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  • Kate Knighton. 100 Science Experiments
    100 Science Experiments
    Kate Knighton
    An action-packed collection of 100 simple science experiments using easily-sourced materials. Combines hands-on fun with scientific investigation and covers the basics of physics, chemistry and biology. Includes making crystals, electrical circuits, paper planes, kaleidoscopes, balloon rockets, shadow puppets and much more.
  • Fiona Watt. 1000 Things To Make And Do
    1000 Things To Make And Do
    Fiona Watt
    This is a fantastic activity book, brimming with 1000 exciting ideas from the successful '365' series of make and do books. Easy instructions, some step-by-step, describe how to create amazing drawings, paintings, collage and 3D models. This is a perfect gift, as well as an excellent resource, for anyone who looking for ideas to do with children of all ages and abilities.
  • Neil Ardley. 101 Great Science Experiments
    101 Great Science Experiments
    Neil Ardley
    Make science fun with 101 amazing step-by-step science experiments for kids that are safe and easy to do at home. Be the next Albert Einstein with these cool science experiments for kids and discover how to bend light, weigh air and even make a rainbow! 101 Great Science Experiments is bursting with fun experiments for you to try out at home revealing the secrets of science through practical and exciting projects. Find out how to use everyday objects to discover the principles of science. With 101 science experiments for kids inside covering topics such as colour, magnets, senses, electricity and much more you'll be discovering the laws of science before your eyes. See sound, build a buzzer and even make an underwater volcano! Each science project is explained simply and clearly plus specially commissioned photography shows how each project should look making the experiments clear and easy-to-follow for kids.
  • 150 Things to Make and Do with Peppa
    150 Things to Make and Do with Peppa
    Keep your little piggies busy for days with Peppa’s big book of 150 things to make and do! Packed with craft ideas, recipes, fancy dress costumes, indoor and outdoor games, and much more!
  • 25 открыток-раскрасок на все праздники (+ конверты)
    25 открыток-раскрасок на все праздники (+ конверты)
    Что вас ждет в коробке: 25 открыток-раскрасок, сложенных книжечкой, к любому празднику; 25 конвертов для открыток. Просто раскрасьте красивые рисунки, дорисуйте детали, которые подскажет вам воображение, напишите поздравление, положите в конверт - и приятный сюрприз готов! Радуйте своих родных и близких, ведь открытка, сделанная своими руками, - это замечательный подарок! Изюминки: Яркие и красочные иллюстрации; Каждая открытка с индивидуальным рисунком; Плотная бумага.
  • Fiona Watt. 365 Things to Make and Do
    365 Things to Make and Do
    Fiona Watt
    This is a bumper activity book containing something to do on every day of the year. It contains all-new activities including a flag chain, fabric collages, leaf printing, spoon-people, door signs, gift tags, dangly cowboys and many more things to make, draw and paint. All activities are explained by step-by-step instructions and colourful illustrations.
  • Fiona Watt, Rebecca Gilpin, Leonie Pratt, Anna Milbourne, Ruth Brocklehurst, Ben Denne. 50 Rainy Day Activities
    50 Rainy Day Activities
    Fiona Watt, Rebecca Gilpin, Leonie Pratt, Anna Milbourne, Ruth Brocklehurst, Ben Denne
    This delightful book is packed with inspiring ideas for things to make and do to brighten up a rainy day.
  • Mitsuki Hoshi. ABC Crochet: An Alphabet Collection of Amigurumi Animals
    ABC Crochet: An Alphabet Collection of Amigurumi Animals
    Mitsuki Hoshi
    Perfect for crafters at all levels, this delightful, authentically Japanese color volume features irresistibly cute amigurumi characters for each letter of the English alphabet and instructions for how to crochet them. Amigurumi is the Japanese art of crocheting stuffed animals - a technique that creates super-cute creatures with large heads and tiny bodies - and with this unique volume, readers take part in an enchanting visual tour of the English alphabet that features an adorable amigurumi character for each letter. Along the way, they'll learn the meaning of Japanese characters and at the end, step-by-step instructions will teach them how to create adorable friends. Among the animals featured are a giraffe, elephant, rabbit, monkey, panda bear, and lion.
  • Angry Birds. Птичьи фенечки
    Angry Birds. Птичьи фенечки
    Представьте себе, что вы дизайнеры и разрабатываете серию модных аксессуаров в цветовой гамме Angry Birds. Что сразу приходит в голову? Ну конечно же фенечки - эффектные браслеты, сплетённые из разноцветных ниток. Их можно плести, зная всего-то пару узлов. Главное - фантазия и чувство стиля. Птицы с их ярким оперением подскажут Вам идеи для классных фенечек. А если их украсить ещё и перьями, считайте, приз за лучший дизайн от Angry Birds у вас в кармане. Птицы рекомендуют носить такие фирменные браслеты всем своим поклонникам. Фенечки в цветах Angry Birds - это секретный пароль: мы в одной стае.
