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  • Helena Caldon. 101 Garden Projects: Quick and Easy DIY Ideas
    101 Garden Projects: Quick and Easy DIY Ideas
    Helena Caldon
    Whether you want to tidy and perfect or completely transform your outside space, 101 Garden Projects has the answer. Including planting, pruning, composting, hanging baskets, lawns, ponds, greenhouses, indoor gardening, and grow-to-eat ideas, this little book is full of projects to make the most of your time. Creating the garden you want doesn't have to be daunting and, now, it couldn't be simpler.
  • Т. Д. Шиканян. 20 лучших подмосковных садов
    20 лучших подмосковных садов
    Т. Д. Шиканян
    В этой книге собраны описания 20 подмосковных садов плюс сад автора книги. Посмотрите, почитайте, постарайтесь понять, почему именно такой образ сада наиболее подходит его владельцам. Может быть вам понравится какой-то, и вы возьмете его за образец.
  • Titchmarsh, Alan. Alan Titchmarsh How to Garden: Small Gardens
    Alan Titchmarsh How to Garden: Small Gardens
    Titchmarsh, Alan
    Successful gardens can be created in the smallest spaces, and in this inspiring and practical guide Alan Titchmarsh shows how to transform even the tiniest outdoor area into an attractive garden. With ideas for maximizing space and advice on garden design, planning and plant selection, this is the definitive handbook for anyone wanting to create a private haven in limited space. * Ideas for front gardens, side passages, courtyards, balconies, rooftops and windowsills * Tricks to make small spaces seem larger * How to use every inch of space, including containers * Easy-to-follow landscaping plans for all garden shapes and styles * Guidance on growing vegetables, herbs and fruit in small plots
  • Titchmarsh, Alan. Alan Titchmarsh How to Garden: Garden Design
    Alan Titchmarsh How to Garden: Garden Design
    Titchmarsh, Alan
  • Titchmarsh, Alan. Alan Titchmarsh How to Garden: Lawns Paths and Patios
    Alan Titchmarsh How to Garden: Lawns Paths and Patios
    Titchmarsh, Alan
  • Titchmarsh, Alan. Alan Titchmarsh How to Garden: Perennial Garden Plants
    Alan Titchmarsh How to Garden: Perennial Garden Plants
    Titchmarsh, Alan
    Herbaceous perennials flower each year, dying down in the winter and springing back to life the following spring. They are central features in the landscape of a garden as they appear year-after-year and must be regarded as constant features. This book gives the expert view on the vast array of flowers available. Includes: * creative garden ideas and border planting plans * practical advice on care, maintenance and propagation * illustrated A-Z profiles of recommended plants * recommended plants for specific purposes, conditions and effects * step-by-step illustrations showing essential techniques Alan Titchmarsh imparts a lifetime of expertise in these definitive guides for beginners and experienced gardeners. Step-by-step illustrations and easy-to-follow instructions guide you through the basic gardening skills and on to the advanced techniques, providing everything you need to create beautiful flower borders in your garden.
  • Robert Burton. Birdfeeder Guide
    Birdfeeder Guide
    Robert Burton
    Enjoy the captivating world of bird life close up with this beautifully illustrated guide to attracting and observing birds in your garden all year round. Visual and contemporary, this guide contains up-to-the-minute coverage of bird equipment and bird attracting techniques, practical advice on providing food, water and nesting sites, plus essential tips on creating bird friendly-gardens of varying styles. Fresh insights into the secrets of bird behaviour and detailed profiles of our most common garden visitors are combined with over 600 colour photographs.
  • California Top 10 Garden Guide (Sunset Books)
    California Top 10 Garden Guide (Sunset Books)
    Book DescriptionGeared toward a new generation of California gardeners, this user-friendly guide is one of the first in a ground-breaking new Sunset series. It covers all categories and regional varieties, focusing on readily available plants that deliver optimal results with easy-to-understand selection and growing instructions. Includes a Calendar of Top 10 Tasks for each season with tips on pruning trees, feeding citrus, planting bare-root roses, and more. Richly illustrated with hundreds of photos and backed up by specific how-to instructions and illustrations, it provides all the resources to create a thriving garden in the Golden State. Edited by Sunset magazine senior garden editor Kathleen N. Brenzel.
