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  • Ainsley Harriott. 100 Meals in Minutes (My Kitchen Table)
    100 Meals in Minutes (My Kitchen Table)
    Ainsley Harriott
    The popular TV chef offers his favorite quick, simple but flavorsome recipes to create an essential collection for the modern, time-pressed cook From pasta to curries to salads and desserts, this is the book that every busy person needs. Recipes include Crispy Parma Ham and Asparagus Salad; Mushroom, Almon and Garlic Soup; Glazed Monkfish Skewers with Udon Noodles; Honey-Glazed Duck with Sticky Rice; and Quick Blueberry, Lemon and Creme Fraiche Cheesecake. Includes dual measurements.
  • Ken Hom. 100 Quick Stir-Fry Recipes (My Kitchen Table)
    100 Quick Stir-Fry Recipes (My Kitchen Table)
    Ken Hom
    From light veggie meals to spicy beef or seafood, something for every occasion Offering a broad range of recipes including curries and salads, modern and traditional, plus appetizers, snacks, and side dishes, this book offers an amazing selection of taste, ingredients, and style, all made in the wok. Recipes include Savory Beef with Asparagus, Rainbow Vegetables, Ginger and Garlic Carrots, and Sweetcorn and Crab Soup. Includes dual measurements.
  • Rick Stein. 100 Fish & Seafood Recipes (My Kitchen Table)
    100 Fish & Seafood Recipes (My Kitchen Table)
    Rick Stein
    Rick Stein's top 100 fish and seafood recipes from all over the world From Smoked Haddock and Leek Tart to Grilled Squid and Chorizo Salad with Garlic, Rocket, Tomatoes, and Chickpeas, there is something in this collection of recipes for every level of skill and occasion. Rick Stein's passion for flavor and enthusiasm for food shine through his recipes, and his unerring ability to reassure nervous cooks make this cookbook an invaluable resource. Includes dual measurements.
  • Gizzi Erskine. 100 Foolproof Suppers (My Kitchen Table)
    100 Foolproof Suppers (My Kitchen Table)
    Gizzi Erskine
    A very stylish cook presents 100 of her favorite fast and foolproof suppersWith the help of this fun guide, cooks can develop confidence in the kitchen by creating the perfect meal every time. From curries, rice, and all things spice, to delicious desserts, cakes, and biscuits, this cookbook will help readers create super suppers that will impress family and friends, and ensure that all cooking demons are a thing of the past. Includes dual measures.
  • Mary Berry. 100 Cakes and Bakes (My Kitchen Table)
    100 Cakes and Bakes (My Kitchen Table)
    Mary Berry
    Foolproof recipes for every occasion, from the Buttermilk and Honey Cheesecake to Very Best Chocolate Fudge Cake With recipes for the very best Chocolate Chip Muffins, Vanilla Cupcakes, Devonshire Scones, and Victorian Christmas Cake, this collection will secure a place on every kitchen bookshelf. Together with these eternally popular recipes, Mary also shares recipes for Coffee Fudge Square, Cherry and Almond Traybake, Raspberry Meringue Roulade, and perfect traditional Easter and birthday cakes. Includes dual measurements.
  • 100 блюд со всего света, которые обязательно нужно попробовать
    100 блюд со всего света, которые обязательно нужно попробовать
    Пицца в солнечной Италии, утка по-пекински в загадочном Китае, борщ с пампушками в щедрой Украине... Миллионы разных блюд готовят в разных уголках нашей планеты, но есть такие, которые обязательно надо попробовать, чтобы ощутить все чудесное многообразие этого мира. Мы подобрали для вас 100 рецептов лучших блюд со всего света, которые вы без труда сможете приготовить своими руками. Совершите кругосветный гастрономический тур, и народы, населяющие нашу планету, откроют вам свои кулинарные секреты.
  • 101 More Low-Fat Feast
    101 More Low-Fat Feast
    We all know how hard it can be to cook healthy food day in, day out - even when you have the best intentions. That's why the team at "Good Food" is back with another collection of tried-and-tested low-fat dishes that you can turn to again and again. With ideas for light bites, quick midweek meals and even wholesome recipes for entertaining and feeding the family, you can be sure of enjoying delicious dishes that will suit your lifestyle and help to keep you healthy. Each recipe is created and triple-tested by the experts at the UK's best-selling cookery magazine, and is accompanied by a full nutritional breakdown and appetising colour photograph.
