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  • 12 Праздничных денечков. Рождество и Новый год
    12 Праздничных денечков. Рождество и Новый год
    Знаете ли вы, что старинные открытки и фотографии умеют рассказывать удивительные истории? В этой книге они собрались, чтобы вспомнить забытые стихи и рассказы, посвященные Новому году и Рождеству. А ещё здесь можно узнать, откуда появилась новогодняя ёлка, как отмечают зимние праздники в разных странах, где находятся ворота времени и многое другое. Почему в новогоднюю ночь в Германии залезают на стулья, в Болгарии гасят свет, а на Кубе выливают воду из окон? Кто такой Кыш Бабай и Пер Ноэль? Откуда пошла традиция отмечать Рождество 12 дней? Но главное, в этой книге собраны замечательные рождественские стихи и рассказы, хорошо известные и полузабытые. Эту книгу интересно не только читать, ее можно разглядывать бесконечно. Переплет, украшенный сверкающими снежинками, великолепная мелованная бумага подчеркнет великолепие открыток начала XX века, которые переносят в волшебную атмосферу зимних праздников.
  • 50 фантастических предсказаний на Новый Год
    50 фантастических предсказаний на Новый Год
    Эта банка - прекрасное дополнение к праздничному новогоднему вечеру, который вы наверняка проведете в кругу семьи или самых дорогих друзей. Под крышкой собраны волшебные веселые предсказания на наступающий новый год. Своей дружной компанией по очереди вытягивайте по бумажке с предсказанием и читайте вслух, что же ждет вас в новом году! Основная идея этой банки - хорошенько повеселиться и получить беспроигрышный подарок судьбы - заряд позитива, радости и смеха на год вперед!
  • Garten, Ina. Barefoot Contessa Parties!
    Barefoot Contessa Parties!
    Garten, Ina
    In Parties! Ina Garten shares the secrets she has gleaned from her years as a caterer and a dedicated party giver. Ina's parties are easy to prepare and fun for everyone, including the host. Packed with plans for pulling off parties like a pro, and stories and recipes from her own parties, this is a must-have guide to easy entertaining. ·In the spring you can invite your friends to a party where they all make their own pizzas. ·Come summer, it's into the garden for a lunch with grilled lamb and pitta sandwiches that guests assemble themselves. ·In the autumn, Ina roasts a fresh turkey, which her friends enjoy with a creamy spinach gratin. ·And on a winter's day, everyone is invited for a lunch buffet with seafood chowder and butternut squash and apple soup. Delicious! Ina has reached new heights here with recipes like sour cream coffee cake - the ultimate breakfast treat. Salads? The red lettuce, balsamic onions and blue cheese salad; Chinese chicken salad; and panzanella may be...
  • Kate Knighton. Book of Face Painting
    Book of Face Painting
    Kate Knighton
    A comprehensive guide to face-painting, with step-by-step, illustrated instructions and a photo of the finished look to use as a guide. Plus lots of handy hints and tips, including the correct position to sit in, how to apply and blend facepaints, and how to adapt one look to create multiple versions. Animals, vampires, monsters and lots more.The only face-painting book you'll need to create a range of looks that children will love. A classic Usborne bestseller, completely revamped and revitalised for a new generation.Concealed spiral binding allows the book to lie flat whilst in use.
  • John Terrell Fry, photographs by Nancy Nolan. Candlelit Home, The
    Candlelit Home, The
    John Terrell Fry, photographs by Nancy Nolan
    There is no easier, more inexpensive, more stylish and dramatic way to change the look and mood of one's living space than with candlelight. This illustrated volume shows candles in indoor and outdoor decor, in table settings and floral arrangements, on patios and in backgardens. From votives and tea lights around the bath to candle-filled lanterns illuminating garden walkways and new ideas for the living room, this book, arranged by season and highlighting major holidays such as Christmas, Easter and Hallowe'en presents dozens of suggestions for using candles to spruce up the home.
  • Pippa Middleton. Celebrate
    Pippa Middleton
    It is a comprehensive seasonal guide to simple and creative entertaining.
  • Christmas: Book 9
    Christmas: Book 9
    This annual volume is bursting with our tastiest Christmas recipes, gifts to make and give, and fresh ideas that make the season sparkle! Easy-to-follow, never-fail instructions, reader-submitted recipes, and handy crafting tips make this book the perfect guide to creating heartwarming memories of a vintage holiday for family and friends. Themes: Sweet Memories (ornament-making, cookie-decorating party); vintage Welcome Home decorations; Polka-Dot Christmas; Simply Stenciled; Game Night; All the Creatures Were Stirring; Christmas Paper Fun; From Hand to Heart (gifts); Just-Right Gifts from the Kitchen; A Farmhouse Dinner; Christmas Brunch; Cooking Ahead to the Holidays; Cookie Exchange; Kate's Chocolate Cure-Alls; and A Club Christmas.
