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  • А. Н. Ермолин. 7 бесплатных антивирусов для Windows 7 и Windows 8. Самоучитель (+ CD-ROM)
    7 бесплатных антивирусов для Windows 7 и Windows 8. Самоучитель (+ CD-ROM)
    А. Н. Ермолин
    С помощью этой книги вы быстро научитесь самостоятельно распознавать признаки заражения вашего компьютера вирусами, освоите приемы лечения инфицированных файлов и узнаете о способах защиты системы от воздействия вредоносных программ. Возможность постоянного обновления абсолютно бесплатных антивирусных программ, включенных в книгу, обеспечит вашей системе действительно мощную защиту без привлечения дополнительных средств. Книга является обновленным и дополненным переизданием знаменитого бестселлера "5 абсолютно бесплатных антивирусов". К книге прилагается компакт-диск со всеми описанными антивирусными программами.
  • Reza Mohammad Hossein and Kamran Gholamahmadi. A Combinational Security-Model In Service-Oriented Architecture
    A Combinational Security-Model In Service-Oriented Architecture
    Reza Mohammad Hossein and Kamran Gholamahmadi
    It is obvious that service oriented architecture concept or SOA have been accepted in most of the firms and companies globally but the issues related to security assurance as well as its requirements still remain one of the major problems that this type of architecture should cope with. Also the concept of sharing resources and expanding the computing in context of network or NCE for instance SOA, its security characteristics and requirements will be more complicated and if there is a lack of suitable management so the nature of architecture will be damaged. If we decide to use most of the SOA resources which are still potential these issues for sure will enhance. Cross organizational communication is a relevant example. It can be said that if there is no pervasive solution of security and also a proper prediction the main objectives of this architecture for reuse ability, the services communication and autonomy, loosely connection which are possible in some occasions.
  • Jeffy Mwakalinga. A Framework for Adaptive Information Security Systems
    A Framework for Adaptive Information Security Systems
    Jeffy Mwakalinga
    This research proposes a framework for adaptive information security systems that considers both the technical and social aspects of information systems security. To approach this systemic insecurity problem the research was divided into mini studies that were based on the Systemic-Holistic paradigm, Immune System concepts, and Socio-Technical System theory. Applying the holistic research process the author started first by exploring adaptation systems. After exploring these systems, the focus of the research was to understand the systems and features required for making information security systems learn to adapt to the changing environments. Designing and testing the adaptive framework were the next steps. The acquired knowledge from this research was structured into domains in accordance to ontological principles and relationship between domains was studied. These domains were then integrated with the security value-based chain concept, which include deterrence, prevention,...
  • Sohail Abbas. A Layered Security Approach for Cooperation Enforcement in MANETs
    A Layered Security Approach for Cooperation Enforcement in MANETs
    Sohail Abbas
    Cooperation enforcement schemes, such as reputation and trust based schemes have been proposed to counteract the issue of selfishness in fully self-organized MANETs. The sole purpose of these schemes is to ensure selfish nodes bear the consequences of their bad actions. However, malicious nodes can exploit mobility and free identities available to breach the security of these systems and escape the detection. In the first case, a malicious node can gain benefit even after having been detected by interacting directly with its source or destination nodes. In the second case, malicious nodes can escape the consequences of their misbehaviours by changing identities, called whitewashing. Moreover, a malicious node can also concurrently create and control more than one virtual identity to launch an attack, called a Sybil attack. In the context of reputation-based schemes, a Sybil attacker can disrupt the detection accuracy by defaming other good nodes, self-promoting itself, and so on. The...
  • Zhishun Wang and Qifei Lu. A Method for Analyzing Security of SOA-based Systems
    A Method for Analyzing Security of SOA-based Systems
    Zhishun Wang and Qifei Lu
    Currently, the securing of SOA-based applications is still a challenge. Although some related techniques have been proposed and presented in academia and industry, it is still difficult to check SOA quality in security aspect from an architecture view. In this thesis project, a method for security analysis in SOA is introduced and investigated. The method intends to be used for analyzing security of SOA-based systems on architecture level. To demonstrate the method, a prototype supporting the method is introduced and implemented. And the method and prototype are also evaluated respectively based on Technology Acceptance Model. The evaluation result shows that the prototype supporting the method is a promising inspection tool to detect software vulnerability.
