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  • I. Mitroff, L. Hill, C. Alpaslan. Rethinking the Education Mess. A Systems Approach to Education Reform
    Rethinking the Education Mess. A Systems Approach to Education Reform
    I. Mitroff, L. Hill, C. Alpaslan
    Книга "Rethinking the Education Mess. A Systems Approach to Education Reform".
  • Fernando Fuster-Fabra. Retos Laborales del Nuevo Milenio
    Retos Laborales del Nuevo Milenio
    Fernando Fuster-Fabra
    Como mejorar la prevención de los riesgos físico-psico-sociales en el Nuevo Milenio
  • Peter Locandro. Retiring In Comfort. How to Build Your Wealth for the Future
    Retiring In Comfort. How to Build Your Wealth for the Future
    Peter Locandro
    A complete guide to building wealth for your retirement! Written by Peter Locandro, a CPA qualified accountant with over 20 years public practice experience based out of Melbourne, Australia. As Principal accountant of his business ZJL Partners, Peter and his team service over 4,000 clients and have won the prestigious "Accountancy Business of the Year" awarded by the Proactive Accountants Network in both 2012 and 2013. Peter is an accountant who is about more than just the numbers. He is also a public speaker, radio host, blogger, marathon runner and small business mentor. He has featured in Australian national newspapers The Sydney Morning Herald Newspaper and The Age 'Money' as well as local publications 'The Stakeholder' and 'Our Town'. As a retirement specialist he has combined all his expertise into one handy guide. Topics covered include; Where to Start, Will a Million Dollars Be Enough in Superannuation. Estate Planning and Money Management in Retirement.
  • Per Linell. Rethinking Language, Mind, and World Dialogically (PB)
    Rethinking Language, Mind, and World Dialogically (PB)
    Per Linell
    A volume in Advances in Cultural PsychologySeries Editor: Jaan Valsiner, Clark University"This is a remarkable and highly original work on dialogism, dialogical theories and dialogue. With his erudite and broadly based scholarship PerLinell makes a path-breaking contribution to the study of the human mind, presenting a novel alternative to traditional monologism and exploring thedynamics of sense-making in different forms of interaction and communicative projects. Although Per Linell discusses complex dialogical concepts,the text is written with exceptional clarity, taking the reader through critique as well as appreciation of great intellectual traditions of our time."(Professor Ivana Marková, University of Stirling, U.K.)"Per Linell`s Rethinking Language, Mind And World Dialogically represents a landmark in the development ofa transdisciplinary dialogically basedparadigm for the human sciences. The author´s lucid analysis and constructive rethinking ranges all the way from integrating explanations ofsignificant empirical contributions across the entire range of human sciences dealing with language, thought and communication to foundational,epistemological and ontological issues."(Professor Ragnar Rommetveit, University of Oslo, Norway)Per Linell took his degree in linguistics and is currently professor of language and culture, with a specialisation on communication and spokeninteraction, at the University of Linköping, Sweden. He has been instrumental in bui...
  • Norman Molesko. RETIRING AND SENIOR LIVING...Experiencing The Second Half Of Life
    RETIRING AND SENIOR LIVING...Experiencing The Second Half Of Life
    Norman Molesko
    This book speaks to Baby Boomers, Retirees, Seniors and aging parents, as well as the children of aging parents, family, caregivers,and friends. Eight major sections are included: Being Newly Retired, Choosing What To Do With Time, Attitudes and Feelings, Knowing Oneself, Relating To Others, Taking Care Of Oneself, Aging Concerns, and Elderly Seniors. Many insights are offered on dealing with and navigating retirement and growing older. Threads of optimism and reality shine through, organized in a flowing and meaningful conversation. The book is a collection of poetic writings about Retiree and Senior issues: yearnings, concerns, health, thoughts and challenges.
  • Liu Qing. Rethinking Native-English-Speaking Instructors
    Rethinking Native-English-Speaking Instructors
    Liu Qing
    It is a wild hold myth that native-English-speaking (NES) language instructors are capable of teaching English writing in non-native English speaking environment. By providing a glimpse of how NES instructors teaching English writing in a Chinese university, the study leads to a rethinking of hiring NES instructors as English writing instructors in China. As one of the first few studied expatriate NES instructors' writing instruction in depth, the study has significant implications in EFL writing field for understanding the expertise of expatriate NES instructors, for selecting qualified NES instructors and supporting them. English instruction policymakers, school administrators in EFL context, NES instructors who want to teach in non-English-speaking countries and areas will find the book informative and helpful.
