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  • Accelerated Life Testing Using the Family of the Generalized Logistic
    Accelerated Life Testing Using the Family of the Generalized Logistic
    Many high-performance units made today can have extremely large reliabilities when they are operating as intended. For example, through advances in engineering science, a measurement such as time to failure for an electronic device could be quite large. For these situations, calculating the reliability is still of interest to the manufacturer and to the consumer, but a long period of time may be necessary to obtain sufficient data to estimate reliability. This is a major issue, since it is often the case with electronic components that the length of time required for the test may actually eclipse the ”useful lifetime” of the component. In addition, performing a test over a long time period (possibly many years) could be very costly. One solution to this issue of obtaining meaningful life test data in a timely fashion is to perform an Accelerated Life Test (ALT). ALT consists of a variety of test methods for shortening the life of test items or hastening the degradation of their...
  • Adding Value Through Logistics
    Adding Value Through Logistics
    As trade liberalization and globalization have resulted in the free flow of goods, it is important that all role players in the supply chain are effective and efficient. Ports, as one of the role players in the transportation of goods should also be responsive should also be efficient. This book is about the research conducted to determine and evaluate the role of logistics in the value chain of steel products that pass through Durban Port.. The study analysis all logistics activities like transportation, warehousing, handling, quality control of goods and a just-in-time management approach. Formal interviews and case study was conducted. Research findings are reported. Recommendations based on research conducted were offered.
  • Vinh Van Thai. Choosing the Distribution Centre in Logistics Operations
    Choosing the Distribution Centre in Logistics Operations
    Vinh Van Thai
    Logistics plays an important role in the economic development of many countries. An integrated component of logistics management is physical distribution, in which distribution centres are essential nodes of the logistics network. The location of distribution centres is a fundamental issue for many logistics firms and logistics function of manufacturing companies, since it has the great impact on the overall physical distribution costs. This book addresses this important issue and presents an integrated research methodology applying the Centre of Gravity theory and optimisation technique for the case of Schenker International in the Nordic region.
  • City Logistics in China
    City Logistics in China
    City logistics is believed to have the potential to support the realisation of building up sustainable cities. China has been seeking a more healthy economic growth model relying on urbanisation and domestic consumption. This is because one billion citizens are expected to be living in Chinese cities by 2030. Logistics has hereby been given the mission to assist this transition of the economic growth model by establishing a reliable goods supply on one hand, and improving citizens’ quality of life on the other – all in a way that develops sustainable urbanisation. This book thus addresses this issue, aiming to examine whether the concept of city logistics is suitable and applicable for China’s cities to build a sustainable urbanisation. This book is the result of the research project through the cooperation between Deutsche Post DHL, Technology University of Darmstadt, Tongji Univerisity and Chengdu Municipality Government. The authors are grateful to the China Scholarship Council...
  • Effective Health Logistics for Better Health Care Services
    Effective Health Logistics for Better Health Care Services
    This book is dedicated to all storekeepers and health workers working in Government of Nepal, Ministry of Health and Population's health warehouses and storerooms at Central, Regional, District, and Health Facility levels. These people are key in managing supply and distribution of Family Planning and Reproductive Health commodities, Vaccines, and Essential Drugs and making available to people around the country. The book details about strengthening each component of health logistics which is critical for any health system. The book elaborates about strengthening human resources through standard curriculum and training on different aspects of the supply chain management and focuses on logistics issues of Health Commodities Security, Forecasting, Procurement, Quality Assurance, Logistics Management Information Systems (LMIS), Distribution and Transportation, Auctioning and Disposal, Warehouse Infrastructure, Storage, and supervision and monitoring. The author believes that these...
  • How the NSPA can satisfy the logistical Desideratum of the German Navy
    How the NSPA can satisfy the logistical Desideratum of the German Navy
    The Germany Navy depends on the provision of port services, fuel, food and material delivery in order to sustain combat ready and well-equipped. One resource German does not make use of yet is the Naval Logistic Support Partnership, a program of the NATO Support Agency. The NATO Support Agency is an integrated logistic provider for NATO nations. For the maritime sector, the NLSP provides food, fuel and husbanding services to navies. To what extend the services of the NSPA are suitable for the logistic desideratum of the German Navy and what would be entailed by provision through the NSPA will be analyzed in this book.
  • Job Satisfaction and Intern Supervision Among School Psychologist
    Job Satisfaction and Intern Supervision Among School Psychologist
    Revision with unchanged content. This national study proposed to measure the job satisfaction of full-time public school psychologists and to explore the relationship with intern supervision during the spring semester of the 2004-2005 school year. Five hundred randomly selected school psychologists were asked to complete and return a data form and a modified version of the Minnesota Satisfaction Questionnaire (MMSQ). The data form was designed to provide the examiner with demographic information as well as information on estimated role function, number of interns supervised in the past, factors that may have prevented them from supervising interns, and open-ended questions regarding aspects of job satisfaction and the perceived impact of supervising interns on job satisfaction. With a 63% response rate, the job satisfaction results of the current study are generally consistent with previous investigations. Eighty-nine percent of school psychologists who participated in this study...