  • Nidhi Sharma. A Novel Mechanism for Enhancing Security in Quantum Cryptography
    A Novel Mechanism for Enhancing Security in Quantum Cryptography
    Nidhi Sharma
    Now a days security is the main concern. Quantum Cryptography is the technique that uses polarization for data transmission. The work here describes a mechanism that enhances the data security during transmission. In this mechanism BB84 protocol is used as the base. This protocol is used at two levels from sender to receiver and from receiver to sender. The key obtained after applying the mechanism is fairly secure.
  • Brijender Kahanwal. A Research Study On Java File Security System Using Rijndael Algorithm
    A Research Study On Java File Security System Using Rijndael Algorithm
    Brijender Kahanwal
    The book describes the information security consequences if that is not compromised. It explores the file system design approaches or methodologies. It lightens the taxonomy of file system evaluation frameworks and elaborates the designs issues tracing file systems. The types of storage systems and storage encryption are discussed. The evaluation of the Java File Security System is documented.
  • Tanveer Zia. A Security Framework for Wireless Sensor Networks (WSN)
    A Security Framework for Wireless Sensor Networks (WSN)
    Tanveer Zia
    Wireless sensor networks have great potential to be employed in mission critical situations like battlefields but also in more everyday security and commercial applications such as building and traffic surveillance, habitat monitoring and smart homes. However, wireless sensor networks pose unique security challenges. This book presents a security framework WSNSF (Wireless Sensor Networks Security Framework) to provide a comprehensive security solution against the known attacks in wireless sensor networks. The proposed framework consists of four interacting components: a secure triple-key (STKS) scheme, secure routing algorithms (SRAs), a secure localization technique (SLT) and a malicious node detection mechanism. Singly, each of these components can achieve certain level of security. However, when deployed as a framework, a high degree of security is achievable. WSNSF takes into consideration the communication and computation limitations of sensor networks. While there is always a...
  • Ayub Bogere,Md. Abdul Awal Khan and Md. Abu Raihan. A study on ICT security management system in universities of Uganda
    A study on ICT security management system in universities of Uganda
    Ayub Bogere,Md. Abdul Awal Khan and Md. Abu Raihan
    ICT security has been one of the major causes of problems in the world in that billions of dollars are lost every year because of cyber terrorism that has become a way to destroy the world in just a few seconds, nevertheless Universities are not exceptional to this kind of terrorism, that’s why they are encouraged to ensure strict ICT security within the University campus. This book describes the critical need for ICT security in Universities and to show that ICT security can affect academic environment in Universities. Findings showed that, Universities are partially protected, which means there is strong need to increase ICT security in Uganda Universities. Findings also show that there is a strong relationship between academic activities and ICT security. Therefore, without a well-established ICT security, a University can come to a standstill.
  • Ubaid Hayee. A Six Sigma Approach to Assure IT Security
    A Six Sigma Approach to Assure IT Security
    Ubaid Hayee
    Today information is considered as an asset just like capital either it is related to a personal or corporate. Global sharing and information losses enforce organizations to think about their information security management. Increasing security needs of military industry, defense associated organizations, Telecommunication and personal credential privacy requirements call for standardization. Common Criteria (CC) is one of the well know IT security assurance standard that is serving for this purpose and setting assurance levels. CC not only emphasizes the customer IT security requirements and security functional needs but also establishes criteria for categorizing products at different security levels. However; organizations still need some qualitative improvements in order to attain high assurance for the security of their IT product. Well established practices, advance protocols and authentic tools can be a real contribution to these standards. Six Sigma (SS) is one of the mature...
