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  • William Steig. Shrek!
    William Steig
    Shreh wasn't always a movie star... Discover the ugly truth about everyone's favorite ogre. There's no doubt about it - Shrek is ugly. Really ugly. He scares the socks off anyone unlucky enough to encounter him. Even the flowers and trees lean away from him to avoid his horrible stench. And any snake dumb enough to bite him instantly falls down dead. What Shrek needs is someone just as repulsive as he is. So, after being kicked out of the black hole in which he was hatched, he slogs off on a quest to find the most stunningly ugly princess on the surface of the planet. Will they live horribly ever after? Created by one of the twentieth century's most beloved children's authors and remained as a series of films and a musical, this is the original, monstrously funny story of Shrek.
  • Шрэк навсегда. Книжка-объявлялка (+ маркер)
    Шрэк навсегда. Книжка-объявлялка (+ маркер)
    Добро пожаловать! Эта потрясающая книжка с дверными табличками представляет героев нового мультфильма. 14 прикольных фразочек, наклейки и маркер. Книга с вырубкой.

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