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  • (Foreign) Tourism Investment in the South Pacific Region
    (Foreign) Tourism Investment in the South Pacific Region
    The present thesis is focused on the subject of foreign tourism investment in the South Pacific Region with special focus on the Island of Samoa. The findings imply that the power of investments in the tourism industry of the South Pacific has to be managed and controlled to benefit from its positive repercussions. After a basic overview over Samoa and its tourism status the thesis will show detailed statistical data about visitor arrivals and patterns, leading to the main part of the dissertation where tourism investment is put under analysis. Trends and needed procedures and institutional support in finding investors will be included into the analysis, as well as governmental policy actions undertaken to favor investment based cooperation in the long run. The sustainability factor of tourism expansion influenced by tourism investment has also been analyzed and the findings show steps that the destinations will have to follow to ensure a sustainable growth and development of the...
  • 1000 причесок. Книга 4 (+ приложение)
    1000 причесок. Книга 4 (+ приложение)
    Бесплатное приложение "Технологии: 1000 причесок". Техника исполнения 30 образов. Объем: 48 страниц. Мягкая обложка
  • 200 идей для вашего ресторана. Полезные советы на каждый день
    200 идей для вашего ресторана. Полезные советы на каждый день
    У этой книги десятки авторов. Каждый из них - настоящий профес­сионал, посвятивший свою жизнь индустрии питания. Владельцы миниатюрных кафе и управляющие ресторанных сетей, руково­дители крупных холдингов и создатели небольших целевых про­ектов - все эти люди обладают бесценным опытом, полученным за годы ежедневной практической работы в отрасли. Они опробовали несметное количество идей и решений для эффективного ведения своего бизнеса, а мы отобрали самые удачные и теперь решили поде­литься ими с читателями. Построенная по принципу коллекции полезных советов, книга ста­нет надежным консультантом для всех профессионалов, которые стремятся к развитию своих заведений, заинтересованы в безупреч­ном качестве услуг, а главное, понимают, что ресторан - это не хобби, не развлечение и не привлекательный объект инвестиций, а слож­ный, многогранный и подчас совершенно непредсказуемый бизнес.
  • Ferran Adria. A Day at elbulli
    A Day at elbulli
    Ferran Adria
    A Day at elBulli: An Insight into the Ideas, Methods and Creativity of Ferran Adria is an exclusive look behind the scenes at elBulli, the best restaurant in the world, and into the mind of Ferran Adria, the most creative chef working today. It is notoriously difficult to get a table, but for the first time A Day at elBulli opens the doors of the restaurant to everyone and documents hour-by-hour the painstaking preparations that take place every day. Illustrated with over 1,200 colour photographs, the book includes insights into the history of elBulli and into the life of Ferran Adria, as well as recipes and diagrams that reveal the creative secrets behind the spectacular dishes. A Day at elBulli provides a fascinating insight into the magical and rare experience of eating at elBulli.
  • Ruamsak Veerasoontorn. A Dynamic Model of Medical Tourism
    A Dynamic Model of Medical Tourism
    Ruamsak Veerasoontorn
    Medical tourism has become one of the most rapidly growing business in the world. Although this phenomenon is not new, medical travel has existed for centuries, what is new is that patients from developed countries are seeking treatment in developing countries. To shed more light on this phenomenon, this study bases the conclusion on a comprehensive analysis of international patients who traveled to receive invasive treatment at the largest hospital in Thailand, Bumrungrad International. The findings reveal a clear underlying pattern of push and pull factors. While acute dissatisfaction with deteriorating conditions of health care, such as high cost of treatment, long waiting time, and low service quality, in developed countries is initially driving patients to seek alternative treatment abroad, sustainable medical tourism is, in deed, based on pull factors in which foreign hospitals provide a highly satisfying positive experience through organizational and service...
  • Eric Zuelow. A History of Modern Tourism
    A History of Modern Tourism
    Eric Zuelow
    Tourism is one of the largest industries in the world, yet leisure travel is more than just economically important. It plays a vital role in defining who we are by helping to place us in space and time. In so doing, it has aesthetic, medical, political, cultural, and social implications. However, it hasn't always been so. Tourism as we know it is a surprisingly modern thing, both a product of modernity and a force helping to shape it. A History of Modern Tourism is the first book to track the origins and evolution of this pursuit from earliest times to the present. From a new understanding of aesthetics to scientific change, from the invention of steam power to the creation of aircraft, from an elite form of education to family car trips to see national 'shrines,' this book offers a sweeping and engaging overview of a fascinating story not yet widely known.
