLIR Systems Performance Assessment
    A Comparative Analysis of IR and MLIR Systems Performance Assessment
    Pothula Sujatha,P. Dhavachelvan and A. Balasubramanian
    MLIR systems can facilitate the researchers and the end users to discover appropriate information in the preferred language. Due to the versatile applicability of MLIR systems, these systems require careful and thorough evaluations to demonstrate their desired performance. Therefore, the work reported in this book describes the greater efforts that are taken to develop a set of Metrics under Binary Retrieval and Ranked Relevance scheme for Evaluating the Performance of MLIR Systems. An Empirical and Statistical analysis is done to validate the proposed metrics under specified scheme of IR systems.
  • Francesco Pagano. A Distributed Approach to Privacy on the Cloud
    A Distributed Approach to Privacy on the Cloud
    Francesco Pagano
    The increasing adoption of Cloud-based data processing and storage poses a number of privacy issues. Users wish to preserve full control over their sensitive data and cannot accept it to be fully accessible to an external storage provider. Previous research in this area was mostly addressed at techniques to protect data stored on untrusted database servers; however, I argue that the Cloud architecture presents a number of specific problems and issues. This work contains a detailed analysis of open issues. To handle them, I present a novel approach where confidential data is stored in a highly distributed partitioned database, partly located on the Cloud and partly on the clients. In my approach, data can be either private or shared; the latter is shared in a secure manner by means of simple grant-and-revoke permissions. I have developed a proof-of-concept implementation using an in?memory RDBMS with row-level data encryption. This type of approach is rarely adopted in conventional...
  • Patrick Finley. A Study Comparing Table and List-Based Smartphone Interface Usability
    A Study Comparing Table and List-Based Smartphone Interface Usability
    Patrick Finley
    Never before has society seen a technology or medium advance as quickly as the smartphone. With advancements of smartphone technology, many daily tasks can be accomplished easier and faster with smartphone devices, which require more and more people from numerous backgrounds to use a variety of interface layouts. This study hopes to contribute in building a framework for conducting usability studies to assist in creating a foundation for smartphone interface development by evaluating the effectiveness of two commonly used mobile website interfaces. Since smartphone usability studies are relatively new, there is no smartphone software to record or track this kind of information. Three usability methods reviewed in this study were demographics, usability study through video recordings, and evaluation through exit survey. In regards to usability, the table interface is more effective than the list interface. User testing of the two navigation prototypes, as well as user comparison of one...
  • Yun Wan. A Study of the Impact by Comparison-Shopping Agent in Online Shopping
    A Study of the Impact by Comparison-Shopping Agent in Online Shopping
    Yun Wan
    Consumers who use interactive Web applications called product comparison agents (PCAs) may be overwhelmed by information and decisions to make, leading to an inability to choose or dissatisfaction with the ultimate choice, a state of “choice overload.” Two experiments were designed to test the choice overload hypothesis. Eight choice tasks of different size were presented to subjects. By observing the decision quality, decision time, and decision confidence, we confirmed our hypothesis that choice overload exists when the decision-making task exceeds 24 choices and 5 attributes. Subjects were given different decision-making tools (sorting and short-listing) and conditions (refreshing of information) to deal with the same choice task within the choice-overload range obtained from initial experiment. The use of PCAs required more decision-making effort and resulted in less decision satisfaction than when only one decision-making tool was provided. We believe these findings are...
  • Ken Newman. A Serious Study of Fun
    A Serious Study of Fun
    Ken Newman
    A Serious Study of Fun. Why do serious people become more playful when they are interviewed by a teddy-bear? Do some people have a stronger tendency towards engaging with narrative than others? If so can this be measured, and can it be used to predict how an individual might respond to an experience? This study investigates particular aspects of role-playing and narrative activities in online communicationenvironments, looking particularly at individual predispositions, different communicationenvironments, and individual responses to activities that encourage a level of playful engagement. It fits broadly into the engagement agenda, and in particularencompasses narrative and game-like activity which are of interest to many areas of the telecommunicationsand computer games industries.
