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  • "Злая лая матерная…"
    "Злая лая матерная…"
    Сборник статей посвящен исследованию темы, которая в последнее десятилетие все более интересует социо- и этнолингвистов всего мира. Инвективная и прежде всего обсценная (ненормативная, табуированная) лексика, популярная в любой культуре, наконец привлекла внимание исследователей, пытающихся понять особенности слов, которые, с одной стороны, известны абсолютно каждому носителю языка, а с другой - в целом ряде случаев запрещены к употреблению. Совершенно очевидно, что при разработке этой темы неизбежно обращение к проблемам сознания и подсознания, запретов и табу, эвфемизмов и дисфемизмов, жаргонов и просторечий.
  • "Кончаю... Страшно перечесть!"
    "Кончаю... Страшно перечесть!"
    Эта книжка напоминает рубрику сатирических журналов: "Нарочно не придумаешь". Рассказики, помещенные здесь, смонтированы из реальных фраз, извлеченных редакторами из переводов "любовных романов". Любители юмора, несомненно, оценят эти переводческие "шедевры", оставшиеся "за кадром". Галантные гравюры, сопровождающие наши "озорные рассказы", усиливают комический эффект. Веселого чтения!
  • Александр Пушкин. "Час невинного досуга"
    "Час невинного досуга"
    Александр Пушкин
    В сборнике публикуется эротическая лирика А.С.Пушкина - стихотворения разных лет.
  • Маркиз де Сад. 120 дней Содома, или Школа разврата
    120 дней Содома, или Школа разврата
    Маркиз де Сад
    Самые откровенные, шокирующие, порочные фантазии в романе величайшего знатока эротики Маркиза де Сада. Философия разрушения, превознесение порока, все виды изнасилований и наказаний - в "120 дней Содома, или Школа разврата", написанных в Бастилии. Рукопись была спрятана де Садом в стене камеры и случайно обнаружена только в 1900-м году.
  • Кэрол Квин. 5 минут страсти
    5 минут страсти
    Кэрол Квин
    Эта книга - замечательная коллекция кратких зажигательных историй, пикантных крупиц фантазии, эротических грез, в которых читатель может увидеть отражение своих собственных желаний. Каждый рассказ уносит читателя в мир чувственности - всего на пять минут - на миг, в котором умещается лавина эмоций. Здесь собраны произведения признанных звезд мировой эротической литературы, а также звезд восходящих - авторов ярких и талантливых.
  • Hamilton, Laurell K. A Caress Of Twilight
    A Caress Of Twilight
    Hamilton, Laurell K
    She is Princess Meredith and she is heir to a throne - IF she can stay alive long enough to claim it. Unlike most of her kind, Merry is part human and all too mortal, as her cousin and arch rival knows only too well. For a deadly game is being played in the Faerie court and whoever produces an heir first wears the crown. But as she auditions her royal guard - illustrious warriors equally at home with gun and blade or spell - for the role of future king and father of her child, Merry is somewhat distracted from her career as a private investigator. Then, in her adoptive home, in the City of Angels, people start dying in mysterious, frightening ways. What the human police don't realize is that the killer is hunting the Fey as well. It seems chaos awaits, threatening the very existence of the place known as Faerie is in grave danger and Merry finds herself facing an ancient evil that threatens the very fabric of her world. And that's just the day job...
  • Hamilton, Laurell K. A Kiss Of Shadows
    A Kiss Of Shadows
    Hamilton, Laurell K
    Laurell K. Hamilton's 'Anita Blake, Vampire Hunter' novels have established her as a force to be reckoned with. Her voice is fresh, her style sensual, her characters leap off the page and her blend of the contemporary and the supernatural is both original and exciting. Now, in A KISS OF SHADOWS, she introduces readers to an unforgettable new heroine: Meredith Gentry. A Los Angeles private investigator with a strange speciality - supernatural crime, Merry has an even stranger secret: she's a Faerie princess in hiding, and on the run from her own otherworldly realm. For her aunt, the malevolent Queen of Air and Darkness, has dispatched her chief bodyguard back to the mortal world to fetch Meredith back, whether she likes it or not. She is to be the pawn in a plot that will transform the future of the Seelie and Unseelie Courts. Her role: to enjoy the constant company of the most beautiful - and immortal - men in the world of the Sidhe. Her reward: the crown. The penalty for refusal:...
  • Laurell K. Hamilton. A Kiss of Shadows
    A Kiss of Shadows
    Laurell K. Hamilton
    A Kiss of Shadows
  • Hamilton, Laurell K. A Lick Of Frost
    A Lick Of Frost
    Hamilton, Laurell K
    You know me. I am Meredith Gentry, princess and heir apparent to the throne in the realm of Faerie; one-time private investigator in the mortal world. To be crowned queen, I must continue the royal bloodline - I must produce an heir. To fail would allow my aunt, Queen Andais, do what she most desires: to place her twisted son, Cel, upon the throne of Faerie...and kill me. I am surrounded by loyal guards, my best loved - sworn to protect and to love me - yet for all our eager efforts, I remain childless. My sinister Queen and her confederates conspire against me and so my bodyguards and I have slipped back into Los Angeles. But it seems exile is not enough to escape those with dark designs upon us. King Taranis, vainglorious ruler of Faerie's Seelie court, has accused my guards of a heinous crime and asked the mortal authorities to pursue them. If he succeeds, my men will face a hideous fate. I know Taranis's charges are baseless - for his true target is me. He tried to kill me when...