  • Logistics in manufacturing company during the crisis
    Logistics in manufacturing company during the crisis
    The aim is to present a description of: logistic processes in a production company, organizational structures in general, organizational structures in logistics, stocks, stock models and possible effects of the crisis. For the calculation of the safety stock, average value of storage and cost of the specific company operating in the automotive industry was selected and used a specific model. At the end, the book contains a description of the necessary steps that are helpful for the production company in logistics in time of crisis.
  • Jovan Tepic,Mirko Delosevic and Bojan Lalic. Multi-criteria Analysis in the Selection of Logistics Centers
    Multi-criteria Analysis in the Selection of Logistics Centers
    Jovan Tepic,Mirko Delosevic and Bojan Lalic
    This book stems from the research conducted within the framework of the Feasibility Study which analyzes the potentials of the Autonomous Province of Vojvodina for establishing logistics centers. Evaluating the performances of gravitation areas for individual logistics centers is a complex process, bearing in mind that each criterion has a different "weight" of influence. A methodology has been defined for collecting data and assessing the current state of logistics in the Province. As indicated by SWOT analysis, logistics potentials of the Vojvodina are rather large, so that establishing logistics centers can drive the area's economic development to a substantial degree. The proposed gravitation areas were assessed in term of eight basic criteria using the prestigious technique of analytical hierarchy process. It is concluded that the establishment of logistics centers in Novi Sad, Pancevo and Subotica significantly contribute to the more balanced economic development and higher...
  • Non-Otolaryngologist diagnosis of otitis media with effusion
    Non-Otolaryngologist diagnosis of otitis media with effusion
    Otitis media with effusion is one of the most common pediatric diseases. Otitis media with effusion possess diagnostic challenges to the non Otolaryngologist. This book reviews these challenges along with different tools used to help with the diagnosis including pneumatic otoscopy. The study discussed in this book looks at whether pneumatic otoscopy would improve the diagnostic accuracy of otitis media with effusion (OME) in clinical practice over otoscopy only. A randomized single-blind control trial was undertaken comparing pneumatic otoscopy versus otoscopy-only in making a correct diagnosis of otitis media with effusion using tympanograms as the diagnostic gold standard.
  • Post-Harvest Research Handbook for Engineers and Technologists
    Post-Harvest Research Handbook for Engineers and Technologists
    The book is a collection of different researches carried-out in the department of Agricultural and Environmental Engineering of O.A.U. Ile-Ife and department of Agricultural and Bio-Environmental Engineering, Federal Polytechnic, Bauchi between 2012 and 2015. This book is specially produced to help any researcher seeking for some useful information about some post-harvest processing machines such as paddy rice thresher, Bambara-nut and neem decorticators. Engineering properties (physical, mechanical and aerodynamic) of neem seeds and kernels were provided in this book. This book is strongly recommended for young engineers and technologists in tertiary institutions.
  • Ogunsanya John Damilola. Project of creation of a logistic information system in Nigeria
    Project of creation of a logistic information system in Nigeria
    Ogunsanya John Damilola
    Lack of information is reflected in old ways of doing things, no competitive position and a high level of dependency on other communities. Migration of rural dwellers to urban areas,with resulting problems of unemployment, crimes, prostitution, child labour, insecurity, money laundering, bribery, poverty, proliferation of scanty living areas, spread of diseases etc. The provision of information services in Nigeria has been dispersed and access to various information services has become more difficult; the principal victims of these development has been the rural people due to the economic and information poverty. This project (book) will provide a highlight and usefulness of information as it affects rural community development and the need for it to be managed effectively for the development of a nation.
  • Justas Nugaras. The Internationalisation of Transport and Logistics Sector
    The Internationalisation of Transport and Logistics Sector
    Justas Nugaras
    Thesis analyses contemporary international business management problems in the transport and logistics sector. The networking perspective as the most advanced mode of internationalization has been chosen as the theoretical background for the thesis. State-of-art analysis has been conducted to investigate major production, consumption and intermediation transport models that allowed to identify the core trends in the sector. Empirical research has been constructed to classify attributes of networking activities, to compare networking in MNC and SME’s, to suggest development possibilities for the Lithuanian companies. Work includes: introduction, chapter on the role and development of transport and logistics sector, network perspective for analysis of transport and logistics sector, research of networks and networking, solutions for transport and logistics companies in Lithuania, conclusions and suggestions.
  • The Logistics Requirements of Choosing a Regional Export Hub in W/A
    The Logistics Requirements of Choosing a Regional Export Hub in W/A
    Over the years, South Africa has been the supply base and choice for West Africa. But looking at the distance from South Africa to West Africa, a review of this choice was necessary. The increasingly demand for companies' products and services informed the need to establish a regional export hub in West Africa in order to reach the market with agility. The demands above required avoiding supply delays, little value-creation and bottlenecks. The cause of the bottlenecks necessitated this project. Most of the technologies used for such investments are often shipped into the sub region and extracts of the products are also shipped out from the sub region. The cost of shipping equipment,transporting materials and the bad road network in the sub-region scares most investors away. West Africa deserves much attention because there is little empirical knowledge about the sub region. Much have changed dramatically in the past few years, making most existing logistics information out of date.