  • S. Rajani,P.V. Konnur and T.A. Mohan. Academic & Special Library Websites in Bangalore City
    Academic & Special Library Websites in Bangalore City
    S. Rajani,P.V. Konnur and T.A. Mohan
    The academic & special library websites are mirror of their collection, services and user-focused gateways to rich, quality content and they play a key role in the learning and research processes. The users are more accessible from the library websites than to the physical library itself. In this way, the library websites will become user-focused gateways to rich, quality content and, in doing so; re-establish the campus library’s central role in the learning and research process. This book is an attention to the content and quality of academic & special library websites in Bangalore (India) for verification of valid, reliable, and usefulness of the criteria for evaluation and guiding the librarians with the tips for designing an efficient and user friendly library website.
  • Olugbenga Ige. Action Cyber Crime Prevention Programme in Civics and Social Studies
    Action Cyber Crime Prevention Programme in Civics and Social Studies
    Olugbenga Ige
    The introduction of computer is considered to be the third revolution in education. The first was the printing of books, while the second was the introduction of libraries. This may be the reason scholars emphasize that computer is seen as one of the major inventions of the twentieth century that has contributed immensely to the service of humanity. The Internet, which is an offshoot of the computer revolution, can be said to be the fourth revolution in education. This is because of the immense contributions and development it has brought to education. Despite these developments, educational researchers have rarely examined the social effects of the Internet on school-age children. Like many other nations, Nigeria’s Internet use and development have witnessed surging cyber crimes, many in traditional forms but others as new phenomena. Unfortunately, this appears to be the least studied subject because it is a crime committed in the cyber space. Key questions such as the status and...
  • Sanon Chimmanee. Adaptive Load Balancing Based Traffic Engineering For VoIP On Network
    Adaptive Load Balancing Based Traffic Engineering For VoIP On Network
    Sanon Chimmanee
    The original idea is very important for researcher who needs to complete his dissertation or journal. This book presents two original ideas which bring you to get more idea. First original idea covers "Hybrid Neuro-Fuzzy Based Adaptive Load Balancing for Delay-Sensitive Internet Application", Journal of Intelligent and Fuzzy Systems (2005) and "Adaptive Per-application Load Balancing with Neuron-Fuzzy to Support Quality of Service for Voice over IP in the Internet", KES (2003). The other original idea was applied in " Application Oriented Flow Routing Algorithm for VoIP Overlay Networks",IEICE Transactions (2009).
  • Lydia Silva Munoz. Adaptive Learning on the World Wide Web
    Adaptive Learning on the World Wide Web
    Lydia Silva Munoz
    Nowadays, the popularity of the Web encourages the development of Hypermedia Systems dedicated to e-learning. However, most of the available Web teaching systems apply the traditional paper-based learning resources presented as html pages, making no use of the new capabilities provided by the Web. There is a challenge to develop educative systems that adapt their instructional content to the style of learning, context, and background of each student. Another research issue concerns the ability to effectively interoperate on the Web reusing learning objects. This work addresses these two issues by using the technologies of the Semantic Web. Our approach models knowledge regarding educative content and learner’s profile as Web ontologies whose lexicons are refinements of standard vocabularies Dublin Core and LOM. Those ontologies contain the necessary knowledge for the adaptive on-the-fly configuration of learning objects tailored to the profile of each individual learner. Our...
  • Bhaarath Venkateswaran. Adaptive Internet Threat Forecasting
    Adaptive Internet Threat Forecasting
    Bhaarath Venkateswaran
    Intrusion Prevention Systems (IPS) plays a key role in safeguarding today’s data networks. The security effectiveness and performance of these systems are the primary concerns while deploying them inline. In this book we try to address these concerns by taking a pragmatic approach in benchmarking this current generation IPS’s using open source tools, techniques and methodology. This approach, we hope will help the network & security administrators to effectively and efficiently secure their corporate network saving their organization significant resources. The book also focuses on modeling an Intrusion Forecasting system(IFS)having the ability to forecast multiple internet threats. This is performed by integrating our benchmarked contemporary IPS solution into an architecture scheme based on honeynets. This model which will not only have the ability to act as an early threat warning system to internet security threats but also adapt and take preventive actions against them, hence...
