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  • D.C. Macom. "The Blackwind Hush"
    "The Blackwind Hush"
    D.C. Macom
    Книга ""The Blackwind Hush"".
  • Владимир Аверин. "Веселый Роджер" нам поможет
    "Веселый Роджер" нам поможет
    Владимир Аверин
    Шпионы, погони, слежка... Об этом мечтает каждый мальчишка. Но Вадику Ситникову, попавшему в такую круговерть, не до романтики. По глупости и незнанию он передал настоящему шпиону секретные материалы, над которыми работал его отец. Но теперь отец в больнице - его сбила машина. И за самим Вадимом уже следит ФСБ... А может быть, человек, который наблюдает за ним, совсем и не сотрудник спецслужб? Так или иначе, но Вадик не собирается сознаваться ни в чем! Лучше он сам разыщет того шпиона и отберет у него файлы, которые позволил переписать из отцовского компьютера. Только одному такое не под силу - и парнишка привлекает к своему опасному расследованию верных друзей...
  • Ольга Невзорова. "Гость" из Америки
    "Гость" из Америки
    Ольга Невзорова
    А с вами случалось такое? Когда чья-то незримая жизнь играет внутри вас будто забродившее вино, она преследует вас с самого детства и не даёт покоя ни днём, ни ночью. С ней невозможно договориться, у неё нет ни ног, ни тела, ни голоса. У неё нет ничего. И, тем не менее, она пытается по-своему общаться и даже что-то рассказывает. Что это: раздвоение сознания или тихое сумасшествие? А может, это чья-то неуспокоенная душа отчаянно взывает о помощи? Тогда кто она? Откуда взялась? И что ей нужно?
  • Ксения Харченко. "Раз, два, три, четыре, пять..."
    "Раз, два, три, четыре, пять..."
    Ксения Харченко
    По Москве поползли слухи — объявился маньяк, который жестоко убивает женщин! Сыщики в тупике — между ними нет ничего общего — разный возраст, социальный статус, профессии. Кто ОН? Ответ повергнет всех в шок!
  • Ray Roddy. #1 Death Plaza
    #1 Death Plaza
    Ray Roddy
    Книга "#1 Death Plaza".
  • Caroline Lockhart. 'Me-Smith'
    Caroline Lockhart
    Do you want to read ‘Me-Smith’? If so then keep reading… Following the publication of Owen Wister’s The Virginian in 1902, Western novels became extremely popular, and several Montana women became successful genre writers. These writers, including Caroline Lockhart and Bertha Muzzy Sinclair Cowan (best known as B. M. Bower), drew inspiration from the life, land, and folklore of Montana. Their stories suggest the enduring place that Montana has in the imagined, symbolic West. They also reveal the role gender discrimination played in popular expectations about Westerns and their creators. Scholar Jane Tompkins has explored the power of the Western—both in novels and on film—in the American psyche. She argues, “The West functions as a symbol of freedom, and of the opportunity for conquest. It seems to offer an escape from the condition of life in modern industrial society. . . . The creak of saddle leather and the sun beating down, the horses’ energy and force—these things promise a translation of the self into something purer and more authentic, more intense, more real.” This version of the West was decidedly masculine. And while largely mythic, it was an idea that was wildly popular—especially among the country’s young men—from 1900 to 1975. What are you waiting for ‘Me-Smith’ is one click away, select the “Buy Now” button in the top right corner NOW!
  • Tracy Price-Thompson. 1-900-A-N-Y-T-I-M-E
    Tracy Price-Thompson
    Книга "1-900-A-N-Y-T-I-M-E".
  • Z. C. Smith. 10 Millimeter
    10 Millimeter
    Z. C. Smith
    Книга "10 Millimeter".
  • S Ó Ceallaigh. 100K
    S Ó Ceallaigh
    The City is teaming with activity as usual and it’s a warm day. This correlates closely with the average weather conditions for the season. We are proud, quite rightly, of our standing in the LOCE League (Law and Order, Comfort and Efficiency). We are usually in the Top 10 and that is quite an achievement. But nothing is perfect. Indeed, that very statement is one of the City’s slogans to keep us on our toes! We are also proud that our City is run on democratic principles (when possible), managed by our fine team of DM5’s (when necessary, but usually our parliamentarians are perfectly capable), and backed by what is colloquially known as Central Computer. But what was discovered by DCI Cody was shocking! I was instructed to write an account in this old language, an official language of the Archive Mountain. If you are reading this, you must be a real scholar! See if you can figure out what’s going on, but don’t skip to the end and then claim you’re clever! If you cheat, we’ll know.
  • Glenn Haas. 12 High Crime Adventures of Dr. Christian Maier. America's First Forensic Detective
    12 High Crime Adventures of Dr. Christian Maier. America's First Forensic Detective
    Glenn Haas
    During the last decade of the 18th century, Dr. Christian Maier serves as the Medical Examiner for Philadelphia, the capital and largest city in the young United States of America. Relying on the most advanced scientific investigative skills of his era, he assumes the role of America's first forensic detective. Christian and his wife Henrietta become an indispensable team working with Philadelphia's constabulary to help protect and preserve the city. The eight short stories and four novellas mix Christian's scientific methods with derring-do to solve crimes with social, political and international consequences.