  • Susan Waggoner. Christmas Memories: Gifts, Activities, Fads, and Fancies, 1920s-1960s
    Christmas Memories: Gifts, Activities, Fads, and Fancies, 1920s-1960s
    Susan Waggoner
    Oh, those Christmas memories. We all have them, locked away in our hearts. But what about the Christmases we weren't there for? The one our favorite heirloom ornament came from, or the one we know only from a picture of our newlywed parents smiling under the mistletoe? In "Christmas Memories", Susan Waggoner, author of STC's "It's a Wonderful Christmas" and "Under the Tree", looks at bygone holidays from the perspective of those who lived them. Beginning with "Christmas in the Melting Pot", which depicts yuletide in the early 1920s, the author presents detailed snapshots that re-create holiday seasons past. She chronicles the gifts, activities, fads, and fancies that made each Christmas unique; indulges in fantasy shopping at yesterday's prices; shares thoughts from letters, diaries, and magazines of the era; and makes the past pop to life with vibrant period art. Readers will revel in the irresistible nostalgia of "Christmas Memories".
  • Fiona Watt. Christmas Decorations to Cut: Fold and Stick
    Christmas Decorations to Cut: Fold and Stick
    Fiona Watt
    All you need to make the amazing Christmas decorations are the beautifully illustrated pull-out sheets in this exciting pad and some scissors and some sticky tape. Simple step-by-step instructions show how to make snowflakes, folded stars, paperchains, angels, and decorations to hang from a Christmas tree, by cutting, folding and sticking. All the cuts and folds that need to be made are indicated on the double-sided sheets, making it easy to create stunning decorations without too much effort.
  • Classic Crafts and Recipes Inspired by the Songs of Christmas
    Classic Crafts and Recipes Inspired by the Songs of Christmas
    Classic Crafts and Recipes Inspired by the Songs of Christmas
  • Sayer, David. Come Dine With Me
    Come Dine With Me
    Sayer, David
    Have you always dreamt of hosting the perfect dinner party but never known where to start? Or watched contestants cock-up the cooking on Come Dine With Me and thought to yourself, 'I could do better'? Or maybe you're simply tired of fussy, over-complicated restaurant-style cooking and you're on the look out for recipes prepared by real people for their friends and family at home? Well, whether you're a dinner-party connoisseur or an absolute amateur, this is the book for you. We all know that hosting a dinner party can be an intimidating nightmare of an evening. Who should you invite, what should you cook, how much can you prepare in advance, how do you get the atmosphere right and what can you do to keep the conversation, as well as the wine, flowing? This book contains answers to all of these questions and more, and then goes on to provide a fantastic selection of winning recipes from the show to help you put together your perfect menu. Maybe you fancy a light Mediterranean...
  • Tone Finnanger. Crafting Christmas Gifts
    Crafting Christmas Gifts
    Tone Finnanger
    Features 25 adorable projects, including angels, snowmen, reindeer and other yuletide favorites. - Covers a variety of cute Christmas characters that will appeal to friends and family of all ages. - Every project is hand-sewn and comes complete with easy-to-follow instructions and templates. - Includes detailed information on techniques and patterns for making the projects' distinctive clothes and faces. With this charming collection of easy step-by-step projects, crafters can choose from more than two dozen loveable characters in rich, sumptuous shades that are ready for Christmas. Readers will find traditional Christmas characters like angels and snowmen as well as novelties like appliqu? penguins, mice, and advent calendars. All of the projects use widely available fabrics and actual-size templates. Crafting Christmas Gifts also includes instructions for delightfully simple Christmas cards, hearts, tree decorations and gift bags.
  • Annie Falk. Hamptons Entertaining: Creating Occasions to Remember
    Hamptons Entertaining: Creating Occasions to Remember
    Annie Falk
    The Hamptons are synonymous with parties: Whether it’s dinner on the dunes, post–horse show cocktails, or even family-style barbecues, from Memorial Day to early autumn, Long Island’s East End is truly the playground of the rich and famous. With her new book, Hamptons Entertaining, Annie Falk invites us into the seaside communities’ most beautiful estates. Eighteen lavishly photographed parties are featured, offering a wealth of inspiration for table settings and menus, along with entertaining tips that will serve for any occasion. More than 80 recipes—from a Watermelon Margarita and Cold Peach Soup to Lobster Salad on Buttery Crostini and Panamanian Chicken Pot Pie—highlight seasonal ingredients and local produce. A move from summer to fall serves up desserts like Pumpkin-Spiced Creme Brulee and Apple Crisp with Caramel Drizzle. Tastemakers include a glittering array of financial titans, media moguls, and even a former mayor of New York City.