  • Bujar Raufi. Adaptive Web-Based Systems
    Adaptive Web-Based Systems
    Bujar Raufi
    Development and Implementation of Adaptive Web-Based Systems is not a straightforward and trivial task and requires involvement of many disciplines and research areas. In this dissertation, the issues of complexity in such systems, as well as proposal of a new framework in developing and implementing of Adaptive Web-Based Systems are addressed. The proposed framework is consisted of five layers given as: Data layer, Concept layer, User layer, Adaptation layer and Presentation layer. In data layer, a specific data definition that will match the proposed atomic unit concept has been devised. In concept layer, a complete ontology for generic adaptive web based systems has been developed which supports the atomic unit idea. In user layer, browsing behavior and access pattern of the visitors are analyzed. In this layer, a non invasive methods is utilized in order not to obstruct the user’s navigational freedom. In adaptation layer, a more structured approach on developing an effective...
  • Josh Ulm, Garo Green. Advanced Flash 5: Introduction to ActionScripting
    Advanced Flash 5: Introduction to ActionScripting
    Josh Ulm, Garo Green
    Advanced Flash 5: Introduction to ActionScripting with Josh Ulm and Garo Green is an instructional CD-ROM presenting the radically new object-oriented scripting mode introduced by Macromedia Flash 5. This CD-ROM offers completely new and original exercises developed specifically to teach the fundamentals of object-oriented programming inside of Flash. While traditional scripting methods are still accessible in Flash 5, adopting object-oriented methods will significantly change the way you develop Flash movies. Object-oriented programming will produce movies that are smaller, faster, more powerful and extensible. This CD-ROM breaks ActionScripting down into easy-to-understand fundamental concepts, so Flash developers can harness the power and complexity of Flash without relying on complicated single-use "tricks." The exercise files that are included allow you to learn at your own pace. Approximately 6 hours.
  • Sergio Mergen. An Architecture for Indexing and Querying Dataspaces. Vol.2
    An Architecture for Indexing and Querying Dataspaces. Vol.2
    Sergio Mergen
    The huge amount of information published on the Web gave birth to dataspaces, collections of inter-connected (and sometimes structured) information sources created by autonomous users. The existence of dataspaces opens room for a new kind of research, with the purpose of providing meaningful access to data, regardless of its content and format, as long as it is available. The author proposes a novel approach to query dataspaces, based on an architecture that decomposes data as sets of records and stores it in optimized index structures. In this book, the author presents an extension of the proposed framework that is able to answer user queries by correlating information from disparate data sources. To demonstrate the viability of the method, experiments analyze the performance of the rewriting algorithms used to answers queries. The underlying indexes are also analyzed with respect to existing approaches that address the problem in a different way. For those that are willing to...
  • B. B. Gupta. An Introduction to DDoS Attacks and Defense Mechanisms
    An Introduction to DDoS Attacks and Defense Mechanisms
    B. B. Gupta
    Suddenly your Web server becomes unavailable. When you investigate, you realize that a flood of packets is surging into your network. You have just become one of the hundreds of thousands of victims of a denial-of-service attack, a pervasive and growing threat to the Internet. What do you do? Internet Denial of Service sheds light on a complex and fascinating form of computer attack that impacts the confidentiality, integrity, and availability of millions of computers worldwide. It tells the network administrator, corporate CTO, incident responder, and student how DDoS attacks are prepared and executed, how to think about DDoS, and how to arrange computer and network defenses. It also provides a suite of actions that can be taken before, during, and after an attack. The authors' extensive experience in handling denial-of-service attacks and researching defense approaches is laid out clearly in practical, detailed terms.
  • Haneen Qarabash. An Intranet Based System For Securities Trading
    An Intranet Based System For Securities Trading
    Haneen Qarabash
    Nowadays the evolution of securities markets using information technology is becoming an important issue because they make exchanges comparable and more integrated. The borders of the market that investors face are blurring. In this way there is an increasing competition among the stock exchanges worldwide and among exchanges and automated trading systems. Thus, in this book an electronic trading system for Iraq stock exchange is introduced as a step for the exchange to evolve and be able to compete with other stock exchanges around the world. The system was designed as a network application using web design techniques and protocols which makes it usable on both a local network and on the internet.