  • Scott Wardell. Retiring in Turbulent Times. Nine Middle-American Stories of Life, Money, and Challenges in Pursuit of a Satisfying Retirement
    Retiring in Turbulent Times. Nine Middle-American Stories of Life, Money, and Challenges in Pursuit of a Satisfying Retirement
    Scott Wardell
    In his 35-plus years in the financial services industry, Scott Wardell CFP,® has advised and guided hundreds of clients to retirement. With each person came specific dilemmas and advantages. Some of those clients, people as familiar as your family and neighbors, were well prepared emotionally or financially, but rarely both. Some were neither. Wardell’s conversations with his clients, friends and family reflecting on decisions they did and didn’t make, lends Retiring in Turbulent Times a unique personal tone, far different than the usual jargon-heavy and abstract financial advice book. The nine stories within reflect common life choices of middle-class Americans; their over-sights, mistakes, intuitions, disciplines and achievements. In other words, life decisions to which everyone can relate.
  • Jack E. Bynum. Retirement Reorientation. Short Stories and Tall Tales
    Retirement Reorientation. Short Stories and Tall Tales
    Jack E. Bynum
    THE BOOK: In Retirement Reorientation, Dr. Bynum makes another contribution to our understanding of human behavior and social problems. Based on his personal experience, the author responds to the above questions with common sense, practical sociological insights, spiritual applications, and occasionally seasoned with amusing observations. RETIREMENT REORIENTATION explains this stage of the human life course as a potential threshold to new friends and interesting enriching experiences. The book is now in your hands! This book is appropriate for all adult readers, but especially for those planning or experiencing retirement.
  • Jeff Coulter. Rethinking Cognitive Theory
    Rethinking Cognitive Theory
    Jeff Coulter
    Книга "Rethinking Cognitive Theory".
  • Adkins Lisa. Retaining Online Students
    Retaining Online Students
    Adkins Lisa
    Low retention rates among first time students plague many higher education institutions and are even worse for those institutions that offer programs completely online. This study evaluated the effectiveness of an online bridge program in improving the retention rates of these first time students as compared to those students who did not complete the program. The study was a formative program evaluation, to evaluate the progress of the current program and to offer suggestions on how to improve the program to better serve future students. This is geared for higher education administrators, faculty, and staff who are looking for interventions that has the potential for improving student retention rates.
  • Rethinking Multicultural Education. Case Studies in Cultural Transition
    Rethinking Multicultural Education. Case Studies in Cultural Transition
    Книга "Rethinking Multicultural Education. Case Studies in Cultural Transition".
  • Bryan Harris. Retaining New Teachers. How Do I Support and Develop Novice Teachers?
    Retaining New Teachers. How Do I Support and Develop Novice Teachers?
    Bryan Harris
    Книга "Retaining New Teachers. How Do I Support and Develop Novice Teachers?".
  • Melinda Clayton. Return to Crutcher Mountain
    Return to Crutcher Mountain
    Melinda Clayton
    As recounted in Appalachian Justice, Jessie is an adult survivor of horrendous childhood abuse. At the age of thirteen, she was rescued by reclusive mountain woman Billy May Platte. Now forty-seven, Jessie is outwardly successful but inwardly struggles to reconcile the broken pieces of her past.In honor of Billy May, Jessie has offered Crutcher Mountain as a location to build the Platte Lodge for Children, a wilderness retreat and respite program designed for children with disabilities. Everything comes together beautifully until a series of strange events threatens to shut down the retreat. To save the lodge, Jessie must open her heart to the truths she discovers and place her trust in a lonely little boy.
  • Anthony Heston. Retirement Planning. The Complete Guide on How to Retire Early and Live Stress-Free over the Long Term
    Retirement Planning. The Complete Guide on How to Retire Early and Live Stress-Free over the Long Term
    Anthony Heston
    How would it feel to retire several years or even decades before than just about anyone else you know of?Most people think of retirement as the ultimate 'prize' to be achieved, only after several decades of hard work. However, did you know that now, more than at any other time period, retirees are going back to work because of the volatile economy and improper planning?There's a simple blueprint to follow for those that wish to quit the rat race forever.It doesn't matter if you're in your 20's or 60's, there are simple 'tweaks' you can start applying now to your finances to drastically reduce the amount of time it will take you to retire.Early retirement can be easily achievable to everyone that wants to be in total control of their financial life. Here's some of what you can expect to learn inside the pages of this book: Discover the common mistakes that should be avoided in order to retire forever and never step back into the office ever again! The best forms of 'retirement friendly' investments. A brief guide for the late starter. Learn all about the inevitable financial gap. How to make the money that you've saved up last up to 3x or 5x times.This book is part of the Rock-Solid Financial Confidence Series. No previous skill or knowledge is required.Just like any other skill, learning how to be in control of your finances can be easily achievable by following the right advice and taking action.Are you ready to live your n...
