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  • Velavan M.,Suriyamurthi S. and Sivasubramanian J.. A Study On Marketing Strategy With Reference To E-commerce
    A Study On Marketing Strategy With Reference To E-commerce
    Velavan M.,Suriyamurthi S. and Sivasubramanian J.
    The text is designed to cater to the need of the students, as well as the research people of on line trade and Economics, by giving a good understanding of the subject and its applications. This new edition seeks to enhance the coverage of the book and update it by including new statistical techniques.It makes the book more comprehensive and incorporates the changes that have incurred in the field of Banking and Management in India as well as the world. The purpose of this book is to clarify concepts of the E-Commerce and at the same time relate them to those examples which rendered the text meaningful to the reader. The book has been written for the student as well as the researcher in the field of Banking and Management, both of whom need to have good understanding of the subject and its applications
  • Abdul-Azeez Emmanuel. Adoption of E-commerce in Nigerian Businesses
    Adoption of E-commerce in Nigerian Businesses
    Abdul-Azeez Emmanuel
    The emergence of e-commerce is changing many traditional ways of doing business and there are lots of success story regarding e-commerce in developed countries. These successes have prompted governments and business organizations in developing countries including Nigeria to step up their effort in the adoption and use of e-commerce technology. The rapid rise of e-commerce has brought with it a large amount of e-commerce business models which are more easy to implement, run, and profit-oriented. With these rapid changes in business environment and processes, it has become paramount for traditional businesses to move along with time by changing their business model in order to remain relevant and competitive in this modern time. The aim of this research is to examine various e-commerce business models and recommend one that fits into the business processes of Richbol Environmental Services, and device a way(s) in which it can be implemented. In other words, focus is on the change...
  • Rashmi Bansal. An Overview Of The Status Of Electronic Commerce In India
    An Overview Of The Status Of Electronic Commerce In India
    Rashmi Bansal
    India with a population of over 1.2 billion,is the largest democracy. During the past decade, it has witnessed fast economic growth emerging as a global player with the world’s fourth largest economy in purchasing power parity terms and made progress towards achieving most of the millenium development goals.Despite many unfavorable factors, India has some strengths also.For example, it has a well-developed financial market that can channelize the financial resources to good use. Being the second most populous country of the world, it derives substantial advantage from its huge consumer market size (ranked 3rd) that allows economies of scale and attracts investments. In view of this, India attracts foreign investors in good number, which is likely to increase further due to the recent decision of the Central Government to allow FDI in multi-brand retail. All these factors have direct bearing on e-commerce. In this book, author has tried to analyse various aspects that are likely...
  • Sharon Deane. ASP Made Simple
    ASP Made Simple
    Sharon Deane
    ASP Made Simple
  • Ali Ghorbani and Mohammad Ali Sarlak. Barriers of E-commerce Acceptance in Export
    Barriers of E-commerce Acceptance in Export
    Ali Ghorbani and Mohammad Ali Sarlak
    The 21th Century is an electronica era. The life is moving toward virtualization in this era of time. At this condition, businesses are acting globally. If a businesses’ doesn't apply this opportunity and doesn't move toward e-commerce; it will convert to a serious threat! For preventing this event, the infrastructures of e-commerce implementation must be provided and its barriers must be identified. This causes the facilitating of globalization.This book is a Meta analysis for identifying the barriers of e-commerce acceptance and its implementation in export companies in the three category (3C) model. In addition to the discussions about e-commerce and export concepts’, this investigates the effects of export on the impressions taken from E-Commerce. This book helps SMEs to eliminate e-commerce barriers and to provide infrastructure for thinking and acting globally. The practical suggestions are provided to companies. Also the mentioned models, theories, and processes of e-commerce...
    Internet and e-commerce use for export marketing enables export firms to reach the mass and ensure profitability as it removes all geographical constraints, permits the instant establishment of virtual branches throughout the world, and allows direct and immediate foreign market entry to the smallest of businesses. Today''s business life revolves around the internet and has made it compulsory for export firms to use and not an option to consider. However this is not the case of the wood export firms in Ghana. The purpose of the thesis is to describe the Ghana wood industry, the internet, and e-commerce (with emphasis on business-to-business e- commerce), and explore the barriers the firms in this industry face in using e-commerce and discuss about the way forward for these firms. The theoretical part reviews the Ghana wood industry, defines the internet and e-commerce, and provides guidelines and understanding of internet marketing in electronic marketplaces. The...
  • Jackie Sherman. Basic Computer Skills Made Simple XP Version
    Basic Computer Skills Made Simple XP Version
    Jackie Sherman
    Basic Computer Skills Made Simple XP Version
  • Gerald Antonette. CD#2 Understanding ePurchasingPlus
    CD#2 Understanding ePurchasingPlus
    Gerald Antonette
    The series of 10 CDs use the book as a basis and add the presenters personal experiences and additional information. The CDs are in a narrated slide format. CD #2 Understanding ePurchasingPlus provides an overview of the entire process we call ePurchasingPlus. It - defines the term ePurchasingPlus - explains each of the 4 components 1. process changes 2. use of technology tools 3. integration and data 4. plus (strategy, skills & activities) and then - provides a summary of several etools internet portals collaboration supplier relationship management (SRM) strategic sourcing software sourcing optimization software reverse auctions eSignatures Other CDs go into detail on the 4 components and etools.