  • Jayantrao B. Patil and Bhausaheb V. Pawar. An Integrated Prefetching and Caching Approach
    An Integrated Prefetching and Caching Approach
    Jayantrao B. Patil and Bhausaheb V. Pawar
    Caching and prefetching are well known strategies for improving the performance of Internet systems. The heart of a caching system is its document replacement policy, which selects the pages to be replaced in a cache when cache is full and a new request arrives. Similarly, the essence of a prefetching algorithm lies in its ability to accurately predict future requests. This book presents method which aims at augmenting frequency and de-augmenting size and finding future frequency using statistical techniques in Web usage mining domain from the historical data in Web server and Web proxy logs. Using these parameters, we extend the well-known GDSF policy. We make the policy intelligent by periodically updating future frequency when some condition becomes false. In addition, we present a new method to integrate this caching algorithm with our Static prefetching algorithm. We empirically show that the system performance in terms of hit rate and byte hit rate is greatly improved using...
  • Aya Al-Zoghby. Arabic Language and Semantic Web
    Arabic Language and Semantic Web
    Aya Al-Zoghby
    This is a study that aims to: - study the ability of applying the Semantic Web features on the Arabic Texts, benefits, challenges, and state of the art. - develop an advanced Arabic Semantic Search System able to semantically handle the Arabic texts efficiently. - apply the developed system on the full version of the Arabic Wikipedia in five progressive modes, each of which represents a level of enhancement. - evaluate the performance of the proposed system by applying the five modes on particular query and comparing the results of them. - propose suggestions for the future expansion of the have been reached results.
  • Md. Anwarul Islam and SALMA CHOWDHURY. Assessing the impact of Internet in library and information services
    Assessing the impact of Internet in library and information services
    Md. Anwarul Islam and SALMA CHOWDHURY
    Internet has played such a significant role in the world that there hardly a field of activity in life where it is not evident. The emergence of Internet is one of the hallmarks in the revolution triggered by the networking technology. Today, academic libraries are struggling to keep their place as the major source of inquiry in the face of emerging internet technology. Internet technology in academic libraries has revolutionized not only the way of disseminating information but also how users seek and access information. As a developing country like Bangladesh, internet facilities of higher academic institutions are not satisfactory. It is found that the services of different units of the selected university libraries are not sufficient to meet the needs of the respondent’s information requirement. These are more and more e-resources should provide for the library users, Internet facilities should increase, arranging training program for the library users and library...
  • Danushka Bollegala,Yutaka Matsuo and Mitsuru Ishizuka. Attributional and Relational Similarity on the Web
    Attributional and Relational Similarity on the Web
    Danushka Bollegala,Yutaka Matsuo and Mitsuru Ishizuka
    Measuring similarity is an important first step in numerous tasks in natural language processing. This book investigates two aspects of similarity: attributional similarity and relational similarity. Numerous methods to measure both those types of similarities using the text data available on the World Wide Web are presented in this book. In addition to describing theoretical work on similarity measures, the book demonstrates two interesting application tasks: person name disambiguation and name alias detection. This book can be used as an introductory reading material for students who are interested in conducting research in Web data mining or Web-based statistical natural language processing. The book should also be useful as a comprehensive reference for practitioners in Web data mining because it summarizes numerous similarity measures proposed for the purpose of measuring attributional and relational similarity between word pairs on the Web.
    Dr Sandeep Kumar Sood
    In single password based anti-phishing protocol, client can use single password for different online accounts and that password can not be detected by any of the malicious servers or the attacker. Proposed cookies based and an inverse cookie based virtual password authentication protocols are very effective to thwart online dictionary attacks because the computation cost of login on to the web server increases exponentially with each login failure for an attacker. We proposed an efficient SSO password based two-server architecture in which the user has to login once to get a valid ticket. Improvements to several static and dynamic identity based authentication protocols have also been suggested. The proposed dynamic identity based authentication protocols aim to provide the privacy to the user''s identity so that users are anonymous in communication channel. Also the concept of two- tier authentication for the client makes it difficult for an attacker to guess out...

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