  • Susan Waggoner. Handcrafted Christmas
    Handcrafted Christmas
    Susan Waggoner
    Susan Waggoner is back with another installment of nostalgic art and engaging text about the wonders of the holiday season from years gone by. Focusing on several winter holidays, Handmade for the Holidays sets itself apart from Waggoner's previous books because for the first time she goes beyond displaying the vintage art and actually teaches the reader how to recreate the holidays in their own home. The 30 projects have been re-created by Waggoner and photographed in a holiday setting so the reader can see how the projects would appear in a modern-day home. There is a wide variety of crafts for the holiday-hungry reader, such as punched tin votive holders to decorate the home, needle felted snowmen to stand in snow scenes at the window and holiday charm bracelets to wear to New Year's parties. Seasonal recipes such as Russian tea cakes, pecan tassies and chocolate sour cream drops allow readers to celebrate the twenties, thirties and forties in their kitchens.
  • Keep Calm at Christmas
    Keep Calm at Christmas
    Everyone knows the season to be jolly; when you can roast chestnuts on an open fire, treetops glisten, and sleigh bells ring alongside the sound of small children's laughter. However, if you don’t think Christmas is the most wonderful time of the year then reach for this resource and let its soothing advice reassure you that Christmas comes but once a year. It offers many merry pearls of wisdom to help you get through the festive season; on everything from relatives to office parties, and gluttony to new year resolutions.
  • Soleil Frye, by (photographer) Meeno Peluce. Let's Get This Party Started
    Let's Get This Party Started
    Soleil Frye, by (photographer) Meeno Peluce
    Birthday parties for kids are getting more and more expensive these days. How many parents have been shocked to realise that they just dropped ?500 on their four-year-old's party? Soleil Moon Frye's new book will feature more than 15 parties that you can throw for your kids that are not only inexpensive but wildly inventive and fun. Each party in the book will include two crafts, one game and one recipe – ALL of which you can put together with your child. Aside from crafts and recipes, there are countless tips and ideas that will inspire you. Some of the parties featured in the book include: the fairy party, the pirate party, the movie-on-the-lawn party, the camp party, the 80s party, the rainbow party, the Halloween party, the luau and much more. Throughout the book are gorgeous and colourful images by photographer Meeno Peluce. (Anybody who had access to a TV set in the 1970s will remember Meeno, who is also Soleil's brother.) Timely and fun, this book will be a must-have for...
  • Jane Bull. My Best Ever Christmas: Sticker Activity Book
    My Best Ever Christmas: Sticker Activity Book
    Jane Bull
    Wrap up your Christmas with a winter wonderland of festive fun. Delight your friends and family with glittery greeting cards, great gifts, tasty treats, and sparkling decorations. Decorate your creations with more than 300 festive stickers and make this Christmas the best ever.
  • Karyn Gerhard. Preston Bailey Celebrations: Lush Flowers, Opulent Tables, Dramatic Spaces, and Other Inspirations for Entertaining
    Preston Bailey Celebrations: Lush Flowers, Opulent Tables, Dramatic Spaces, and Other Inspirations for Entertaining
    Karyn Gerhard
    Celebration. A time when friends and family come together in a breathtakingly beautiful setting to rejoice in one of life’s milestones: a wedding, a birthday, an anniversary. Collected in this book are dozens of the most recent, most extraordinary celebrations created by the unparalleled event planner Preston Bailey. These are events shaped by Bailey’s use of myriad elements, especially his extraordinary work with flowers, but also including architecture, set design, furniture making, lighting and art installations, and even tableware and textile design. In the first half of this visually spectacular book, arranged thematically to give hundreds of design possibilities to the reader, Bailey lays out the key elements to successful celebrations, including the importance of making a single dramatic statement, the elements of table settings, the impact of the ceremony space, the magic of tents, and the power of details. In the second half of the book, Bailey presents the best...
  • Stephen Bruce. Serendipity Parties
    Serendipity Parties
    Stephen Bruce
    Serendipity Parties
  • Tone Finnanger. Sew Pretty Christmas Homestyle
    Sew Pretty Christmas Homestyle
    Tone Finnanger
    "Sew Pretty Christmas Homestyle" shows readers how to create beautiful yuletide accessories to enhance the home, using simple but incredibly effective techniques. A Christmas-inspired color palette and lovable designs combine to create a festive and fun collection of over 35 projects with ideas for the entire home from the kitchen to children's bedrooms - readers will be able to spread Christmas joy throughout their house. Easy-to-follow instructions, stunning photography and delightful illustrations accompany each project, making it an ideal title for beginning sewers to more advanced stitchers looking for a festive spin.

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