  • Lane Thames. Advancing Cyber Security
    Advancing Cyber Security
    Lane Thames
    Internet security is a complex and challenging problem. Malicious actors and their associated attack technologies have advanced significantly. Moreover, Internet-enabled platforms such as cyber-physical infrastructures, the mobile Internet, cloud computing, the Internet-of-Things, vehicular networks, and smart-home environments will provide countless new attack vectors for malicious actors. Consequently, advanced security mechanisms and defense methodologies are needed for the protection of traditional Internet systems along with these emerging Internet-enabled platforms. This book introduces algorithms, theories, and supporting frameworks seeking to improve the growing problem of Internet security. The material covered in this book describes (1) distributed Internet security architectures and infrastructures, (2) the design of a modular, adaptive, and integrable framework for distributed Internet security infrastructures, (3) the development of a semantic computing-based solution...
  • Amish Kumar. AES Security Enhancement Using Double S-Box
    AES Security Enhancement Using Double S-Box
    Amish Kumar
    Advance Encryption Algorithm is widely used cipher. Making the AES more secure is very crucial task in this network environment. We have proposed enhancement in AES by using two S- Box alternatively. We investigated different parameter in which we can focus to increase the security of AES. This algorithm focuses on avalanche effect of the algorithm in which increase its security against attack. This algorithm mainly focuses on byte substitution layer in which 2 S-boxes are used alternatively in consecutive rounds. The randomness of the S-Box is increase the avalanche effect and also increase the immunity power against attack.
  • Natarajan Meghanathan,DeShante C. Johnson and Alexander R. Geoghegan. An Analysis of Software Security Attacks and Mitigation Controls
    An Analysis of Software Security Attacks and Mitigation Controls
    Natarajan Meghanathan,DeShante C. Johnson and Alexander R. Geoghegan
    The security vulnerabilities hidden in software programs pose a major threat, on the computers and networks, when appropriately exploited by a malicious user. The vulnerabilities arise primarily due to the coding errors and/or flaws in the underlying platform. The book researches on the well-known coding and platform vulnerabilities related to the security of software programs and the attacks they lead to. Specifically, the following software security attacks are analyzed in detail: SQL injection attacks, Cross-site scripting (XSS) attacks, Cross-site request forgery (XSRF) attacks, and the Time-of-check-to-time-of-use (TOCTTOU) attacks. The book examines the vulnerabilities that lead to each of these attacks, illustrates real-time examples of implementing these attacks with step-by-step instructions, as well as explores the use of appropriate security controls to completely avoid or at least mitigate the attacks. In addition to analyzing the above attacks in detail, the book presents...
  • Gunasekar Kumar and Anirudh Chelikani. Analysis of Security Issues in Cloud Based E-Learning
    Analysis of Security Issues in Cloud Based E-Learning
    Gunasekar Kumar and Anirudh Chelikani
    Cloud based E-Learning is one of the booming technologies in IT field which brings powerful e-learning products with the help of cloud power. Cloud technology has numerous advantages over the existing traditional E-Learning systems. But at the same time, security is a major concern in cloud based e-learning. So security measures are unavoidable to prevent the loss of users’ valuable data from the security vulnerabilities. Cloud based e-learning products also need to satisfy the security needs of customers and overcome various security threats which attack valuable data stored in cloud servers. So the study investigates various security issues involved in cloud based e-learning technology with an aim to suggest solutions in the form of security measures and security management standards. These will help to overcome the security threats in cloud based e-learning technology. To achieve our thesis aim, we used theoretical and empirical studies. Empirical study is made through the...
  • Narayan Ranjan Chakraborty. Analysis of Web security attacks: Bangladesh perspective
    Analysis of Web security attacks: Bangladesh perspective
    Narayan Ranjan Chakraborty
    Cyber Attacks are reportedly being conducted world-wide on a daily basis targeting individuals, corporations and countries alike. The motive and reasoning behind these attacks are normally categorized as monetary gain, politically motivated or just for kidding and enhance credibility amongst peer groups. During the last few years, the Web has evolved into an integral part of our daily lives. Unfortunately, as our dependency on the Web increases, so does the interest of attackers in exploiting security vulnerabilities in Web applications. In the context of Bangladesh the increasing rate of Web attacks is alarming. Last few years country has faced lots of major Web incidents. The Website of RAB, Prime minister’s office, Bangladesh police, education ministry etc are few of the examples. Government of Bangladesh is taking few initiatives to enhance the interaction between government and citizens through the various Web applications. So it is necessary for government to ensure strong...