  • Anna Efimenko. 125 RUS
    125 RUS
    Anna Efimenko
    A man with a mythical name and sealed lips goes into the unknown. Mystery of Primorye penetrates into him through A — Airport and a voice from a voice recorder, B — Bagulnik flowers and Bays with the ancient Chinese names; C — the city of Vladivostok surrounded by the ocean, where one can sometimes get lost on edge of reality and fiction, as if in an inaccurate reflection of sea water… Will we find out what really happened? Can we dare to get to the last letter of the alphabet?
  • Richard Doetsch. 13th Hour. A Thriller
    13th Hour. A Thriller
    Richard Doetsch
    Книга "13th Hour. A Thriller".
  • John J Nance. 16 Souls
    16 Souls
    John J Nance
    The Latest Aviation Thriller From New York Times Bestselling Author John Nance!On takeoff from Denver during a winter blizzard, an airliner piloted by veteran Captain Marty Mitchell overruns a commuter plane from behind. Bizarrely, the fuselage of the smaller aircraft is tenuously wedged onto the huge right wing of his Boeing 757, leading Mitchell to an impossible life-or-death choice.Mitchell’s decision will land the former military pilot in the cross-hairs of a viciously ambitious district attorney determined to send him to prison for doing his job. Despondent and deeply wounded by what he sees as betrayal by the system, Mitchell at first refuses to defend himself or even assist the corporate lawyer forced against her will to represent him. Pitted against the prosecutorial prowess of flamboyant Denver DA Grant Richardson, who is using Mitchell’s case to audition for a presidential appointment as a U.S. attorney, is young defense attorney Judith Winston. Her lack of experience in criminal cases could mean the end of Mitchell’s freedom, if he doesn’t end his own life first. However, a rising level of gritty determination even her law partners have never witnessed before, propels Winston to lay it all on the table to save Mitchell and expose Richardson as a fraud.16 SOULS takes the reader for a wild ride in a heart-stopping aviation and legal thriller propelled by irresistible characters, an agonizingly possible airborne dilemma, and a desperate refusal both in the air and in ...
  • Jake Weston. 16 Young Bodies
    16 Young Bodies
    Jake Weston
    Книга "16 Young Bodies".
  • Christopher R. Brown. 2 Fo-KISSED. .The Missing Blanks.
    2 Fo-KISSED. .The Missing Blanks.
    Christopher R. Brown
    Lil Man, aka Rahim Bowman is back at it again in "2 Fo-KISSED" and he is all grown up. While this story enhances and fills in some gaps from the original title, it opens up new doors again for readers who are familiar with the characters from the original prequel. Katousha Bowman, our beloved first lady... is notoriously profound and more energetic and powerful than ever before imagined. And even with a new born child under her very own care, Mrs. Bowman is going all out and playing for keeps to keep her family and success together...
  • JLR-Writer. 2 Pray
    2 Pray
    The Bible says, “For where two or three have gathered together in my name, I am there in their midst.” Marcus, a cocky nonbeliever, struggles with the fact of a divine creator. Being married to his wife, Stacy, who is, in fact, a die-hard Christian, still doesn’t help his faith in God. He turns his back on Christ, leaving him open to spiritual demonic attack. Sometimes God has to let you dwell in darkness and take away the things you love in order to see the light.
  • Arley Owens Jr. 20 Miles to Justified
    20 Miles to Justified
    Arley Owens Jr
  • D. M. Blowers. 2012 Olympic Sabotage
    2012 Olympic Sabotage
    D. M. Blowers
    When British company Eventsoft wins the software contract for the 2012 London Olympics, it is IT Director Steven Foster's proudest moment.But something is not right. Foster gets the distinct feeling that he is being watched; while software developer Trevor Edge has suddenly found himself a mysterious new girlfriend; and administrator Jane begins to spiral into a nightmare of depravity and fear. Are these things connected? Is it all a coincidence ... or a real threat to the future of Eventsoft - and the Olympics themselves?Putting aside his growing feelings for Jane, Foster teams up with hard-nosed reporter Jarvis to solve the riddles . . . and save the Games!
  • 2024. A History of the Future
    2024. A History of the Future
    SOMETHING HAD TO CHANGE.SOMEONE HAD TO LEAD THAT CHANGE.BUT WAS HE UP TO THE TASK?George was an intellectual, a journalist, a writer: more theorythan practice. Could he lead the country to a new beginning?Someone had to stand up to the tyranny, the controlling force thathad crept up to overtake their lives. Someone who could espousethe principles they all believed in.But George had always been on the sidelines, involved but notcommitted. A product of the establishment but not a drivingforce.Until now. Until he made the ultimate decision. A decision thatwould dramatically alter the fate of their country.Britain was a sorry state; controlled, whittled down, oppressedand depressed.Until now.2024: A History of the Future is an engaging tale of the struggleto make change to a nation and to all those involved. Both historicalnovel and political thriller, it will take you into the future andback into the past, tying the two together in one story. One dramato fashion our future.Through the Past.
  • Александр Мирошник. 221b. Холмс и инопланетянин
    221b. Холмс и инопланетянин
    Александр Мирошник
    Примите участие в расследованиях вместе с Шерлоком Холмсом. Все вымышленные истории происходят в конце XIX века — без компьютеров и других современных вещей, а все реальные истории случились в наши дни. Сюжеты реальных историй полностью правдивы, но в то же время имеют внутреннюю связь с вымыслом. По большому счёту, это повествование о крепкой дружбе главных героев. Общение с Шерлоком Холмсом и доктором Ватсоном доставляет огромное удовольствие, облагораживает душу и обостряет ум.

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