  • Raghav Krishna. A Study on Effectiveness of Training Programmes at Hotel Crowne Plaza
    A Study on Effectiveness of Training Programmes at Hotel Crowne Plaza
    Raghav Krishna
    This section begins with an introduction to training and learning evaluation, including some useful learning reference models. The introduction also explains that for training evaluation to be truly effective, the training and development itself must be appropriate for the person and the situation. Good modern personal development and evaluation extend beyond the obvious skills and knowledge required for the job or organisation or qualification. Effective personal development must also consider: individual potential (natural abilities often hidden or suppressed); individual learning styles; and whole person development (life skills, in other words). Where training or teaching seeks to develop people (rather than merely being focused on a specific qualification or skill) the development must be approached on a more flexible and individual basis than in traditional paternalistic (authoritarian, prescribed) methods of design, delivery and testing. These principles apply to teaching and...
  • Arun Singh Thakur. Adventure Tourism: Concept, Segmentation and Promotion
    Adventure Tourism: Concept, Segmentation and Promotion
    Arun Singh Thakur
    Tourism is considered as one of the fastest growing industries world over. Within the industry, adventure tourism has been identified as one of the fastest growing segments, with the number of operators and tourists increasing worldwide. This book concentrates on the study of adventure tourism market segments and the promotional policies adopted for these segments. Segmenting the markets into smaller sub segments is worthwhile for the effective promotional strategies outcomes. This assumption is based upon adventure tourism meeting the general characteristics of a service, which include intangibility, simultaneity of production and consumption, inseparability, and non-standardization. Due to the Himalayan geographical structure of north India there is a great potential for the adventure tourism, but due to some reasons this region is not in the list of many adventure lovers. In present scenario only few destinations are frequently visited by adventure tourists in the region. The...
  • Maria De Mello. Alternative econometric models for the analysis of UK tourism demand
    Alternative econometric models for the analysis of UK tourism demand
    Maria De Mello
    In the context of the UK tourism demand for France, Spain and Portugal in 1969-1997, the objective of this book is to demonstrate that consistent estimates and reliable forecasts can be obtained from empirical models based on the principles of economic theory, and specified and rigorously tested within the rules of sound econometric methodology. The alternative models estimated include error-correction autoregressive distributed lag models (ARDL), static and dynamic almost ideal demand systems (AIDS) and cointegrated vector autoregressive models (VAR). The main findings that emerge from this study are the following. The diagnostic tests applied to the dynamic ARDL models provide sufficient evidence to classify them as statistically robust, structurally stable and well-defined specifications. The evidence obtained for the AIDS and VAR systems indicates them as data-coherent and theoretically-consistent models, complying with the utility maximisation hypotheses. The similarity of the...
  • Kawade Shobo Shinsha. American Hotel Interior, Designers Hotel Interior V.5
    American Hotel Interior, Designers Hotel Interior V.5
    Kawade Shobo Shinsha
  • An Introduction to Medical Tourism
    An Introduction to Medical Tourism
    As authors of this book, we realized that Medical Tourism is an evolving subject which has taken a center stage in the health care industry and thus so, needs a book which focuses on explaining the different facets of this subject including digitalization and human resource management (HRM). Also, we have used our collective experience in healthcare and human resource management in writing this book, which would help the students and the healthcare professionals in better understanding of the concept and importance of Medical Tourism.This book has six chapters and each chapter discusses in detail a particular topic of Medical Tourism. All in all, this book is structured to be teacher and student friendly in order to achieve lifelong learning.
  • Yoginder Singh. An Evaluation of Tourism Industry in Himachal Pradesh
    An Evaluation of Tourism Industry in Himachal Pradesh
    Yoginder Singh
    Tourism in pure sense a pleasure activity in which money earned in one's normal place is spent in the place visited.It involves the discreationary use of time and money.Tourism is a mode of transfer of resources from develope countries to least developed countries.Tourism is also main source of earning foreign exchange, not for the developing countries,but also for many developed countries in the world.Itis highly labour intensive industry,which offers employment to both skilled and semi-skilled persons.It also generate employment opportunities to local people.Tourism industry helps to increase the standard of living of the people.Tourism enables the country to transfer the wealth earned from one part of the country to other.Himachal Pradesh is one of the leading states in the field of tourism in india.The main strength of Himachal's tourism lies in its history,tradition,culture and scenic beauty and beautiful spots like Kullu,Manali,and Shimla. Himachal Pradesh Tourism Development...