  • Sadia Marium. Analysis of the Security threats to Cloud Computing
    Analysis of the Security threats to Cloud Computing
    Sadia Marium
    The concept of cloud computing creates new challenges for security, because sensitive data may no longer reside on dedicated hardware. How can enterprises protect their most sensitive data in the rapidly-evolving world of shared computing resources? In this work,I have fuond vulnerabilities in the cloud and Platform-as-a-service models meet other experts on virtualization and cloud computing to discuss the question of cloud computing’s impact on security and the steps that will be required to protect data in cloud environments.
  • Joshua J. Drake, Pau Oliva Fora, Zach Lanier, Collin Mulliner, Stephen A. Ridley, Georg Wicherski. Android Hacker's Handbook
    Android Hacker's Handbook
    Joshua J. Drake, Pau Oliva Fora, Zach Lanier, Collin Mulliner, Stephen A. Ridley, Georg Wicherski
    As the Android operating system continues to increase its share of the smartphone market, smartphone hacking remains a growing threat. Written by experts who rank among the world?s foremost Android security researchers, this book presents vulnerability discovery, analysis, and exploitation tools for the good guys. Following a detailed explanation of how the Android OS works and its overall security architecture, the authors examine how vulnerabilities can be discovered and exploits developed for various system components, preparing you to defend against them. If you are a mobile device administrator, security researcher, Android app developer, or consultant responsible for evaluating Android security, you will find this guide is essential to your toolbox. A crack team of leading Android security researchers explain Android security risks, security design and architecture, rooting, fuzz testing, and vulnerability analysis. Covers Android application building...
  • Eric Amankwa. Assessment of Security Controls
    Assessment of Security Controls
    Eric Amankwa
    The essence of security controls in every computerized accounting system is to prevent, detect and correct unlawful events or error with the potential to impart negatively on information generated from computerized accounting information systems (CAIS). This book therefore discussed those preventive, detective and corrective controls essential for ensuring the confidentiality, integrity, availability and reliability of information generated from such systems. This book also identified components such as programming languages (PL), Database Management Systems (DBMS) and Cryptographic Mechanisms as essential for developing a Secured CAIS. It was also realised that the successful implementation of a CAIS in organizations are largely influence by some critical factors; these factors are explained in the book. The book closes with a recommendation for ensuring the successful implementation of a Computerized Accounting Information Systems (CAIS)
  • Xiaodong He. Automated intrusion prevention mechanism in enhancing network security
    Automated intrusion prevention mechanism in enhancing network security
    Xiaodong He
    An automated Intrusion Prevention Mechanism (AIPM) which comprises the functionalities of IDS, IPS, and auto configuring network devices is proposed to enhance network security. AIPM is a mechanism that includes automated intrusion prevention function and automated analysis of intrusion messages function. In addition, the ability of automatically detecting and analyzing network traffic allows AIPM to detect malicious attacks in almost real time. Likewise, the ability of automatically analyzing intrusion messages and network configuration enable AIPM to build a topological view and locate the source of a malicious attack. Results from the case studies show that AIPM imposes lower overhead than conventional method, which queries all pre-defined routers to block every interface irrespective of where the attack is launched. In summary, AIPM which incorporates the functionalities of IDS/IPS offers network protection against potential malicious acts without incurring additional overheads as...
  • Aliyu Onipede. Biometrics as a tool for Information Security in Aviation industry
    Biometrics as a tool for Information Security in Aviation industry
    Aliyu Onipede
    Identification and authentication requirement are steadily increasing in both the online and offline worlds. The biometric is increasingly viewed as the ultimate form of authentication or identification, supplying the third and final element of proof of identity. Accordingly, it is being rolled out in many security application. The safety and reliability patterns inherent in Aviation are built on human skills and sense of personal responsibility, aided by modern sophisticated equipment that must be well maintained and capably used. This book will be useful to all Aviation personnel and students in tertiary institutions pursuing degree or diploma courses in Aviation, Information Technology, Telecommunications and Management.

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