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  • С. Уэйншенк. 100 новых главных принципов дизайна
    100 новых главных принципов дизайна
    С. Уэйншенк
    Доктор психологических наук Сьюзан Уэйншенк написала продолжение своего легендарного бестселлера «100 главных принципов дизайна», используя последние открытия в области психологии, нейропсихологии, исследований мозга и социальной психологии. С момента выхода первой книги появились исследования, ставящие перед дизайнером новые задачи. «100 новых главных принципов дизайна» продолжают открывать тайны психологии, нейрофизиологии и исследований мозга и предлагают вам сжатые, практичные советы, которые позволят создавать удобный и привлекательный дизайн, отвечающий неосознанным требованиям людей. Узнайте, как повысить эффективность ваших веб-сайтов, приложений, дизайна и продуктов, найдя в книге ответы на следующие вопросы: Как заинтересовать зрителя рекламным роликом? Какое количество текста на экране люди готовы прочитать? Как одним простым приемом усилить правдоподобность вашего контента? Когда лучше НЕ давать аудитории выбор? ...
  • Anthony A. Apodaca, Larry Gritz. Advanced RenderMan: Creating CGI for Motion Pictures
    Advanced RenderMan: Creating CGI for Motion Pictures
    Anthony A. Apodaca, Larry Gritz
    Advanced RenderMan: Creating CGI for Motion Pictures is precisely what you and other RenderMan users are dying for. Written by the world's foremost RenderMan experts, it offers thoroughly updated coverage of the standard while moving beyond the scope of the original RenderMan Companion to provide in-depth information on dozens of advanced topics. Both a reference and a tutorial, this book will quickly prove indispensable, whether you're a technical director, graphics programmer, modeler, animator, or hobbyist. Explore the Power of RenderMan * Use the entire range of geometric primitives supported by RenderMan. * Understand how and when to use procedural primitives and level of detail. * Master every nuance of the Shading Language. * Write detailed procedural shaders using texture, displacement, pattern generation, and custom reflection models. * Write shaders for special effects relating to volumes, custom lighting, and...
  • Tom McReynolds. Advanced Graphics Programming Using OpenGL, First Edition (The Morgan Kaufmann Series in Computer Graphics)
    Advanced Graphics Programming Using OpenGL, First Edition (The Morgan Kaufmann Series in Computer Graphics)
    Tom McReynolds
    Book DescriptionToday truly useful and interactive graphics are available on affordable computers. While hardware progress has been impressive, widespread gains in software expertise has come more slowly. Information about advanced techniquesbeyond thoselearned in introductory computer graphics textsis not as easy to come by as inexpensive hardware. This book brings the graphics programmer beyond the basics and introduces them to advanced knowledge that is hard to obtain outside of an intensive CG work environment. The book is about graphics techniquesthose that dont require esoteric hardware or custom graphics librariesthat are written in a comprehensible style and do useful things. It covers graphics that are not covered well in your old graphics textbook. But it also goes further, teaching you how to apply those techniques in real world applications, filling real world needs. ·Emphasizes the algorithmic side of computer graphics, with a practical application...
  • Trish Meyer. After Effects in Production: A Companion for Creating Motion Graphics
    After Effects in Production: A Companion for Creating Motion Graphics
    Trish Meyer
    Amazon.comThe most experienced professionals in any field are the first ones to say there is always more to learn. Often, the best way to learn is to be a fly on the wall while watching a peer. Chris and Trish Meyer have given After Effects users a unique and wonderful opportunity in After Effects in Production , allowing us to look over the shoulders of some of the best motion-graphics designers in the business and watch and learn as they go through the creative process. Unlike the fly on the wall, though, we have the chance to occasionally put down the book and practice what's been learned. In the tutorials section, the authors break down the process of creating broadcast-quality motion graphics into a dozen step-by-step tutorials. Each tutorial focuses on or introduces a particular feature, and often builds on features that were introduced in a previous tutorial. The enclosed CD-ROM includes all 12 project and media files (and the final rendered movies), giving the reader...