  • Brhane Hadush. Analysis of English Language needs of tourism majoring students
    Analysis of English Language needs of tourism majoring students
    Brhane Hadush
    The result of the study shows that Tourism Management majoring students preferred spoken English to written English for the tourism real world tourism activities. Specifically, speaking and listening skills, pronunciations and vocabularies are aforementioned needs of Tourism Management majoring students for future occupation. On the other hand, speaking and reading skills are the prior needs of tourism majoring students for their academic purposes. the author recommends the present ESP courses should focus on speaking and listening skills.
  • Sylvia Sen Gupta. Archaeological sites of Delhi and their relation to tourism
    Archaeological sites of Delhi and their relation to tourism
    Sylvia Sen Gupta
    This research study has been undertaken in the state of Delhi regarding archaeological sites and their relation to tourism.It provides history of archeological sites of the states and relationship between archeological sites and tourism along with positives and negatives impact. Archaeological sites have relationship with tourism because the monuments in the true sense are the flag -bearer of the India's cultural heritage.It creats many positive and negative impact on economic ,political,social and environmental condition of the country.Further ,analysis has been made pertaining to tourist flow both domestic and international in the state of Delhi. This study will help the researcher and planner of the country.Information given in this report will also help the domestic and foreign tourist to set their tour programmer in Delhi.
  • Inglis, K. Asian Bar and Restaurant Design
    Asian Bar and Restaurant Design
    Inglis, K
  • Assessment of Trainees'' Placement Practices in Hotel and Tourism Sector
    Assessment of Trainees'' Placement Practices in Hotel and Tourism Sector
    Hotel and Tourism is one of the most flourishing industries in Ethiopia. This industry need competent, well trained and skilled workforce to provide appropriate service to their customers efficiently. The main sources of competent and skilled workforce are Technical and Vocational Education and Training (TVET) colleges. The TVET Colleges in order to produce skilled and motivated workforce for the industry, they have to placed or selected the trainees based on their interests for the Hotel and Tourism sector. However, the majority of the Hotel and Tourism sector trainees are not placed according to their interest in the sector. If the trainees are not placed according to their interest in this sector, they will not be employee at all in the industry or they will not be effective in their workplace after graduation. Therefore; this book provides important information to the TVET colleges and other officials while they place the TVET trainees into Hotel and Tourism...
  • Imogen Edwards-Jones, Anonymous. Beach Babylon
    Beach Babylon
    Imogen Edwards-Jones, Anonymous
    How does it feel to live and work in the world's most beautiful and luxurious tropical island resort, surrounded by white sandy beaches and aquamarine seas? How does it feel to be in the lap of luxury when you're thousands of miles from anywhere else? And when the guests are some of the richest and most demanding people in the world, where do you find the energy every day to smile, smile and smile again? Beach Babylon takes you behind the scenes at a five-star tropical island resort. Do all the stories which take place behind the closed doors of the exclusive spa have happy endings? What do the world's richest people expect from room service during their fortnight in paradise? What does the windsurfing instructor do to keep sane after hours? In the bestselling tradition of her previous Babylon books, Imogen Edwards-Jones investigates the rivalries and alliances between the staff at a resort where pandering to the guests' most extravagant whims is de rigueur. With a...
  • BEST of Кристоф Мишалак
    BEST of Кристоф Мишалак
    Кристоф Мишалак - ныне один из самых модных и популярных парижских кондитеров. Он начинал в ниццком отеле "Негреско", затем работал в знаменитом "Фошоне" под началом Пьера Эрме, потом в парижской кондитерской "Ладюре". Почти 15 лет он на должности шеф-кондитера в легендарном отеле "Плаза Атене" и работает совместно с Аленом Дюкассом. В 2005 году Кристоф Мишалак стал первым на всемирном конкурсе кондитеров. В книге из серии Вesf Of представлены наиболее популярные рецепты Кристофа, разложенные на технологические этапы для удобства начинающих кондитеров.
  • Bulgaria - Tourism Higher Education
    Bulgaria - Tourism Higher Education
    In 1965, there was opened the first Department of Economics and Organization of Tourism in Bulgaria with a 4.5 academic year program. During the years of the socialist period many Bulgarian and foreign students graduated tourism major. Their interest was based on the philosophy of training which provides knowledge not only for the economy and tourism management in a centralized planned economy, but also for the market economy, international environment and skills needed to understand international conditions for tourism development. From the early period of democracy (1989) tourism education system in Bulgaria is generally concerned with its legal division into high school professions and university specialties (faculties). From 1997 Bulgaria adopted the classical approach for the academic levels of higher education and implemented the European Credit Transfer and Accumulation System (ECTS). The Assessment of the current situation of higher education in tourism in Bulgaria is based on...
  • Murphy. Business of Resort Management
    Business of Resort Management

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