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  • Е. В. Данкевич, А. И. Григорьева. 1000 новых идей с бусинами и бисером
    1000 новых идей с бусинами и бисером
    Е. В. Данкевич, А. И. Григорьева
    Книга поможет юным рукодельницам научиться плести из бисера и бусин оригинальное колье, цепочки, браслеты и серьги, забавные игрушки и брелки, познакомит с секретами бисерной вышивки.
  • Наталья Гусева. 365 фенечек из бисера
    365 фенечек из бисера
    Наталья Гусева
    Практическое руководство по изготовлению из бисера оригинальных украшений. В книге приводится большое количество схем и иллюстраций и подробные объяснения каждого этапа создания любой фенечки. Техника низания одной или двумя нитями достаточно простая, и уже с первого занятия любой сможет сделать желанную фенечку - тонкий браслет или изящную цепочку. За несколько дней можно научиться плести браслеты, объемные кулоны, музыкальные, любовные и именные фенечки, а еще традиционные серьги и ожерелья. Книга адресована детям 7-9 лет, а также преподавателям труда и руководителям.
  • Karmel, Annabel. Annabel's Kitchen: My First Cookbook
    Annabel's Kitchen: My First Cookbook
    Karmel, Annabel
    This easy to follow cookbook is the ultimate guide to teaching children from the age of four and upwards how to cook. Tying in with her TV series, Annabel's Kitchen, broadcast on CiTV, this step-by-step cookbook for kids demonstrates how to cook simple but tasty dishes in a fun and accessible way - with appearances from the shows loveable characters, Jimmy the Penguin and a trio of Singing Cupcakes! Featuring dishes from all over the world, the book shows how cooking can be a fun family activity, while stressing the importance of a healthy diet and introducing new flavours. The easy recipes range from a delicious Prawn and sausage paella, to Mini cheese souffles, Naan bread with sultanas and mouthwatering Jelly boats. With full-colour step photography for each recipe, this is the ideal first cookery book for children (and their parents!).
  • Annabel Karmel. Children's First Cookbook
    Children's First Cookbook
    Annabel Karmel
    Scrummy scrambled eggs, funny face pizzas, a cupcake farm and smoothie shake-ups - make your first time cooking in the kitchen easy and fun! With step-by-step instructions, Annabel Karmel shows how, together with mum or dad, you can create food that's delicious and good for you, too. Annabel Karmel is a best-selling author and her books are published all over the world. She is well known for providing advice and guidance to thousands of parents on what to feed and cook for children with the emphasis on fun.
  • Abigail Wheatley. Children's Book of Baking Bread
    Children's Book of Baking Bread
    Abigail Wheatley
    Taps in to the recent resurgance of interest in baking, due to the success of TV programmes like The Great British Bake-off. A great way to get children interested in cooking and finding out what goes into their food.
  • Abigail Wheatley, Fiona Patchett. Children’s Christmas Baking Kit
    Children’s Christmas Baking Kit
    Abigail Wheatley, Fiona Patchett
    A sturdy gift box containing two sets of biscuit cutters (two Christmas tree-shaped and two star-shaped), specially designed cupcake cases and an Usborne baking book which contains more than twenty illustrated, easy-to-follow recipes. Suitable for complete beginners, these tried-and-tested recipes will put the fun into festive baking.Following on from the 'Children's Cupcake Kit' this is another cookery kit produced to an excellent standard: the box is stylish and robust, the biscuit cutters are silicone-topped (in seasonal red and green) so they are easy to use and the cupcake cases are specially designed to complete the package.All the components in this kit have undergone rigorous safety tests to ensure that they are suitable for children aged 7 and over (with adult supervision).A substantial gift for anyone who is interesting in baking.
  • Children's Cookbook
    Children's Cookbook
    Impress your family and show mum and dad there's a new chef in the kitchen by treating them to one of 50 delicious and simple-to-make dishes. Packed with "look-as-you-cook" pictures of each dish and easy-to-follow instructions to guarantee great results and lots of fun. Truly scrumptious! 50 mouthwatering recipes from banana smoothies to Mexican wraps. Each recipe is graded with a "difficulty" rating to ensure that children select the best one for their ability. Supports National Curriculum for Science at Key Stage 2.
  • Fiona Patchett. Christmas Baking Book for Children
    Christmas Baking Book for Children
    Fiona Patchett
    This is a cookbook packed full of mouth-watering Christmas recipes for cakes, biscuits and treats. Recipes include chocolate orange hearts, mince pies, white chocolate brownies and spiced apple muffins. It is illustrated with step-by-step instructions and spiral-bound so book lies flat when in use. It also includes decorating and wrapping ideas to make delicious treats into wonderful Christmas gifts.
  • Christmas Cooking
    Christmas Cooking
    Full of seasonal recipes including much loved favourites and new ideas, this title includes recipes such as chocolate truffles, cheesy Christmas stars and coconut mice. It is illustrated with easy to follow step-by-step instructions. It also includes gift-wrapping ideas to make delicious treats into Christmas gifts.