  • Zimmermann, Astrid. Constructing Landscape
    Constructing Landscape
    Zimmermann, Astrid
    Constructing Landscape is a systematic introduction to technical and constructional open space planning, with all the relevant topics, from the most common materials and surfaces to the construction of open space elements and the use of plants. For landscape architects and architects it is an indispensable guide to correct and professional execution planning as well as to preparing solid and well-thought-out requests for proposal. Constructing Landscape is divided into two sections, Materials and Surfaces and Building Construction and Building Elements. The first section provides an overview of the various building materials of landscape architecture and their specific characteristics. It also explains the qualities of surfaces and the different approaches to treating them. The second section begins with an introductory chapter explaining the principles of statics, the connections of load-bearing elements, and the various approaches to anchoring building compo-nents and supporting...
  • Zimmermann, Astrid. Construir el Paisaje
    Construir el Paisaje
    Zimmermann, Astrid
    «Construir el paisaje» es una obra fundamental sobre el diseno tecnico-constructivo de espacios exteriores. Estructurado sistematicamente, trata todos los temas relevantes desde los materiales corrientes y las superficies, pasando por la construccion de elementos en espacios exteriores, hasta el uso de plantas. Es un libro imprescindible para el correcto ejercicio de la arquitectura y el paisajismo en todas sus fases, tanto en el diseno previo, en el proyecto basico y de ejecucion como en la obra. «Construir el paisaje» esta dividido en dos partes: material y superficie y construccion y elementos constructivos. La primera parte se centra en dar una vision global de los diversos elementos constructivos que se utilizan en el paisajismo y explica sus caracteristicas especificas. Ademas se comentan las calidades de las superficies y sus posibilidades de tratamiento. A la segunda parte le precede un capitulo fundamental que se ocupa de los principios de la estatica, las uniones de los...
  • Andre Viljoen. Continuous Productive Urban Landscapes
    Continuous Productive Urban Landscapes
    Andre Viljoen
    Continuous Productive Urban Landscapes
  • Gordon Cullen. Concise Townscape
    Concise Townscape
    Gordon Cullen
    Concise Townscape
  • Barbara Baker. Contemporary Designers' Own Gardens
    Contemporary Designers' Own Gardens
    Barbara Baker
    - Contemporary Designers' Own Gardens offers a rare opportunity to view twenty gardens not generally open to the public, each one owned and designed by a garden designer. - Presents the gardens of designers from the UK, France, Spain, Germany, Italy, The Netherlands, Belgium, Australia, New Zealand, The United States, Japan, and Indonesia. Each outstanding garden featured in Contemporary Designers' Own Gardens is owned and designed by an innovative, influential, and in most cases award-winning garden designer. Fascinating text and sumptuous photography profile each garden, analysing the relationship between the garden and its setting, planting schemes, the aims of the designers, and their achievements. In addition, the book examines the ways in which the designers' personalities affect their creations, and how their own gardens differ from those of their clients. Contemporary Designers' Own Gardens is an inspirational, informative and beautiful work, which will...
  • Encyclopedia of Garden Design
    Encyclopedia of Garden Design
    Learn to plan, build and plant your perfect garden with the experts at the RHS. From how to draw a layout to explaining the best places to use lighting effects, discover how to create the garden you've always wanted with the "RHS Encyclopedia of Garden Design". Guiding you through the whole creative and gardening process, learn how to visualise your ideas, choose a style, develop plans, plot, build, landscape, select the right plants, and apply the finishing touches to make your garden the ideal reflection of your tastes and creativity. Plus, a look at inspirational gardens will give you lots of ideas for things to create. Whether you want to plan a major project or focus on a particular area, "RHS Encyclopedia of Garden Design" is the complete guide: don't design without it. Now with a new jacket to celebrate the 100th Anniversary of the "Chelsea Garden Show".