  • Martin Charles Golumbic. Algorithmic Graph Theory and Perfect Graphs (ANNALS OF DISCRETE MATHEMATICS)
    Algorithmic Graph Theory and Perfect Graphs (ANNALS OF DISCRETE MATHEMATICS)
    Martin Charles Golumbic
    Hardbound. Algorithmic Graph Theory and Perfect Graphs, first published in 1980, has become the classic introduction to the field. This new Annals version continues to convey the message that intersection graph models are a necessary and important tool for solving real-world problems. It remains a stepping stone from which the reader may embark on one of many fascinating research trails. The past twenty years have been an amazingly fruitful period of research in algorithmic graph theory and structured families of graphs. Especially important have been the theory and applications of new intersection graph models such as generalizations of permutation graphs and interval graphs. These have lead to new families of perfect graphs and many algorithmic results. A new Epilogue chapter in this second edition surveys many of the recent results in the area. It also gives pointers for further study. The book has served to unify the topic and to act as a sp
  • Andrew Glassner. Andrew Glassner's Other Notebook: Further Recreations in Computer Graphics
    Andrew Glassner's Other Notebook: Further Recreations in Computer Graphics
    Andrew Glassner
    Once again, Andrew Glassner opens his notebook and invites readers in a wide range of stimulating explorations of art, nature, and computer graphics. The text of this book is accessible and informal, and richly illustrated with hundreds of images illustrating topics from Celtic knotwork and lightning to soap bubbles and the mysteries of camera shutters. This well-known author brings decades of experience as a researcher and writer to create discussions that are as clear as they are captivating. The book is intended for hobbyists, researchers, students, and anyone interested in computer graphics and its uses for creative exploration.
  • Quick Source. AppleWorks 5.0 Quick Source Reference Guide for Macintosh
    AppleWorks 5.0 Quick Source Reference Guide for Macintosh
    Quick Source
    This 6 page, tri-fold full color guide is an invaluable resource for anyone who uses AppleWorks 5.0. It provides step- by- step instructions on how to utilize the various software programs. The word processor section explains how to type, select, cut, copy, paste, delete, format, and align text. The spreadsheet section shows how to: select cells; navigate between cells; enter, cut, copy, and paste data; insert rows and columns; sort; format text, and create charts. The database section teaches how to: define fields; use, delete, find, and sort records; create reports; and produce mailing labels. There are also sections on how to draw objects, use the paint feature, create slide shows, and much more! An excellent instructional tool for a user new to ApplwWorks5.0, it also serves as a handy reference tool for the more experienced user.
  • David Byrnes. AutoCAD 2010 For Dummies
    AutoCAD 2010 For Dummies
    David Byrnes
    With AutoCAD, the only limit is your imagination! This powerful software gives you the tools to design and document your ideas, and here's the bestselling guide to show you how. You'll soon be setting up the AutoCAD environment, using the AutoCAD Ribbon, creating annotation and dimension drawings, and more!
  • David Byrnes. AutoCAD 2009 For Dummies
    AutoCAD 2009 For Dummies
    David Byrnes
    AutoCAD 2009 provides all the tools you need to create presentable, usable, printable, and sharable drawings, but it's not always easy to figure out which hammer to pick up or which nail to bang on your first try. That's where AutoCAD 2009 For Dummies comes in. It gives you the clear, easy-to-follow guidance you need to take charge of this powerful drafting and design application - first time and every time. People like you, who want to get the hang of AutoCAD quickly and without giving yourself a headache, have made previous editions of this book bestsellers! Here's a simple guide to creating complex technical drawings with this complicated program. Moving up from an earlier version? Look for the icons marking the cool new stuff! You'll discover how to: Get going quickly while building proper AutoCAD techniques; Make the program work with you; Draw and edit objects; Zoom and pan for an accurate view; Apply text, dimensions, and hatching to...
  • Scott J. Wilson, Jennie Thornton. Authorware 6
    Authorware 6
    Scott J. Wilson, Jennie Thornton
    By focusing on what you will need to know in the "real" world and working through exercises in Authorware 6, you will learn to create highly interactive training and educational applications for delivery across the Web, LANs, and on CD-ROMs. Everything you need to know to become a skilled user is covered in this book! You'll begin with an orientation to the Authorware interface, icon palette and flowline to build simple presentations structures. From there, you'll jump right into building a variety of interactive learning strategies, structures to control navigation, user log-in and information tracking, reading/writing to external files, and more!
