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  • Harald Hellmann. 1000 Pin-Up Girls
    1000 Pin-Up Girls
    Harald Hellmann
    "Girls, Gags and Giggles" ran publisher Robert Harrison's recipe for dishing up pin-up to the American male. Men loved his tasty dishes, a mixture of strippers and starlets dressed in outfits so fetishistic no one noticed they were never nude. While other magazines delivered the girl next door, Harrison's publications banked on bad girls in satin and leather, fishnet stockings, and six-inch heels performing slapstick stunts straight from the burlesque stage. Harrison lured his readers in with vibrantly painted covers by top pin-up artists Earl Moran, Billy DeVorss and, most famously, Peter Driben. This Bibliotheca Universalis edition celebrates this eye-catching candy with every single cover from Beauty Parade, Wink, Titter, Eyeful, Flirt, and Whisper from 1942 to 1955, as well as interior spreads, featuring, among others, a budding Bettie Page. In an age when far more graphic material is the norm, 1000 Pin-Up Girls celebrates an era of pin-up and pulp style to fuel your erotic...
  • Шенрок Вильгельм. 120 дней любви. Музей эротики Вильгельма Шенрока
    120 дней любви. Музей эротики Вильгельма Шенрока
    Шенрок Вильгельм
    Рисунки Вильгельма Шенрока в его альбоме "120 дней любви" воспроизводят и варьируют мотивы самых известных картин Возрождения, эпохи барокко и классицизма и отчасти авангарда начала XX века. Промискуитет эпох и стилей оборачивается и промискуитетом в буквальном смысле этого слова: персонажи из разных картин занимаются друг с другом сексом. В определенном смысле художник дискредитирует музейную картину, снабжая ее шокирующими деталями. Он снимает с персонажей ореол "человечности", "культурности", "социальности" - и в то же время рука Вильгельма Шенрока бережна и нежна, изящна и трепетна в тех оргиях животной телесности, которые разыгрываются в его воображаемом музее. Альбом снабжен двумя предваряющими текстами искусствоведов А.Якимовича и В.Турчина, которые объясняют художественный и исторический контекст данной книжной акции. Каждый рисунок сопровождается текстом Вильгельма Шенрока - тут и его философские размышления на "вечные темы", и обдумывание высказываний знаменитых...
  • Klaus H. Carl, Victoria Charles, Hans-Jurgen Dopp, Joe A. Thomas. 30 Millennia of Erotic Art
    30 Millennia of Erotic Art
    Klaus H. Carl, Victoria Charles, Hans-Jurgen Dopp, Joe A. Thomas
    From the thousand-year-old statues celebrating fertility to the odalisques of the modern painters, erotic art has always held a prominent place in society, whatever their morals or cultural references.This work has assembled one thousand images of erotic artworks, from all times and all continents, to illustrate how the representation of these pleasures of the flesh testifies to the evolution of different civilisations and their histories. While eroticism and sexuality are at the forefront of today’s advertising and media, this book offers an exceptional view into the archives of erotic imagery and emphasises the artistic value of these magnificently sinful illustrations.
  • Petra Mason. Bettie Page: Queen of Curves
    Bettie Page: Queen of Curves
    Petra Mason
    A treasure trove of never-before-seen playfully erotic photos of legendary pinup girl and style icon Bettie Page, from cult pinup photographer Bunny Yeager. Bunny Yeager has long been credited for capturing Bettie Page’s true nature—her flirtatious and playfully erotic side—in classic pinup images that continue to influence photography and fashion today. This collection, culled from Yeager’s extensive archive, features her most iconic shots of the legendary Bettie as well as never-before-seen images, including many nudes, which by all reports is how Bettie was most comfortable. Yeager was a young pinup photographer in 1955 when she hit the jackpot with her shot of Bettie scantily clad in a Santa hat, which sold instantly to the fledgling Playboy magazine. It was the beginning of a long collaboration between the two women, and Yeager’s photographs of Bettie have now been featured on more magazine covers than those of her contemporary, Marilyn Monroe. This glamorous book gathers more...
  • Petra Mason. Bunny Yeager's Darkroom: Pin-Up Photography's Golden Era
    Bunny Yeager's Darkroom: Pin-Up Photography's Golden Era
    Petra Mason
    A treasure trove of pin-up girl images from photographer Bunny Yeager, celebrated for her playfully erotic photos of Bettie Page that continue to influence photography and fashion today. The only woman pin-up photographer of her day, Bunny Yeager was also a model in her own right. After winning several beauty pageants in Miami, Yeager went to photography school, and in 1955, she hit the jackpot with her shot of Bettie Page scantily clad in a Santa hat, which sold instantly to the fledgling Playboy magazine. The beginning of a long collaboration, her photographs of Bettie have now been featured on more magazine covers than those of Marilyn Monroe. This glamorous volume gathers more than a hundred lens-fogging photographs embodying the naughty girl-next-door eroticism of pin-up culture. Culled from Yeager’s extensive archive, the collection includes her most iconic shots of the legendary Bettie as well as many previously unpublished images. Yeager’s pioneering self-portraits...