  • Penelope Hobhouse. Garden Style
    Garden Style
    Penelope Hobhouse
    Penelope Hobhouse uses some of the finest gardens in the world to show how to lay out and plant formal, patterned, natural and flower gardens. Her examples range from Italianate Blake House garden at Berkeley, California, with its spectacular curving staircase and rectangular pool, to the Jekyll-inspired planting of white foxgloves in the wild garden at Knightshayes, Devon; from the excitement of the summer flower border at Pontrancart, Dieppe, to the simple greeness of a garden room at La Pietra in Tuscany. But this book is more than a tour of beautiful gardens. Penelope Hobhouse informs, advises and inspires on every aspect of garden design. She explains how to relate a garden to its setting; the importance of establishing a proper structure, whether as an end in itself or as a backdrop for decorative planning; and how to create a successful small garden. These themes are balanced by in-depth portraits of more than 20 gardens, some famous like Great Dixter, Villandry and Giustry,...
  • Cox, Martyn. Gardeners' World: 101 Ideas for Small Gardens
    Gardeners' World: 101 Ideas for Small Gardens
    Cox, Martyn
  • Elizabeth Macdougall. History of Landscape Architecture Colloquium: Volume 7: Ancient Roman Gardens
    History of Landscape Architecture Colloquium: Volume 7: Ancient Roman Gardens
    Elizabeth Macdougall
    The nineteen-hundredth anniversary in 1978 of the eruption of Vesuvius was a particularly appropriate time for the Dumbarton Oaks Symposium on Ancient Roman Gardens, for it was this tragedy, which overwhelmed Pompeii, Herculaneum, and the many villas in the surrounding area, that preserved for us such a precious chapter in the history of gardens. It is here that we must start if we would study and understand the development of the Roman garden. Elsewhere throughout the Roman Empire fragmentary remains have survived by chance. In the area destroyed by Vesuvius living cities and villas were preserved, just as they were at the moment of destruction. Only at Pompeii, which is now three-fourths excavated, is it possible to get the feel of an entire city, to study its plan and land use and to experience the role of the gardens and green spaces in the life of the people.
  • Andrew Eburne and Richard Taylor. How to Read an English Garden
    How to Read an English Garden
    Andrew Eburne and Richard Taylor
    Richard Taylor, author of the best-selling "How to Read a Church", joins forces with garden historian Andrew Eburne to produce the ultimate guide to historic and modern gardens. Gardens are amongst the fastest-growing visitor attractions today - in the UK alone 15 million people will visit a garden this year. "How to Read an English Garden" is the essential book for every garden lover. It provides an account of the different elements of gardens of all ages and explains their meaning and their history. Here, you'll find the answer to such questions as: when were tulips introduced into our gardens, and what was 'tulip-mania'? What is a knot-garden, and what was the origin of its design? Who was 'Capability' Brown, and how did he get his name? And why are mazes such a common feature in English garden design? In addition, the book explains how lawns, flowerbeds, trees and ponds came to be a feature, not just of grand houses but of gardens everywhere. Among the many subjects covered...
  • Lorraine Harrison. How to Read Gardens: A Crash Course in Garden Appreciation
    How to Read Gardens: A Crash Course in Garden Appreciation
    Lorraine Harrison
    "How to Read Garden" is a friendly personal guide to accompany visitors on a tour of any garden, great or small, historic or modern, public or private. Even the habitual garden visitor will gain fresh insight and enjoyment from seeing the gardener's world through expert eyes. Photographs of gardens from many cultures and countries provide a taste of the wealth and variety of places to visit. Charming illustrations show generic examples of features and details to look out for in individual gardens. Perceptive and intelligent comment enables you to read the visual language present in any plot and so interpret and understand the many elements used to create beautiful gardens.
    Piet Oudolf is best known for his now-iconic designs for the High Line in New York City and Millennium Park in Chicago. Hummelo, his own garden in The Netherlands, is visited by thousands of gardeners each year. It serves as his personal design and plant propagation laboratory, and is where he has honed his aesthetic and created new varieties of plants for over three decades. This title charts how the garden of one of the world's best-known and most-loved plantsmen has evolved, and gives frank assessments of his experiments that have gone both well and awry. Hummelo, timed to coincide with Oudolf's 70th birthday and his acceptance of Holland's most prestigious cultural award, provides his throngs of followers with a chronology of how his naturalistic style and career have developed. Lush photography documents how the garden has changed and inspired him over the years, and text by prolific garden writer Noel Kingsbury will ensure a lively read for all home garden enthusiasts.

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