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  • 100 книжных аукционов Маши Чапкиной
    100 книжных аукционов Маши Чапкиной
    За минувшие 20 лет М.Я.Чапкина провела более ста книжных аукционов, которые явно изменили привычный уклад столичной книготорговли: на них было продано более 30 000 лотов - книг, автографов, гравюр, плакатов, фотографий и т.п. Каждый лот на аукционах был подробно описан Марией Яковлевной, и теперь этот кладезь знаний - хотя бы в своей малой части - становится доступным широкой публике. Заодно можно проследить за ростом цен - как во время самого аукциона, так и на протяжении двадцати лет.
  • John Highhouse. A Guide For Telecommunications Cable Splicing
    A Guide For Telecommunications Cable Splicing
    John Highhouse
    Spanning a broad range of topics from cable history and elementary color code to cable throws and fiber optics, no single resource provides as much information in such a concise volume. All aspects of the splicer's job are covered including both modern cables and materials from the past. Aerial, buried and underground cables are discussed as well as tagging and toning pulp and PIC cables. How-to's and hints from professional splicers are included.
  • Jayanta Dutta and A. Mitra. A Study on District–wise Agricultural Development in West Bengal
    A Study on District–wise Agricultural Development in West Bengal
    Jayanta Dutta and A. Mitra
    This study aimed at viewing regional disparity within the state of West Bengal, India, over a long span. The study attempted to examine the pattern of relative changes in agricultural development across districts between two sub–periods. ‘Agricultural Development Index’ has been constructed in different methods. Ranking Method and Weighted Composite Indexing Method have been used to construct the index besides Principal Component Analysis. The study tries to locate the prime factors associated with the level of agricultural development. Conceiving the multidimensional agricultural development space, we have limited our measurements on development as well as disparity to twenty important indicators. Suggestions on some policy measures for minimizing regional disparity in West Bengal have been advocated in the study.
  • Srdjan Lalic. Accounting of Agricultural Holdings in the Vat System
    Accounting of Agricultural Holdings in the Vat System
    Srdjan Lalic
    The accounting of our rural households is becoming more and more prevalent and common. In the new system of registration of agricultural households, where the commercial ones have a completely different treatment, this question becomes even more popular. Mission and purpose of accounting of agricultural enterprises is to collect data on the state and behavior of all the elements of the agricultural business system, and that turns them into information. Business events accounted for enterprises engaged in agricultural activities is much more specific compared to classic industrial, service and other companies, which is partly the result of specific agricultural production in general, but also the character of the individual, primarily property position (balance sheet assets) in agricultural companies that require specific accounting treatment. The agricultural sector is a key sector in the economic development of many countries, particularly less developed countries and countries in...
  • Kenneth Yegoh. Accessibility to Agricultural Credit by Grain Growers in Kenya
    Accessibility to Agricultural Credit by Grain Growers in Kenya
    Kenneth Yegoh
    Indeed credit is a very crucial factor in the development of any sector of the economy. With proper policies in place that guides how credit can be disbursed to deserving cases, then meaningful development can be realized. This book has identified the problems that impede entrepreneurs from accessing credit in Kenya from time to time. The book will benefit both Undergraduate and Postgraduate students studying Economics in Universities. Also the policy makers, Ministry of Agriculture, Farmers and banking industry fraternity will utilize this book in their daily endeavours.
  • Tarek Ahmed, PhD, PE. Advanced Reservoir Engineering
    Advanced Reservoir Engineering
    Tarek Ahmed, PhD, PE
    Advanced Reservoir Engineering
  • David J. Comer, Donald T. Comer. Advanced Electronic Circuit Design
    Advanced Electronic Circuit Design
    David J. Comer, Donald T. Comer
    Description: Building on Fundamentals of Electronics Circuit Design, David and Donald Comers new text, Advanced Electronic Circuit Design, extends their highly focused, applied approach into the second and third semesters of the electronic circuitdesign sequence. This new text covers more advanced topics such as oscillators, power stages, digital/analog converters, and communications circuits such as mixers, and detectors. The text also includes technologies that are emerging. Advanced Electronic Circuit Design focuses exclusively on MOSFET and BJT circuits, allowing students to explore the fundamental methods of electronic circuit analysis and design in greater depth. Each type of circuit is first introduced without reference to the type of device used for implementation. This initial discussion of general principles establishes a firm foundation on which to proceed to circuits using the actual devices. Features: 1. Provides concise coverage of several...
  • Susanta Kumar Barik. Agriculture Export Zone (AEZ) Through Contract Farming Approach
    Agriculture Export Zone (AEZ) Through Contract Farming Approach
    Susanta Kumar Barik
    The globalization of Indian agriculture in recent years resulted in the need for the production of export-oriented quality products having comparative advantage. In the context of internal developments i.e dismantling of system of quantitative restrictions by WTO, contract farming could be one of the best solutions which may decrease the polarization of rich and poor and thus encourage Indian farmers to compete with the very large, rich and highly indirect subsidized western farmers. Contract farming can indeed be a vehicle for the modernization of agriculture in India. It can be a means to bring about a market focus to Indian farming. The study is also significant due to the involvement of government as well as offering sufficient margin of benefit for under taking farming on a PPP mode. The study will offer a valid modus operandi and logical-frame work where the parties involved would be in a win-win situation. Last but not the least, the study will be a very good analytical source...