  • photographs by Sasha Eisenman. California Girls
    California Girls
    photographs by Sasha Eisenman
    In 2008, Sasha Eisenman began a photographic investigation of the California Girl. Much of the photographs are nudes or semi-nudes. The images, while being sexy and provocative, also have an innocent, playful, and romantic nature. Eisenman searched out and photographed the unique style, personality, and beauty of a varied group of girls from California. Initially Eisenman cast from a small group of friends, who would meet at backyard parties, surf trips, or music shows.
  • Rheims / Bramly. Chambre Close: A Photographic Novel
    Chambre Close: A Photographic Novel
    Rheims / Bramly
  • Dr Eramus St Jude Croom DD, The Reverend. Curious Pleasures
    Curious Pleasures
    Dr Eramus St Jude Croom DD, The Reverend
    The best libraries in Victorian Britain kept this tome under lock and key, permitting access only to doctors and professors. Scotland Yard had a copy in their reference library, and even Sherlock Holmes may have had recourse to a copy in certain investigations. In private collections across the English speaking world, it was kept on top shelves, or safely stowed in locked cabinets, beyond the reach of minors, domestics and spouses. Any woman who gazed upon its pages was said to have fainted away. The church campaigned to have it banned and the German translation was burned at Nuremberg. Many antiquarian book sellers believe the book to have been a myth, others claimed it changed hands at enormous cost, and some are certain all original copies are now lost. But Curious Pleasures does exist and is back in print - nearly a century since it's last apocryphal edition. This encyclopaedic treasure of adult pleasures, dysfunctions and unacceptable female behaviour has been fully restored with...
  • photographs by Jeremy Kost. Fractured
    photographs by Jeremy Kost
    In an artist's studio, often beauty is bred from mistakes and frustrating errors lead to breakthroughs. Fractured, the name of a new body of work and title of Jeremy Kost's first monograph of men, comes from this place.A camera malfunction led to the birth of an entirely new, unseen series of multiple exposure Polaroids of young men, a subject Kost has been investigating for nearly a decade. Made in the last 24 months, less than1% of the work has been seen outside of the studio before the publication of this book. Presenting dreamlike, fractured narratives collapsed into one single Polaroid frame, each image takes the viewer to an intimate place filled with broken dreams and unrequited desire, all the while, celebrating man's beauty and identity. Whether cropped to show luminous details or simply floated on the page, each photograph represents a tangible moment layered in mystery while also hauntingly beautiful.
  • Sernelin, Gerth. Nordic angels
    Nordic angels
    Sernelin, Gerth
    In this unique photobook, the Swedish photographer Gerth Sernelin treats us to three decades of erotic photography. Rarely has the beauty of the nude female body been so candidly documented. Constantly changing fashions are also evident in these photos. In the 1970s, most of the models still had largely untamed, natural pubic hair. In the 1980s, a trend toward trimming and shaving led to progressively shorter pubic hair in narrower patches. Finally, the smooth and entirely hairless pudenda became the new ideal of beauty in the 1990s. Sernelin shows us the most beautiful women in intimate portraits. These angels from the Far North couldnt be photographed more erotically!
  • Pin-Ups: Gil Elvgren Print Set: 16 prints packaged in a cardboard box
    Pin-Ups: Gil Elvgren Print Set: 16 prints packaged in a cardboard box
    This inspiring print set offers sixteen designs to transform a blank wall into a personalized display. Each set of sixteen images has been specially selected from the TASCHEN collection as the most loved, and most interesting, examples of Elvgren’s Pin-Ups. The prints are packaged in a sturdy cardboard box and are suitable either for framing or as a poster.
  • Sexy Bubble Girls
    Sexy Bubble Girls
    Издательство Bubble и сообщество Sexy Geek Girls Photos представляют совместный проект - глянцевый фотожурнал Sexy Bubble Girls! 16 прекрасных подписчиц SGGP в свойственной им манере предстали в образах героев вселенной Bubble, начиная с мрачного истребителя демонов Бесобоя и заканчивая космическим хомяком Зигги. Классические и фем-версии, серьёзные и не очень... эти персонажи не оставят равнодушным никого!
  • Е. А. Пилипенко. Sex-чеки для влюбленных. Я хочу тебя!
    Sex-чеки для влюбленных. Я хочу тебя!
    Е. А. Пилипенко
    С этой чековой книжкой вас ждут 32 незабываемые бессонные ночи! Насыщенность каждой страницы страстью, огнем и пикантностью зашкаливает! Готовы ли вы и ваша вторая половинка к сексуальному путешествию? Ведь на страницах этой книги вы найдете 32 чека с горячими заданиями, обязательными к выполнению, которые разнообразят вашу интимную жизнь, внесут в нее еще больше космоса! Выписывайте чеки своей любви и выполняйте те чеки, которые выпишет вам ваша любовь! Будьте раскованней! Будьте рискованней! Все в ваших руках!