  • Angela Nilsen. 101 Mediterranean Dishes: Tried and Tested Recipes
    101 Mediterranean Dishes: Tried and Tested Recipes
    Angela Nilsen
    Another great title from BBC Good Food Magazine—a taste of the Med all-year-round and whatever the weather. Even if it is raining outside, this little book of sunshine will help lift the gloom with a wealth of comforting, cheerful dishes to keep the summer atmosphere alive. All tried-and-tested by Britain’s top-selling BBC Good Food Magazine, these recipes are guaranteed to be packed full of intense flavor. With full-color photography to accompany every dish and a practical ingredients list of Mediterranean authentics and easy-to-find alternatives, this really is a must-have summer cookbook.
  • 101 Cheap Eats
    101 Cheap Eats

  • 101 Speedy Suppers: Triple-Tested Recipes
    101 Speedy Suppers: Triple-Tested Recipes
    Each of the meals in this handy cookbook can be prepped and served in 30 minutes or less, and all feature readily available but healthy ingredients. Helpful time-saving tips are included along with ideas for sides, snacks, and desserts as well as vegetarian options. Each recipe can be adapted to cooking for one, two, a hungry family or a special-occasion dinner and all include a nutritional breakdown of the ingredients. Recipes include Two-Step Carbonara; Thai Chicken and Mushroom Broth; Five-Spice Beef with Black Bean Sauce and Bok Choi; Gnocchi Bolognese with Spinach; Spice and Honey Salmon with Couscous; Caraway-Roasted Carrot and Feta Salad; Ham and Leek Cobbler; 10-Minute Winter Fruit Compote; and many more. Формат: 13,5 см х 15,5 см.
  • Orlando Mullin. 101 Hot & Spicy Dishes
    101 Hot & Spicy Dishes
    Orlando Mullin
    Tired of the same old meals? Want to give everyday eating that extra bit of zing? This fabulous selection of flavoursome and exotic recipes, devised by the team at BBC Good Food Magazine.
  • 101 Healthy Eats: Triple-Tested Recipes
    101 Healthy Eats: Triple-Tested Recipes
    The GoodFood team proves you can really enjoy food that's good for you in this cookbook of 101 tasty, low-fat, high-fibre and vitamin- and mineral-packed ideas. Step-by-step instructions, colour photographs and nutritional breakdowns with each recipe. Формат издания: 13,5 см х 15,5 см.
  • 101 Fruity Puds: Triple-Tested Recipes
    101 Fruity Puds: Triple-Tested Recipes
    This compact cookbook celebrates the diversity of fruit with its 101 fantastic fruity recipes. Ranging from refreshing and healthy to wickedly indulgent, these delicious desserts include cakes, pastries, roulades, cheesecakes, salads, sorbets gateaux, meringues and fools. Формат издания: 13,5 см х 15,5 см.
  • 101 Barbecues and Grills: Triple-Tested Recipes
    101 Barbecues and Grills: Triple-Tested Recipes
    An essential collection of barbecues and grill ideas from the GoodFood experts is full of mouth-watering, easy-to-make recipes from Britain's best-selling food magazine. Every tried and tested recipe comes with a nutritional breakdown and full colour photograph. Формат издания: 13,5 см х 15,5 см.
  • Victoria Boutenko. 12 Steps to Raw Foods: How to End Your Dependency on Cooked Food
    12 Steps to Raw Foods: How to End Your Dependency on Cooked Food
    Victoria Boutenko
    Why do we overeat time and time again? Why do we make poor diet choices while we want to be healthy? What makes losing weight so difficult? These and many other vital questions are addressed in 12 Steps to Raw Foods in an open and sincere dialogue. Based on the latest scientific research, Victoria Boutenko explains the numerous benefits of choosing a diet of fresh rather than cooked foods. This book contains self-tests and questionnaires that help the reader to determine if they have hidden eating patterns that undermine their health. Using examples from life, the author explores the most common reasons for people to make unhealthy eating choices. Rather than simply praising the benefits of raw foods, this book offers helpful tips and coping techniques to form and maintain new, healthy patterns. Learn how to make a raw food restaurant card that makes dining with co-workers easy and enjoyable. Discover three magic sentences that enable you to refuse your mother-in-law's apple pie...