  • Leonie Pratt, Catherine Atkinson. Christmas Fairy Cooking
    Christmas Fairy Cooking
    Leonie Pratt, Catherine Atkinson
    This is a sparkling seasonal title perfect for budding fairy cooks everywhere. It is packed with 16 delicious recipes, including snowflake biscuits, Christmas fairy kisses, jewelled fairy muffins, Christmas fairy crowns and a Christmas castle cake. All the ingredients used are easy to find, and every recipe is clearly laid out with step-by-step instructions, accompanied by photographs of the end result. The recipes will make perfect Christmas gifts for family and friends.
  • Complete Children's Cookbook
    Complete Children's Cookbook
    This book features over 150 delicious recipes to get you and your kids in the kitchen. From eggy bread to sunflower loaves, lamb hotpot to ice cream, there's a scrumptious recipe for every occasion in the Complete Children's Cookbook. Perfect for a budding chef or food lover these 150 mouth-watering recipes will encourage and inspire your child in the kitchen. With easy to follow step-by-step instructions alongside pictures for each stage of cooking your child will be able to whip up soups and salads, main meals and tasty puddings in no time. Fetch your aprons and help your child cook delicious food and learn basic cooking skills today.
  • Cook It Step by Step
    Cook It Step by Step
    Master all the cookery skills from mixing and whisking to grilling and roasting. You'll find easy recipes, such as how to fry an egg or bake cookies, to more complicated dishes, such as jambalaya or meringue. Follow the simple steps to bake, make, and create delicious and amazing meals.
  • Cookbook for Girls
    Cookbook for Girls
    The cookbook that no self-respecting girl should be without! From perfect sleepover snacks to delicious dinners and picnic salads for summertime fun, girls will love cooking up these mouth-watering ideas with their best-friends. The easy-to-follow, step-by-step recipes make cooking together fun and easy. With over 45 recipes from cupcakes to smoothies, they'll never run out of things to do.
  • Jane Bull. Crafty Creatures
    Crafty Creatures
    Jane Bull
    This title features 30 craft projects to sew, knit, and create the cutest critters. Crafty Creatures is packed with ideas to create lots of cute, cuddly and adorable creatures. Award-winning author, Jane Bull, puts a modern spin on traditional handicrafts such as sewing, knitting, and model making in this exciting project book. Inside you'll find over 30 inspiring projects ranging from practical phone pouches and coin purses to delightful felt cats and teeny tiny animals ideal for necklaces and key fobs. The step-by-step instructions and photos of projects ensure you'll be able to pick any activity and sew, knit or assemble the adorable animals with ease. Each easy to make project tells you what materials you'll need and the book also offers a "how to" section with basic sewing and craft techniques plus lots of helpful templates and patterns. Crafty Creatures is perfect for budding crafters, providing creative projects that are great to keep or make as gifts for friends and family.
  • Die Maus: Gesunde Snacks
    Die Maus: Gesunde Snacks
    Dieses Kochbuch mit der Maus enthalt jede Menge Rezepte fur gesunde Snacks, kleine, leckere Cerichte und vitaminreiche Pausenbrote, die Kindem gelingen und schmecken. - Bebilderte Rezepte Schritt fiir Schritt erklart. - Jeweils mit Schwierigkeitsgrad. - Zutaten- und Zubehor listen. Mit Maus, Ente und Elefant macht gesundes Essen richtig Spass!
  • Die Maus - Mein erstes Backbuch
    Die Maus - Mein erstes Backbuch
    Das Backbuch mit der Maus enthalt ausgewahlte Rezepte mit ausfuhrlichen Schritt-fur-Schritt Anleitungen fur kostliche Kuchen und leckere Platzchen, die kleinen und grossen B?ckern gelingen und schmecken. Seit 1971 auf Sendung: Die Sendung mit der Maus. Mit Maus, Ente und Elefant ist Backen wirklich kinderleicht!
  • Die Maus: Mein erstes Kochbuch
    Die Maus: Mein erstes Kochbuch
    Das Kochbuch mit der Maus enthalt jede Menge Rezepte fur kostliche und gesunde Gerichte, die Kindern gelingen und schmecken. - Bebilderte Rezepte Schrltt fur Schritt erklart. - Jeweils mit Schwierigkeitsgrad. - Zutaten- und Zubeh or listen. Mit Maus, Ente und Elefant ist Kochen wirklich kinderleicht!
  • I. Schmitt-Menzel, Friedrich Streich. DieMaus: Meine Party Rezepte
    DieMaus: Meine Party Rezepte
    I. Schmitt-Menzel, Friedrich Streich
    Das Partybuch mit der Maus enthalt jede Menge Rezepte fur Snacks und Salate, Pizza, Muffins und Getranke, die Kindern gelingen und schmecken.
  • Die Maus: Pfannkuchen und Waffeln
    Die Maus: Pfannkuchen und Waffeln
    Dieses Backbuch mit der Maus enthalt jede Menge Rezepte fur kostliche, knusprige, susse und herzhafte Pfannkuchen und Waffeln, die Kindern gelingen und schmecken. - Bebilderte Rezepte Schritt fur Schritt erklart. - Jeweils mit Schwierigkeitsgrad. - Zutaten- und Z u be h or listen. Mit Maus, Ente und Elefant ist das Backen wirklich kinderleicht!
  • Katharine Ibbs. DK Children's Cookbook
    DK Children's Cookbook
    Katharine Ibbs
    DK Children's Cookbook

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