  • Steven Heller,Veronique Vienne. Becoming a Graphic and Digital Designer: A Guide to Careers in Design
    Becoming a Graphic and Digital Designer: A Guide to Careers in Design
    Steven Heller,Veronique Vienne
    Design, redefined a guide to your career options in one of this century???s most exciting fields Building on the past successes of Becoming a Graphic Designer and Becoming a Digital Designer, this newly combined fifth edition addresses the demands of fi
  • Richard Harrington, Glen Stephens, Chris Vadnais. Broadcast Graphics On the Spot : Timesaving Techniques Using Photoshop and After Effects for Broadcast and Post Production (On the Spot Series)
    Broadcast Graphics On the Spot : Timesaving Techniques Using Photoshop and After Effects for Broadcast and Post Production (On the Spot Series)
    Richard Harrington, Glen Stephens, Chris Vadnais
    Packed with more than 350 techniques, this book delivers what you need to know?on the spot. If you create graphics for television, this book is for you. If you think producing 80 graphics in an eight-hour day means things were light...then this book is still for you. No need to wade through tomes of documentation. Broadcast Graphics on the Spot presents immediate solutions in an accessible format. You can zero in quickly on just the solution you need the moment youneed it. Written by Adobe-Certified Experts and experienced broadcast professionals, it clearly illustrates all the essential methods that pros use to get the job done efficiently and creatively. Screenshots and step-by-step instructions show you how to: ? Speed up software performance ? Acquire and manage source materials ? Get the most from the Layers Palette in Photoshop ? Master Alpha Channels and transparency ? Gain control over images through the Channels...
  • John Whitehill-Ward. Color: An Interactive Tutorial
    Color: An Interactive Tutorial
    John Whitehill-Ward
    The first interactive CD-ROM for color theory! Color is at the center of graphic communications. Every stage of the process incorporates the proper use of color from design, to production and printing. Color: An Interactive Tutorial balances color theory and new media to explain how color is perceived, how it is used and misused, and how to effectively work in an increasingly full-color graphic communications environment. This CD-ROM is an excellent tutorial for graphic designers, multimedia developers,production artists, or anyone with an interest in color theory!
  • Gino Van Den Bergen. Collision Detection in Interactive 3D Environments
    Collision Detection in Interactive 3D Environments
    Gino Van Den Bergen
    The heart of any system that simulates the physical interaction between objects is collision detection—the ability to detect when two objects have come into contact. This system is also one of the most difficult aspects of a physical simulation to implement correctly, and invariably it is the main consumer of CPU cycles. Practitioners, new to the field or otherwise, quickly discover that the attempt to build a fast, accurate, and robust collision detection system takes them down a long path fraughtwith perils and pitfalls unlike most they have ever encountered. Without in-depth knowledge and understanding of the issues associated with engineering a collision detection system, the end of that path is an abyss that has swallowed many a good programmer! Gino van den Bergen's new book is the story of his successful journey down that path. The outcome is his well-known collision detection system, the SOftware Library for Interference Detection (SOLID). Along the way, he covers...
  • R. Shamms Mortier. Creating 3D COMIX (With CD-ROM)
    Creating 3D COMIX (With CD-ROM)
    R. Shamms Mortier
    With the advancements in 3D software, creating 3D comics is possible for any skilled artist, designer, animator, web designer or comic enthusiast. Whether you want to create a traditional comic, a 3D comic, an innovative ad campaign using comics, or puta weekly comic strip adventure on your Web site, all the tools and information your need are included in the instructions, and detailed tutorials. For professional illustrators and designers wanting to make the leap from pen and ink to digital and for novices who wnat to try their hand at comic creation, every step of the process is covered from creatingg 3D Art & Effects, to Compositing, Text, Storyboarding, Scriptwriting, and marketing your comic!