  • С. Иванова. 365 рецептов. Классические блюда, которые готовят все
    365 рецептов. Классические блюда, которые готовят все
    С. Иванова
    Сокровищница кулинарных шедевров столетиями собиралась по крупицам, складываясь из множества тонкостей и секретов, накопленных десятками поколений людей, живших в разных странах и на разных континентах. Их опыт, их открытия легли в основу пестрой вкусовой палитры, которая сегодня доступна нам. Причем краски на этой палитре с течением лет смешиваются все смелее. И если раньше можно было легко определить принадлежность блюда к той или иной кухне, то в век информации кулинарные традиции далеких от нас стран и народов стали всеобщим достоянием. Ощущается их повсеместное взаимопроникновение. Итальянская лазанья, китайская кисло-сладкая свинина или английский пудинг уже не выглядят экзотикой на наших столах. Рецепты, собранные в этой книге, достаточно просты. Несмотря на то что блюда были созданы в разных странах, а порой и на разных континентах, большая часть используемых в них продуктов известна нам с детства. Приготовить их сможет даже начинающая хозяйка.
  • Charles Lamb. A Dissertation Upon Roast Pig & Other Essays
    A Dissertation Upon Roast Pig & Other Essays
    Charles Lamb
    A rapturous appreciation of pork crackling, a touching description of hungry London chimney sweeps, a discussion of the strange pleasure of eating pineapple and a meditation on the delights of Christmas feasting are just some of the subjects of these personal, playful writings from early nineteenth-century essayist Charles Lamb. Exploring the joys of food and also our complicated social relationship with it, these essays are by turns sensuous, mischievous, lyrical and self-mocking. Filled with a sense of hunger, they are some of the most fascinating and nuanced works ever written about eating, drinking and appetite.
  • Luddene Perry, Dan Schultz. A Field Guide to Buying Organic
    A Field Guide to Buying Organic
    Luddene Perry, Dan Schultz
    The definitive guide to healthful, affordable food shopping in the Organic Age-from a pioneer in the organic movement. What does it really mean when a food is labeled organic? While many of us believe there are good reasons to buy organic, what exactly are they? The authors of this indispensable handbook sift fact from fiction to help you make informed decisions that are right for you. Here is everything you need to know, including when paying more for organic is worth it-and when it's not. A Field Guide to Buying Organic provides you with: - Self-tests to determine your current organic-shopping habits-and the type of organic shopper you want to become - A primer on organic food standards, labels, and seals - Health and quality comparisons of organically grown versus conventionally grown produce - An aisle-by-aisle supermarket guide to information about the most popular organic produce, dairy, meat and poultry, baked goods, nuts, seeds, grains, convenience...
  • Clarissa Dickson Wright. A History of English Food
    A History of English Food
    Clarissa Dickson Wright
    A sumptuously presented personal history of English food, from medieval times to the present day, by a beloved food writer of the Two Fat LadiesIn a major new history of English food, Clarissa Dickson Wright takes the reader on a journey from the time of the Second Crusade and the feasts of medieval kings to the cuisine?both good and bad?of the present day. She looks at the shifting influences on the national diet as new ideas and ingredients arrived, and as immigrant communities made their contribution to the life of the country. She evokes lost worlds of open fires and ice houses, of constant pickling and preserving, and of manchet loaves and curly-coated pigs. She also tells the stories of the chefs, cookbook writers, gourmets, and gluttons who have shaped public taste, from the salad-loving Catherine of Aragon to the foodies of today. Above all, she gives a vivid sense of what it was like to sit down to the meals of previous ages, whether an 18th-century labourer's breakfast, a...
  • Agnes Jekyll. A Little Dinner Before the Play
    A Little Dinner Before the Play
    Agnes Jekyll
    Whether extolling the merits of a cheerful breakfast tray, conjuring up a winter picnic of figs and mulled wine, sharing delicious Tuscan recipes, or suggesting a last-minute pre-theatre dinner, the sparkling writings of the society hostess and philanthropist Agnes Jekyll describe food for every imaginable occasion and mood. Originally published in The Times in the early 1920s, these divinely witty and brilliantly observed pieces are still loved today for their warmth and friendly advice and, with their emphasis on fresh, simple, stylish dishes, were years ahead of their time.

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