  • Art Projects
    Art Projects
    This books is packed full of inspiring projects which use a variety of art materials to create exciting drawings, paintings, prints and collage. There are also lots of ideas for framing your pictures and making cards. You can follow the simple step-by-step instructions exactly or use the ideas to create pictures of your own.
  • Rebecca Gilpin, Leonie Pratt. Big Book Of Science Things To Make And Do
    Big Book Of Science Things To Make And Do
    Rebecca Gilpin, Leonie Pratt
    This is a new edition of this bumper activity book, introducing children to the world of science in a practical and interactive way. It contains 57 activities including bubbling wizard's brew, magic flowers, panpipe straws, a spinning paper helicopter and a light catcher. Each activity uses simple and safe materials and is described by step-by-step instructions and illustrations. The activities are also accompanied by simple explanations of the science involved, including density, air pressure, streamlining and wind power. It is presented with over 850 colourful stickers to decorate the projects with.
  • Christmas Doodles: 50 Wipe-clean Card witn Pen (набор из 50 карточек + маркер)
    Christmas Doodles: 50 Wipe-clean Card witn Pen (набор из 50 карточек + маркер)
    A pack of fifty wipe-clean cards with over a hundred opportunities for festive doodling. Doodles include giving the daddy penguin a baby to look after, adding birds to wintery branches and decorating a street with Christmas lights. Includes a special pen to write on the cards.
  • Easter Stencil Cards (набор из 16 карточек)
    Easter Stencil Cards (набор из 16 карточек)
    A box of sturdy stencil cards with sixteen simple Easter shapes. Shapes include chicks, daffodils, lambs, bunnies and Easter eggs. Easy to use and perfect for home-made cards, decorations and other art activities.
  • Roald Dahl. George’s Marvellous Experiments
    George’s Marvellous Experiments
    Roald Dahl
    George Kranky created his own Marvellous Medicine to deal with his grizzly old grunion of a Grandma. You definitely can't do that at home (so don't even try!), but here's some amazing science that you can do! From concocting home-made slime to creating your own volcano, these fun experiments are all easily done, following simple step-by-step instructions and using everyday household objects. Inspired by Roald Dahl's terrific tale, this is the book for budding young scientists everywhere!
  • Robert Winston. Home Lab: Make Your Own Science Experiments
    Home Lab: Make Your Own Science Experiments
    Robert Winston

  • Jane Bull. Make It!
    Make It!
    Jane Bull
    Stop! Think before you drop! Can you reuse your rubbish? The answer is yes. Make it! Is packed with ideas to turn your trash into treasure, whether it's paper, plastic, metal, or fabric, and make gorgeous gifts and terrific toys. So rifle through that rubbish and get creative. Going green has never been so much fun!
  • Make this Roman Amphitheatre
    Make this Roman Amphitheatre
    This is a brand new edition of the Cut-out Roman Ampitheatre. Each page contains pieces which children can cut-out and glue to create the amphitheatre itself, as well as the inhabitants of the amphitheatre including gladiators and senators. Crammed with intricate details and with flaps which open to reveal the amphitheatre's secrets, this book is guaranteed to keep kids entertained even after it has been built. It includes full assembly details and instructions.
  • Monster Things to Make and Do
    Monster Things to Make and Do
    This title features 18 great ideas to keep even the busiest little monsters occupied, including finger puppets, woobly monsters, monster masks and a bookmark, along with ideas for drawing and painting using different materials. Every activity is clearly illustrated with step-by-step instructions. It comes with over 400 stickers to add to the finished creations.
  • Monster High. Большая книга творчества
    Monster High. Большая книга творчества
    Любимые герои Monster High снова с нами! На этот раз в творческих заданиях для рисования, креативных модных решениях, сногсшибательных поделках и убийственно простых рецептах любимых блюд! Все для девочки, которая хочет и может творить во всех сферах – от кулинарии до плетения из резиночек, и от рисования до изготовления простых, но очень эффектных сумочек, пеналов и косметичек.
  • Anne-Sophie Baumann, illustrated by Virginie Graire. My First Toolbox
    My First Toolbox
    Anne-Sophie Baumann, illustrated by Virginie Graire
    Bang, bang! Knock, knock! Tap, tap! 19 Fun activities! Lots of Moveable parts! Budding builders learn through play how to measure, cut, hammer and more! Paper engineering that has been adapted to develop fine motor skills emphasises realistic movements, allowing for safe and playful imitation of the real activity. Keeping little hands and minds busy, this first toolkit for the smallest builder is sure to please!

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