  • Sue Mosher. Configuring Microsoft Outlook 2003
    Configuring Microsoft Outlook 2003
    Sue Mosher
    Configuring Microsoft Outlook 2003
  • Kieran McCorry. Connecting Microsoft Exchange Server
    Connecting Microsoft Exchange Server
    Kieran McCorry
    Connecting Microsoft Exchange Server
  • Anura Guruge. Corporate Portals Empowered with XML and Web Services
    Corporate Portals Empowered with XML and Web Services
    Anura Guruge
    Corporate Portals Empowered with XML and Web Services
  • Thomas Redman. Data Quality
    Data Quality
    Thomas Redman
    Data Quality
  • Robert Charles Metzger. Debugging by Thinking
    Debugging by Thinking
    Robert Charles Metzger
    Debugging by Thinking
  • Developing E-commerce application with Enhanced security level
    Developing E-commerce application with Enhanced security level
    This research discuses the mechanism of developing E-commerce application with enhance security level through combined access control methods with cryptography function (message digest five) , the main purpose of developing multidisciplinary security system expected is to increase the level of confidentiality percentage for the final E-commerce application. Security is concerned with the privacy of the database tables whether the data is saved against eavesdropping, or theft of information from server, and also theft of data from client. Hence the depth of discussing the components of E-commerce security is based on smart card securityissues. The problem of protecting the application through the internet environment against threats that comes from hackers and confidentiality has also been discussed.
  • Dean A. Gratton. Developing Practical Wireless Applications
    Developing Practical Wireless Applications
    Dean A. Gratton
    Developing Practical Wireless Applications
  • Brendan Murphy. Dreamweaver 4 Made Simple
    Dreamweaver 4 Made Simple
    Brendan Murphy
    Dreamweaver 4 Made Simple
  • Brahm Canzer, John Abbott College. E-Business: Strategic Thinking and Practice
    E-Business: Strategic Thinking and Practice
    Brahm Canzer, John Abbott College
    Canzer's comprehensive approach to e-business centers on four key areas of strategic planning: technology, management, marketing, and finance. In clear contrast to other texts that overlook both management and finance, Canzer offers a concise introduction ideal for e-business courses or principles of marketing and management courses. He offers a balanced presentation of theory and strategy with examples that illustrate how organizations implement plans in the real business world. E-Business accommodates interactive learning opportunities at the textbook web site, including online assignments such as cases and group projects from the author's own class (added each semester). The text focuses on what students need to know about developing, managing, and maintaining a successful e-business instead of the technical logistics of setting up a site. Examples and cases that involve today's most notable e-businesses?such as IBM, Microsoft, Sun Microsystems,...
  • Shohreh Nikoonejad and Mehdi Mohammadi Poorangi. E-Commerce Adoption In SME's
    E-Commerce Adoption In SME's
    Shohreh Nikoonejad and Mehdi Mohammadi Poorangi
    In the present era, competition has become tough and unpredictable. Consequently, all organizations, regardless of their size and scope of operation, are facing severe competitive challenges. Accordingly, managers use advanced technology such as e-commerce in their organizations to cope with these challenges quickly and effectively. The present book operates on exploring and explaining different dimensions of e-commerce adoption among SMEs based on the Five Factors of Diffusion of Innovation Model by Rogers.
  • E-commerce Hindrances in Palestine
    E-commerce Hindrances in Palestine
    Palestine is one of the developing countries that have recently realized the benefits of E-commerce(EC), but several barriers are impeding its adoption there. This book highlights the major barriers to EC adoption in Palestine using a TOE framework, the model of innovation resistance, and other related theories such as diffusion of innovation (DOI). An online survey collected data from 161 business owners in Palestine, and the model has tested through structural equation modeling (SEM) to analyze the survey respondents. The study has found that the occupation restrictions and the political factors as the major barriers that prevent the adoption of ecommerce in Palestine, while it has found that some barriers have weakly affected the adoption or had no influence such as perceived financial losses. It is expected that this research will benefit many parties in Palestine, by being the first of its kind to tackle the occupation’s impact on EC in Palestine, and by avoiding such barriers by...
  • Silvija Kalpokaite and Tadas Sarapovas. E-COMMERCE SUCCESS FACTORS OF B2C
    Silvija Kalpokaite and Tadas Sarapovas
    This book presents a research that seeks to reveal the factors contributing to B2C e-commerce success from the Lithuanian and Danish perspectives. The main aim of the research is to analyze B2C e-commerce performance and determine its success factors. B2C e-commerce decisions and success depend on country and sector specific situation. However, this dependence is not very high and is mainly based on external factors such as market size, maturity, online shopping prevalence, education level, buying culture, etc. Experts present B2C e-commerce success as a complex process which incorporates a number of important factors, and orientation or improvement of only one activity can''t lead online retailer to success. As the most important groups of factors the research distinguished the appropriate initial preparation and value creation for consumers. Despite the limitations, this research can be the background for further exploration of peoples'' buying culture and value in online shopping....

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