  • Strategic Studies Institute, Steven Metz. Rethinking Insurgency
    Rethinking Insurgency
    Strategic Studies Institute, Steven Metz
    The U.S. military and national security community lost interest in insurgency after the end of the Cold War. Other defense issues such as multinational peacekeeping and transformation seemed more pressing and thus attracted the most attention. But with the onset of the Global War on Terror in 2001 and the ensuing involvement of the U.S. military in counterinsurgency support in Iraq and Afghanistan, insurgency experienced renewed concern in both the defense and intelligence communities. In this monograph, Dr. Steven Metz, who has been writing on insurgency and counterinsurgency for more than 2 decades, argues that this relearning process, while exceptionally important, emphasized the wrong thing, focusing on Cold War era nationalistic insurgencies rather than the complex conflicts which characterized the post-Cold War security environment. To be successful at counterinsurgency, he contends, the U.S. military and defense community must rethink insurgency.
  • Rob White, Johanna Wyn. Rethinking Youth
    Rethinking Youth
    Rob White, Johanna Wyn
    Книга "Rethinking Youth".
  • Cfp(r) Eric D. Brotman. Retire Wealthy. The Tools You Need to Help Build Lasting Wealth - On Your Own or with Your Financial Advisor
    Retire Wealthy. The Tools You Need to Help Build Lasting Wealth - On Your Own or with Your Financial Advisor
    Cfp(r) Eric D. Brotman
    Retire Wealthy, author Eric D. Brotman’s second book, aims to provide readers with the tools needed to achieve financial independence in retirement. Specifically, Retire Wealthy serves as a financial literacy resource for readers who want to learn the basics of financial planning and wealth-building – whether working on one’s own or with a financial advisor. This highly informative book breaks down investment principles and vehicles in simple language to take the fear out of financial planning and motivate readers to begin the journey to financial independence.Please follow the link below to join our e-mail list:
  • Seestah Imahk S., Seestah Imahkus. Returning Home Ain.t Easy But It Sure Is a Blessing
    Returning Home Ain.t Easy But It Sure Is a Blessing
    Seestah Imahk S., Seestah Imahkus
    "Returning Home Ain't Easy But it Sure Is A Blessing" is a very moving and penetrating work that every African whether he or she intends on repatriating to Africa or not, should read. It is an "invaluable guide" to all Africans who are desperately trying to make their way back home. To re-locate is not a simple matter. It requires a determination to succeed, a firm faith in God the Almighty and patience to learn and re-learn. The power of this book prepares a plan for those wanting to return home to re-acquaint themselves with the land of their Afrikan ancestors. This book shows wisdom, extreme sensibility, and sense of humor necessary to help one to re-settle and make their home in Ghana or anywhere in Africa for that matter. The discourse also includes Ghanaian law as it relates to the subject of Dual Citizenship and The Right of Abode for Afrikans born in the Diaspora. This book can help those who may choose to walk the path of "Return", but should also be read by those who do not intend to re-locate as it is a book, which imparts valuable information about a country in Africa, one of the countries that many African-Americans repatriate to...Ghana. Her straightforward choice of words makes for an admirable, enjoyable, serious and commendable read.
  • Vanessa K. Neke, Vanessa Koneke. Retributive Justice
    Retributive Justice
    Vanessa K. Neke, Vanessa Koneke
    Seminar paper from the year 2009 in the subject Psychology - Social Psychology, grade: 1,3, University of Cologne (Institut für Wirtschafts- und Sozialpsychologie), course: Psychologie der Gerechtigkeit, language: English, abstract: It might seem like putting the cart before the horse: Unlike distributional justice, retributive justice does not deal with how to set up justice, but how to smooth out injustice. But actually every stick has two ends. So does the "cart" justice. Justice is done, when everybody gets his just deserts. And while just deserts refer to rewards on the one end - the end of distributive justice, they refer to punishment at the other end - the end of retributive justice. The issue of retributive justice arises after a wrongdoing like a crime has occurred and addresses the task of imposing an adequate sanction to the wrongdoer. Thus retribution is rather linked to reconstitute justice than to constitute it. But how exactly should the horse push? To say, how should justice be reconstituted? Giving the offender his just deserts seems to be a facile task. But what are just deserts? What are just deserts for somebody evading taxes - thereby stealing money from the state - compared to somebody stealing the savings of an old woman? What are just deserts for somebody mali-ciously burning the house of his ex-wife compared to somebody setting a house on fire be-cause he has fallen asleep while smoking? What are just deserts for a killing soldier compared to...
  • Ernst   Young. Retirement Planning Guide
    Retirement Planning Guide
    Ernst Young
    Книга "Retirement Planning Guide".

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