  • Valentino, Crystalle. A Private View
    A Private View
    Valentino, Crystalle
    Welcome to the world of the elite... As a model, Jemma is used to being the centre of attention. And when Dominic Vane, the world-famous photographer, asks her to pose for him, she knows it’s not just her pictures he’s interested in. But in a world where pleasure is pursued above all else, will falling for Dominic’s masterful touch come at too high a cost? From the glamorous South of France to the luxuries of Monte Carlo, A Private View will take you on a wild journey of sexual discovery. A classic Black Lace romance.
  • Hamilton, Laurell K. A Stroke Of Midnight
    A Stroke Of Midnight
    Hamilton, Laurell K
    I am Meredith Gentry, P.I. and Princess Merry, heir to the throne of Fairie. I have departed the safe haven of Los Angeles to face the peril and deception of my first home, the Unseelie court. There, my enemies are many, and my guards may not be able to protect me from the treachery of the unseen foes that will stop at nothing to keep me from the throne. As for my quest to produce an heir and thereby save myself and all that is faerie from utter destruction - well, I am still trying. As pregnancy becomes ever more urgent, I must leave the protected beds of the Queen's Ravens and lie with other men, men whose designs and allegiances remain in question. And a night of delirious passion will transport me and my new lovers to another place, the mysterious dead gardens - an event that portends great unrest in the forces of magic. In order to save myself and those I love, I must walk into the very mouth of danger, and visit the Goblins in their lair - as well as the cunning King Taranis...
  • James Salter. A Sport and a Pastime
    A Sport and a Pastime
    James Salter
    With an introduction by Sarah Hall The 1960s. Philip Dean, a footloose Yale dropout, is touring provincial France and sometimes Paris in a borrowed, once elegant car. He begins a mismatched affair with a young shop girl named Anne-Marie. Together they burn in an everyday but stunningly sensual paradise. A Sport and A Pastime is a seductive classic that established James Salter's reputation as one of the finest writers of our time. It is remarkable for its eroticism, its luminous prose and its ability to explore the boundaries between what is dreamt and what is lived, between body and soul.
  • Bastinado, Madeline. A Talent for Surrender
    A Talent for Surrender
    Bastinado, Madeline
    Jo Lennox is a woman with a secret. By day she is headmistress of an exclusive private school: by night, a sexual adventurer who loves to dominate and humiliate men. Dan Elliot is a documentary film-maker who uses his looks and charm to persuade his subjects to expose their secrets.When their paths cross, Dan realises how much he has to learn about his own nature and his hidden desires. He becomes her willing pupil, eager to obey and hungry for experience. And Jo assumes the role of his teacher and guide, providing punishment, pleasure and the perverse by initiating him into a world of darkness and extreme submission.
  • Valentino, Crystalle. After Hours: Black Lace Classics
    After Hours: Black Lace Classics
    Valentino, Crystalle
    It’s getting steamy in the kitchen. . . Venetia Halliday, a go-getting entrepreneur, is trying to make it in London’s fiercely competitive restaurant scene. And her new chef – East End bad-boy Micky Quinn – has tricked his way into her business, and her bed. Cheeky, well-built and confident, Quinn embodies everything she loves in a man, but with wild sexual abandon on the menu, can Venetia keep her mind on the job? Black Lace Classics – our best erotic fiction ever from our leading authors.
  • Maya Banks. After the Storm
    After the Storm
    Maya Banks
    After the Storm
  • Birch, Penny. American Blue
    American Blue
    Birch, Penny
    When Penny Birch discovers that her niece Jemima has been seduced into making a working tour of some of the USA's most notorious pornographers, she feels she has no choice but to save her from the clutches of these dangerous men. But Jemima is not to be dissuaded, and as aunt and niece travel west from New York they get themselves into all kinds of kinky trouble. American Blue takes a light-hearted but unashamedly perverse look at the American porno industry from the perspective of an innocent young model.
  • Ann Summers. Ann Summers Sexercise
    Ann Summers Sexercise
    Ann Summers
  • Ann Summers. Ann Summers Little Book of Kama Sutra
    Ann Summers Little Book of Kama Sutra
    Ann Summers
  • Ann Summers. Ann Summers Raunchy and Rampant Guide to Sex Toys
    Ann Summers Raunchy and Rampant Guide to Sex Toys
    Ann Summers
  • Abha Dawesar. Babyji
    Abha Dawesar

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