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  • Bobby Flay. Bobby Flay's Bar Americain Cookbook
    Bobby Flay's Bar Americain Cookbook
    Bobby Flay
    Bobby Flay's Bar Americain Cookbook
  • Virginia Willis. Bon Appetit, Y'all
    Bon Appetit, Y'all
    Virginia Willis
    Bon Appetit, Y'all
  • Tanya Holland. Brown Sugar Kitchen: New-Style, Down-Home Recipes from Sweet West Oakland
    Brown Sugar Kitchen: New-Style, Down-Home Recipes from Sweet West Oakland
    Tanya Holland
    Brown Sugar Kitchen is more than a restaurant. This soul-food outpost is a community gathering spot, a place to fill the belly, and the beating heart of West Oakland, a storied postindustrial neighborhood across the bay from San Francisco. The restaurant is a friendly beacon on a tree-lined parkway, nestled low and snug next to a scrap-metal yard in this Bay Area rust belt. Out front, customers congregate on long benches and sprawl in the grass, soaking up the sunshine, sipping at steaming mugs of Oakland-roasted coffee, waiting to snag one of the tables they glimpse through the swinging doors. Deals are done, friends are made; this is a community in action. In short order, they'll get their table, their pecan-studded sticky buns, their meaty hash topped with a quivering poached egg. Later in the day, the line grows, and the orders for chef-owner Tanya Holland's famous chicken and waffles or oyster po'boy fly. This is when satisfaction arrives. Brown Sugar Kitchen, the...
  • Ching-He Huang. Ching's Chinese Food in Minutes
    Ching's Chinese Food in Minutes
    Ching-He Huang
    If you're hungry for good food but short on time you'll love Ching's quick and easy Chinese recipes. The bestselling author is the master of fresh flavours and simple ingredients and her collection of all-time favourites and exciting new dishes are a delight to cook and share. Why order a take-away when you can deliver your own in minutes? With her bestselling cookbook, Chinese Food Made Easy, Ching quickly established herself as the new voice of Chinese cooking with her simple and delicious recipes. Ching's brand new cookbook is packed with quick and easy recipes that you can make in 30 minutes or less. Bursting with flavour, deliciously healthy and nearly always made with everyday supermarket ingredients, her new collection of authentic Chinese recipes is destined to become another kitchen classic. Ching's recipes are as varied as they are exciting and are a wonderful balance of all-time favourites, such as Sweet and Sour Pork, Chicken and Cashew Nut Stir-fry and Hot and Sour Soup,...
    We've updated this must-have cookbook to include the eighth season of Cook's Country from America's Test Kitchen, for one volume that's like a treasured recipe box brought to life. This collection offers foolproof methods for making more than 300 great American recipes. And in addition to learning how to make great food, you can read the colorful stories behind the recipes. A comprehensive 50 page guide lists not just the ingredient and equipment winners featured on the TV show but also dozens more from America's Test Kitchen.
    Let Cook's Country Eats Local be your guide, revealing culinary secrets from every corner of the United States. From Maine's Joe Booker Stew to pineapple-packed Hawaiian Fried Rice, this collection brings local flavors and tried-and-true techniques home. The test kitchen delivers ingenious ingredient substitutions and clever timesaving tricks in each of these beloved regional recipes. Step-by-step photography illustrates key techniques and appealing recipe variations and complementary sides ensure an authentic finished dish.
  • Melissa Pasanen. Cooking with Shelburne Farms
    Cooking with Shelburne Farms
    Melissa Pasanen
    Cooking with Shelburne Farms
  • Tyler Capps. Cooking Comically: Recipes So Easy You'll Actually Make Them
    Cooking Comically: Recipes So Easy You'll Actually Make Them
    Tyler Capps
    Cooking should be as much fun as reading a comic book. Recipes should be cheap and easy. And the food has to taste good. That’s where Cooking Comically comes in. Tyler Capps, the creator of recipes like 2 a.m. Chili that took the Internet by storm, offers up simple, tasty meals in a unique illustrated style that will engage all your senses. These dishes are as scrumptious to eat as they are easy to make. This collection includes all-time favorites and original recipes from Cooking Comically, including Sexy Pancakes, Bolognese for Days, Mash-Tatoes, Pulled Pork (aka Operation Man-Kitchen), and Damn Dirty Ape Bread. Perfect for those who can barely boil water but are tired of ramen and fast food. Stop slaving. Start cooking.
  • Alex Atala. D.O.M.: Rediscovering Brazilian Ingredients
    D.O.M.: Rediscovering Brazilian Ingredients
    Alex Atala
    At D.O.M. in Sao Paulo, widely regarded as one of the world's best restaurants, you won't find the traditional staples of fine dining on the menu. For the past 15 years, acclaimed chef Alex Atala - a native of Brazil and the only chef named one of TIME magazine's 100 Most Influential People in the World in 2013 - has refused to import any ingredients traditionally found in the European kitchens where he once trained. Instead, Atala scours the lush bounty of the Amazon for indigenous produce and proteins, crafting a cuisine that is steeped in classical techniques yet distinctly and uniquely Brazilian. D.O.M.: REDISCOVERING BRAZILIAN INGREDIENTS is Atala's first major cookbook. Here, he offers an in-depth look at the products and creative process that make up his innovative cuisine. The book features 65 recipes such as Fresh Heart of Palm with Scallops and Coral Sauce; Lightly Toasted Black Rice with Green Vegetables and Brazil Nut Milk; Lamb Hind Shanks with Yam Puree and...