  • Nikolay Zlatev. Third and fourth party logistics as the next growth pole in Rotterdam
    Third and fourth party logistics as the next growth pole in Rotterdam
    Nikolay Zlatev
    Rotterdam has been the biggest and most important port in Europe for centuries now. The oil and chemical industries and later container transshipment have brought economic growth to the regional economy as well as creating a large share of the employment. However, the recent events of the economic crisis and the maturity of container transshipment has meant that the port industry cluster has started declining, and expansion of the Rotterdam region slowed down. Moreover, increasing congestion and inefficiency of the distribution channels in the Rotterdam hinterland has meant that the ports traditional activities can no longer be a growth pole for the regional economy. The Rotterdam Municipality has identified several clusters and by stimulating their development, it aims at reducing the gap in employment between the Netherlands and the Rotterdam region while also fostering economic growth. This work provides a framework for the analysis of these clusters while also...
  • Paulrajan Rajkumar. Vegetable Retail Logistics
    Vegetable Retail Logistics
    Paulrajan Rajkumar
    The global retail industry is evolving towards organised trading. Vegetable retail is not an exception and rise of supermarkets selling vegetables is unprecedented. The rapid restructuring of vegetable retail in a developing economy encounters entry of corporate. Their entry in to the fragmented vegetable retail market redefines the whole logistical practice. This has created shift of customers from traditional to organised retail and also displace small neighbourhood stores. This book seeks to outline the different business models in vegetable retail in the context of emerging economy, impacts of entry of organised retailers and customer’s preference in selection of vegetable retailers. The work described in this book is development and discussion of empirically developed logistical models and customer choice criteria in selection of vegetable retailers mapping into structural equation model. System Dynamics simulation model approach describes the vegetable retailers selection in...
  • Леонид Кузнецов. Введение в бухгалтерскую логистику
    Введение в бухгалтерскую логистику
    Леонид Кузнецов
    Изложены основы бухгалтерской логистики – разработанного автором формального описания содержания и представления бухгалтерского учета. Логистика обеспечивает представление данных бухгалтерского учета в виде связной системы уравнений, показывающей логику преобразования в технологии предприятия физических носителей, отражаемых данными. Математической основой модели бухгалтерской логистики является абстрактная алгебраическая модель векторного пространства, свойства которого полностью покрывают необходимые операции бухгалтерского учета. Для бухгалтерской логистики разработана оригинальная методология абстрактного аналитического представления основных операций, используемых в бухгалтерском учете. Бухгалтерская логистика позволяет синтезировать автоматические системы управления предприятиями (АСУ П) непосредственно на базе данных его бухгалтерского учета. Для поиска оптимальных управлений могут быть использованы известные методы решения задач условной оптимизации.
  • О. Б. Маликов. Деловая логистика
    Деловая логистика
    О. Б. Маликов
    В книге излагаются основные понятия логистики как системы технических средств и действия по организации эффективных грузопотоков в производственных, торговых, транспортных и строительных предприятиях. Приведены методические принципы, системный подход к созданию логистических процессов в различных видах предпринимательства, основные компоненты, подсистемы и этапы их организации, взаимосвязи с основными технологическими процессами производства, маркетингом и распределением готовой продукции. Книга рассчитана на специалистов, занимающихся транспортировкой, переработкой, складированием грузов и организацией грузопотоков в различных отраслях экономики, а также может быть использована студентами инженерных вузов в качестве учебного пособия.
  • В. В. Доенин. Динамическая логистика транспортных процессов
    Динамическая логистика транспортных процессов
    В. В. Доенин
    В работе проведен анализ логистических проблем применительно к изменяющимся условиям, в которых реализуются транспортные процессы, вводится аналитический аппарат для описания и исследования поведения изучаемых объектов в динамических процессах передвижения по транспортным сетям с учетом возмущающих воздействий внешней среды и изменяющихся условий реализации перевозок. Рассматриваются логистические методы управления перевозками в подобных условиях.
  • А. С. Шаламов. Интегрированная логистическая поддержка наукоемкой продукции
    Интегрированная логистическая поддержка наукоемкой продукции
    А. С. Шаламов
    Излагаются научные и учебно-методические основы одного из новейших направлений в области эффективного управления эксплуатацией объектов, созданных в результате научно-технического прогресса, - интегрированной логистической поддержки (ИЛП) наукоемкой продукции. ИЛП - это организационно-технический и программно-технологический комплекс информационной и интеллектуальной поддержки принятия и реализации решений по всей совокупности процессов послепродажного обслуживания (ППО) объектов (изделий) при минимальных затратах и высоком качестве услуг и эксплуатируемой продукции. Рассматриваются вопросы анализа и проектирования элементов систем ППО на основе использования информационных технологий в соответствии с международными стандартами и математических (вероятностных) моделей процессов для оптимизации проектных параметров систем и выбора оптимальных управлений при их функционировании. Предназначена для широкого круга специалистов и научных работников и может быть использована как...

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