  • Striptease Artists of the 1950s
    Striptease Artists of the 1950s
  • Dian Hanson, Louis K. Meisel, Sarahjane Blum. The Art of Pin-Up
    The Art of Pin-Up
    Dian Hanson, Louis K. Meisel, Sarahjane Blum
    One big slice of cheesecake. Pin-up travels the long road from barracks wall to high art. In the 15 years since TASCHEN released The Great American Pin-up, international interest in this distinctly American art form has increased exponentially. Paintings by leading artists such as Alberto Vargas, George Petty, and Gil Elvgren that sold for $2000 in 1996 are going for $200,000 and more today. Pin-up, defined as drawings or paintings of pretty girls that stop short of frank nudity, was produced between 1920 and 1970, and much of it was discarded by publishers and calendar companies after printing. Today it's huge, and ripe for an equally huge and truly comprehensive collector's edition. Formidably sized, "The Art of Pin-up" is an impressive book that will be coveted by casual fans as well as hardcore pin-up collectors. The reproduction quality of the paintings, pastels, and preparatory sketches - largely sourced from the original art - invites the viewer to trace the brush strokes in...
  • by (artist) Torkil Gudnason. Torkil Gudnason: Body Vase
    Torkil Gudnason: Body Vase
    by (artist) Torkil Gudnason
    Body Vase is a perfect marriage of Gudnason's most prolific inspirations – the human form and the natural and organic. By looking at one of the oldest sources of inspiration in history, the natural world, and combining it with the purity and neutrality of the nude, these photographs explore the diverse range of human emotion and create a new relationship between the figure and the natural world. The photographer aims to present his audience with a new light – to express the banal in a new way. Through this eclectic mixture of classical subject matter, Gudnason has created new compositions with the use of symbolism that fall in line with the history of the nude but grow and progress in fresh and expressive directions.
  • Франсуа Руссо. Wet Men. Боги на пляже
    Wet Men. Боги на пляже
    Франсуа Руссо
    Франсуа Руссо - легенда эротического искусства. Созданные им образы мужчин будоражат своей брутальностью и чувственностью. Альбом "Wet Men. Боги на пляже" - это гимн красоте мужского тела, запечатленного в воде, на песке, под лучами солнца. Мужчины играют в воде, а вода играет на их телах, подчеркивая атлетические изгибы мускулов, приумножая чувственность мужской кожи.
  • Горячие звезды
    Горячие звезды
    Вы держите в руках уникальный фотоальбом. В нем собраны лучшие эротические снимки российских звезд, опубликованные в журнале MAXIM за девять лет своего существования в России. Головокружительная коллекция знаменитых красавиц собрана под одной обложкой, чтобы войти в историю, как первая книга обнаженных муз первого десятилетия XXI века.
  • Мартина Фоккенс, Луиза Фоккенс. Дамы Амстердама. Жизнь в витрине. Откровенные истории квартала "красных фонарей"
    Дамы Амстердама. Жизнь в витрине. Откровенные истории квартала "красных фонарей"
    Мартина Фоккенс, Луиза Фоккенс
    Сестры Фоккенс — Мартина и Луиза — представительницы древнейшей профессии, истинные звезды квартала "красных фонарей". Эти бесстрашные дамы без комплексов более полувека удовлетворяли не только естественные потребности мужчин, но и воплощали в жизнь самые причудливые и нелепые фантазии искушенных клиентов. Луиза вспоминает веселые и грустные эпизоды своей молодости, Мартина описывает рабочие будни современных жриц любви, рассказывает о трудностях и опасностях профессии, приводит забавные случаи "из практики". Мартина по сей день красуется в витрине и не знает отбоя от клиентов, ведь с ней можно не только снять напряжение, но и выпить превосходного кофе, и поговорить по душам. Увлекательные истории сестер Фоккенс — своеобразный путеводитель по злачным кварталам свободолюбивого Амстердама.
  • Михаил Королев. Ева
    Михаил Королев
    Михаил Королев - один из лучших фотографов России, входит в двадцатку ведущих фотографов Европы. В этом фотоальбоме он предпринял попытку воссоздать портрет Митохондрической Евы (имя, данное биологами женщине, которая была последним общим предком всех ныне живущих людей по материнской линии), собрав его из образов более 100 самых ярких, по мнению автора, представительниц современности и представив их лучшие фотографии в стиле ню и жанрового портрета, созданные им за последние годы. Музами мастера стали Аврора, Алсу, Жанна Фриске, Чулпан Хаматова, Земфира, Ксения Собчак, Глюкoza, Анна Чапман, Тина Канделаки, Алена Свиридова, Лада Дэнс, Ингеборга Дапкунайте, Ирина Апексимова, Екатерина Гусева, Лера Кудрявцева и многие другие звезды и супермодели. "Боюсь вспомнить цифру, сколько лет мы знакомы, а глаза его светятся все так же. Михаил - строгий и взыскательный к себе ХУДОЖНИК. Так я обращаюсь к нему во время дружеской встречи или телефонного разговора... Таковым его делают...

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