  • Ken Milburn. Digital Photography: Expert Techniques (O'Reilly Digital Studio)
    Digital Photography: Expert Techniques (O'Reilly Digital Studio)
    Ken Milburn
    This absorbing book, by professional photographer and author Ken Milburn, offers a ton of expert advice to those who are ready to move to the next level with digital photography. Rather than a general discussion of photography principles, Digital Photography: Expert Techniques focuses on workflow: time-tested, step-by-step procedures based on hard-nosed experience by and for genuine practitioners of the art. The book's conversational tone presents detailed information about what to look for in today's affordable high-end digicams, how to use simple techniques and equipment to shoot breathtaking shots, instructions on shooting great panoramas, dos-and-don'ts for creating better Photoshop masks, and professional digital darkroom techniques for everything from knockouts to restoration to transforming your photos into watercolors. It even shows you how to get your most prized photographs printed and ready for exhibition. Contents include: Understanding your digital camera from...
  • Digital Painting Techniques
    Digital Painting Techniques
    Discover the tips, tricks and techniques that really work for concept artists, matte painters and animators. "Digital Painting Techniques" offers digital inspiration with hands-on insight and techniques from professional digital artists. More than just a gallery book - within "Digital Painting Techniques" each artist has written a breakdown overview, with supporting imagery of how they made their piece of work. Beginner and intermediate digital artists will be inspired by the gallery style collection of the finest examples of digital painting from world renowned digital artists. Start your mentorship into the world of digital painting today with some of the greatest digital artists in the world and delve into professional digital painting techniques, such as speed painting, custom brush creation and matte painting. Develop your digital painting skills beyond the variety of free online digital painting tutorials and apply the most up to date techniques to your digital canvas with...
  • Kevin Henry. Drawing for Product Designers
    Drawing for Product Designers
    Kevin Henry
    This is both a practical and theoretical guide to the visualization techniques used by contemporary product designers, including freehand sketching, digital rendering, information graphics, and presentation skills. Hundreds of hand-drawn sketches and computer models have been specially created to demonstrate critical geometry and show how to develop sketches into finished illustrations. Practical tutorials give guidance in creating simple and complex forms, as well as rendering and providing context using scenarios and storyboards. Insightful case studies of leading designers illustrate the full range of different visualization options available.
  • Charlotte Rivers. DVD-ART. Новое в дизайне DVD упаковки
    DVD-ART. Новое в дизайне DVD упаковки
    Charlotte Rivers
    Книга представляет новейшую коллекцию обложек и упаковки для DVD дисков. Она исследует две составляющие процесса дизайна: творческую и технологическую. Только органично сочетая их возможно создать шедевр. Разработка дизайна упаковки для DVD представляет для дизайнера огромный интерес как с творческой, так и с коммерческой точки зрения. Книга знакомит Вас с новейшими и интереснейшими работами, в этой области созданными профессионалами со всего мира. Наполненная идеями, стилем и вдохновением эта книга является бесценным даром для любого дизайнера, который наслаждается процессом визуального творчества, так же как процессом слушания музыки. Наша книга- это практический справочник не только для дизайнеров создающих обложки для DVD, но и для коллекционеров увлеченных музыкой.
  • Эндрю Троелсен. Expression Blend 4 с примерами на C# для профессионалов
    Expression Blend 4 с примерами на C# для профессионалов
    Эндрю Троелсен
    Эта книга написана специально для разработчиков приложений на платформе .NET и художников-оформителей, стремящихся освоить интегрированную среду разработки Expression Blend IDE. Как известно, в Expression Blend можно разрабатывать приложения на платформах Windows Presentation Foundation (WPF), Silverlight и Windows Phone 7, но в книге даются не просто основы работы в этой среде, а на конкретных примерах проектов разбираются ее функциональные возможности, а также подробно рассматриваются вопросы специальной настройки рабочего пространства, построения графики, компоновки пользовательского интерфейса, составления стилей оформления, шаблонов элементов управления и данных, привязки данных и создания прототипов средствами SketchFlow с основным упором на графическое оформление, а не на программирование. Все это вместе дает ясное и полное представление о назначении, особенностях работы и функциональных возможностях Expression Blend для разработки приложений на упомянутых выше платформах. ...

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