  • Most Nilufa Khatun and Abul Bashar. Agricultural Credit Market in Bangladesh
    Agricultural Credit Market in Bangladesh
    Most Nilufa Khatun and Abul Bashar
    Most of the farmers of Bangladesh are small land holders with or without small savings and living below poverty line. They have hardly ability to adopt modern technology to boost up food production in order to feed the growing population. Hence, the farmers in general and marginal, small and tenant farmers in particular, need adequate financial assistance from external sources. The gradual expansion of institutional network (Grameen bank and hundreds of other national, international and local based NGOs) in remote village areas of the country have contributed positively to shrinking the undesirable influence of informal credit sources on rural people. However, non-institutional sources of credit are still likely to play a dominant role in distributing credit especially in remote areas as before in the country. The present study will provide some factual information regarding credit structure, amount of credit received, mode of credit use and repayment behavior of the farmers. It would...
  • Yasir Mehmood. Agricultural Credit: Impact Assessment
    Agricultural Credit: Impact Assessment
    Yasir Mehmood
    Agricultural credit is considered as a vital determinant in growth and development of the agricultural sector of the nation’s economy. Its timely disbursement and proper utilization helps to achieve sustained growth of the sector. In present study multiple regression analysis were carried out to investigate the effect of credit and other inputs on the yield of wheat and rice crops. The results of analysis showed that, credit plays decisive role in increasing the production capacity of agricultural sector by enhancing the role of well equipped farmers in production process. Furthermore, it has been observed that the commercial banks credit schemes put a positive effect on the income of the growers and also plays effective role in the development and enhancing the livelihood of the people. It is expected that this book will serve as a useful text for the policy makers, researchers, government & private sector agencies, in designing their policies and procedures and carry out their...
  • Debashis Mallick. Agricultural Development and Demographic Change
    Agricultural Development and Demographic Change
    Debashis Mallick
    The consequences Of Green Revolution have been shown in this study to be important for demographic changes, particularly for birth rates. An effort has been made here to establish the various influences of agricultural development and some socio-economic-demographic factors in fertility. Agricultural development with its accompanying socio-economic changes was able to change the perceived benefit-cost matrix in respect of number of children from the point of view of rural parents leading them to choose a significantly smaller family size over the years. By and large, the exercise seems to fit quite well with the expected behavioural framework of the theory of household, which highlights female education, female employment and a continuation of technological transformation of Indian agriculture as potential areas for policy regarding fertility control. This book should help shed light on the complex relationship between population growth and economic change and should be of interest...
  • Shakti Kumar. Agricultural Trade Liberalisation in South Asia and WANA
    Agricultural Trade Liberalisation in South Asia and WANA
    Shakti Kumar
    This Book is very much useful for Policy makers with political advocacy, researchers, students and traders, especially who are interested in knowing about the impact of the policy implementd by the World Trade Organisation (WTO) on the agriculture especially in the region of the South Asia, West Asia and North Africa (WANA). South Asia and WANA countries were worried of food securities problems created by world price fluctuations through reduction in tariff, domestic supports and export subsidies provided to agricultural commodities in the international markets. But in the real sense, agricultural trade liberalization not only increased the exports of traditional agricultural commodities but also encouraged export of food processed products which reduced food security problems.
  • Vennapu Rajendra Prasad. Agriculture and Horticulture Practices of Primitive Tribal Groups
    Agriculture and Horticulture Practices of Primitive Tribal Groups
    Vennapu Rajendra Prasad
    The scheduled tribe groups in India are identified as primitive races and we find the stages of food gathering, hunting and fishing, farming, etc. among the Indian tribes. Major part of the tribal population is illiterate and cut off from the civilized world, they generally carry out production without adequate technological aids with the result that there is much loss of material with very little production. Their methods and implements of cultivation, hunting and fishing are very primitive. They do not know anything about trade and commerce. Hence the economic status of Indian tribes is very much backward. In this book an attempt has been made to know the agriculture and horticulture practices of select PTGs of Visakhapatnam and Srikakulam with the help of economic indicators like extent of cropping pattern, fallow land, intensity of cropping, crop yields, gross value of agricultural productivity and shifting of cultivation. This book is more useful for all kind of persons in the...