  • John Stage. Dinosaur Bar-B-Que
    Dinosaur Bar-B-Que
    John Stage
    Dinosaur Bar-B-Que
  • John Stage. Dinosaur Bar-B-Que
    Dinosaur Bar-B-Que
    John Stage
    Dinosaur Bar-B-Que
  • Travis Lett and Nikole Herriott, photographs by Michael Graydon. Gjelina Cooks
    Gjelina Cooks
    Travis Lett and Nikole Herriott, photographs by Michael Graydon
    Gjelina is Los Angeles’s most talked-about restaurant, lauded by critics from London to New York to San Francisco and beloved by stars, locals, and out-of-towners alike for its seductive simplicity and eclectic Cal-Med menu from talented chef Travis Lett. This standout cookbook features 125 of the rustic and utterly delicious salads, toasts, pizzas, vegetable and grain dishes, pastas, fish and meat mains, and desserts that have had fans clamoring for a table since the restaurant burst onto the scene. More than 150 colour photographs from acclaimed photographer Michael Graydon and stylist Nikole Herriott, plus a tactile, artisanal package, evoke the vibe of Venice Beach and the Gjelina (the G’s silent) aesthetic, and showcase the beautiful plated food of Lett’s ingredient-based, vegetable-centric cooking. This is the cookbook for the way we want to cook and eat now.
  • Laura Vitale. Laura in the Kitchen: Favorite Italian-American Recipes Made Easy
    Laura in the Kitchen: Favorite Italian-American Recipes Made Easy
    Laura Vitale
    When Laura Vitale moved from Naples to the United States at age twelve, she cured her homesickness by cooking up endless pots of her nonna’s sauce. She went on to work in her father’s pizzeria, but when his restaurant suddenly closed, she knew she had to find her way back into the kitchen. Together with her husband, she launched her Internet cooking show, Laura in the Kitchen, where her enthusiasm, charm, and irresistible recipes have won her millions of fans. In her debut cookbook, Laura focuses on simple recipes that anyone can achieve-whether they have just a little time to spend in the kitchen or want to create an impressive feast. Here are 110 all-new recipes for quick-fix suppers, such as Tortellini with Pink Parmesan Sauce and One- Pan Chicken with Potatoes, Wine, and Olives; leisurely entrees, including Spinach and Artichoke-Stuffed Shells and Pot Roast alla Pizzaiola; and 10 fan favorites, like Cheesy Garlic Bread and No-Bake Nutella Cheesecake. Laura tests her recipes...
  • Martha Stewart. Martha's American Food
    Martha's American Food
    Martha Stewart
    Martha's American Food
  • Aida Gabilondo. Mexican Family Cooking
    Mexican Family Cooking
    Aida Gabilondo
    Mexican Family Cooking
  • Marcela Valladolid. Mexican Made Easy
    Mexican Made Easy
    Marcela Valladolid
    Mexican Made Easy
  • Leah Koenig. Modern Jewish Cooking: Recipes & Customs for Todays Kitchen
    Modern Jewish Cooking: Recipes & Customs for Todays Kitchen
    Leah Koenig
    From a leading voice of the new generation of young Jewish cooks who are reworking the food of their forebears, this take on the cuisine of the diaspora pays homage to tradition while reflecting the values of the modern-day food movement. Author Leah Koenig shares 175 recipes showcasing handmade, seasonal, vegetable-forward dishes. Classics of Jewish culinary culture — such as latkes, matzoh balls, challah and hamantaschen — are updated with smart techniques and vibrant spices. Approachable recipes for everything from soups to sweets go beyond the traditional, incorporating regional influences from North Africa to Central Europe. Featuring holiday menus and rich photography, this collection is at once a guide to establishing traditions and a celebration of the way we eat now.
  • Kevin Garvin. Neiman Marcus Cooks
    Neiman Marcus Cooks
    Kevin Garvin
    Neiman Marcus Cooks
  • Tim Turner. Patrick O'Connell's Refined American Cuisine : The Inn at Little Washington
    Patrick O'Connell's Refined American Cuisine : The Inn at Little Washington
    Tim Turner
    Book DescriptionPatrick O?Connell, owner and chef of the award-winning Inn at Little Washington, defines a new way of American cooking ? homegrown in the United States, approachable for the home cook, yet as delicious and refined as the finest French and Italian cuisine.
  • Rankin, Jeanne, Rankin, Paul. Paul & Jeanne Rankin's New Irish Cookery
    Paul & Jeanne Rankin's New Irish Cookery
    Rankin, Jeanne, Rankin, Paul

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