  • Donald S. Passman. All You Need To Know About The Music Business
    All You Need To Know About The Music Business
    Donald S. Passman
    The past two decades have seen file-sharing technology and digital streaming services transform the music business from top to bottom, and the changes keep coming at breakneck speed. How are record labels adapting to the demand for instantly accessible, low-cost music while coping with piracy? And what does it all mean for aspiring and established artists today? Donald Passman, one of the most trusted music lawyers in the country, offers his sage advice for creating, selling, sharing, and protecting your music in the Information Age in this updated eighth edition of ALL YOU NEED TO KNOW ABOUT THE MUSIC BUSINESS. Called "the industry bible" by the Los Angeles Times, Passman's comprehensive guide - which has sold hundreds of thousands of copies over the past twenty years - draws on his unparalleled experience and up-to-the-minute knowledge of industry trends.
  • Gbadebo Odularu. An Analysis of ECOWAS - EU Agricultural Trade Flows
    An Analysis of ECOWAS - EU Agricultural Trade Flows
    Gbadebo Odularu
    ECOWAS–EU agricultural trade flows are driven by a significant number of inter-related economic, social and political factors. Some of these factors include, inter alia, the level and nature of support and protection provided to agriculture in both ECOWAS and EU member states; the increasing prominence of technical regulations, private standards and other sanitary and phyto-sanitary (SPS) measures; and lack of capacities to strengthen agricultural systems in ECOWAS members. These factors are mostly and naturally external to ECOWAS-member countries, though they have far reaching implications for their changing trade patterns, which will determine the effectiveness of their agricultural trade and development policy interventions.A thorough understanding of these factors is, therefore, critical in the light of the strategic role that agriculture plays within the Comprehensive Africa Agriculture Development Programme(CAADP) and the sub-regional ECOWAP Frameworks on one hand; and the...
    Jackson Echoka
    ANALYSIS OF DETERMINANTS OF AGRICULTURAL CREDIT PERFORMANCE IN KENYA: THE CASE OF AGRICULTURAL FINANCE CORPORATION, UASIN GISHU DISTRICT By JACKSON OPATI ECHOKA STUDENT NUMBER A56/P/8436/2006 is A Masters Thesis Submitted to The University of Nairobi, Department of Agricultural Economics In Partial Fulfillment of the requirements for the Award of the Degree Of Master of Science, Agricultural and Applied Economics JUNE 2010.
  • Majlinda Cakalli. Apraising the Externalities of Agriculture and Related Activities
    Apraising the Externalities of Agriculture and Related Activities
    Majlinda Cakalli
    Shkodra/Skadar Lake is the largest natural, shallow (mean depth 5m), freshwater lake of tectonic-karst origin in the Balkan region. It is a trans-boundary wetland due to the Lake’s complex freshwater ecosystem, associated wetlands, floodplains, and karstic features provide valuable environmental benefits to surrounding communities (e.g. fisheries, drinking water, recreation), and contribute to national and regional economic and cultural assets. It is beyond argument that the issue of safeguarding the biodiversity and the landscape of Shkodra/Skadar Lake is inseparable from farming as the performance of this latter is primarily dependent on the status of natural resources and at the same time affects the surrounding environment, the diversity and stability of natural ecosystems. On the other hand, rural people in this Region have to make their living principally from agriculture in the future, too. This study attempts for the first time to evaluate the externalities of agriculture and...
  • Bootleg The Rise & Fall (Heylin)
    Bootleg The Rise & Fall (Heylin)
    Bootleg The Rise & Fall (Heylin)
  • Markus Sebastian Braun. Bookshops: Long Established and the Most Fashionable
    Bookshops: Long Established and the Most Fashionable
    Markus Sebastian Braun
    In the era of e-books and online trade when the classic book trade has come under increasing pressure, the success of a bookshop is not a foregone conclusion. Booksellers confront these new challenges with very different economic strategies and conceptual measures. Spatial concepts, furnishings and design are indispensable ingredients of a successful sales strategy for newer as well as more tradition steeped bookstores. People like to linger - and buy - where they feel comfortable. This volume is dedicated to the 35 most beautiful bookstores in the world. The old and the new, classical and innovative, giant stores and paradises in miniature for bibliophiles: What they all have in common is that they create a desire for books and prove that the bookshop as institution will always fulfil a need and without a doubt enjoys a future.
  • Waqar Akram and ZAKIR HUSSAIN. Constraint’s Analysis of Agricultural Credit Use in Pakistan
    Constraint’s Analysis of Agricultural Credit Use in Pakistan
    Waqar Akram and ZAKIR HUSSAIN
    The study analyzed the constraints faced by the farmers to rural credit by utilizing two household level data sets. The first survey Pakistan Rural Household Survey (PRHS) 2001 was utilized to study the purpose, source structure and utilization of rural credit and; the second which covered nearly 160 households from Sargodha District 2007 was used to calculate the demand and interest rate function by applying Heckman two stage procedures. The focus of this study was to find out the affect of credit constraints of institutional credit on consumption and production pattern of the rural farm households. After measuring the probability of being constrained used to study affect on consumption pattern of farmers who were credit constraint. The frontier production function was used to study the affect of credit constrained and un-constrained farmers. The study will help to make the policy makers to make a well structured policy for the credit-constrained farmers. This will ultimately used as...

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