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  • Simon Veksner. 100 Ideas that Changed Advertising
    100 Ideas that Changed Advertising
    Simon Veksner
    100 Ideas that Changed Advertising
  • Advertising Effectiveness Of Straight Versus Dramatic Ads
    Advertising Effectiveness Of Straight Versus Dramatic Ads
    Advertising Effectiveness of straight versus dramatic ads of perishable consumer products presented in visual medium to young adults- Males and Females. The investigation was a laboratory experiment,(involving 2*2 Factorial Design). The advertising effectiveness was measured by "An Index of Advertising Effectiveness". Two-way ANOVA was used to verify the truthfulness or falsity of the research hypotheses set before hand.
  • Advertising for People Who Don't Like Advertising
    Advertising for People Who Don't Like Advertising
    This is a book by a company that dislikes advertising as much as anyone. Nevertheless, it makes adverts. It has worked with global brands to produce fashion collections and promoted a town with a mass wedding. It creates advertising with more human, truthful communications. The company's name is KesselsKramer. This book describes how to make something you like out of something you don't. As well as drawing on its own experiences, KesselsKramer listens and learns from those who doubt the advertising industry. Stefan Sagmeister explains how quitting work makes you better at working; Hans Aarsman discusses authenticity in image-making; and Alex Bogusky looks at ways to help capitalism grow up. Advertising for People Who Don't Like Advertising is partly a creative handbook and partly an attempt to make the world a very slightly better place. It's intended for anyone who has ever hated a web banner or zapped an ad break.
  • David Bernstein. Advertising Outdoors: Watch This Space!
    Advertising Outdoors: Watch This Space!
    David Bernstein
    This book focuses on the history and development of outdoor advertising since the beginning of the nineteenth century. The author examines the rise of `commercial art', the development of advertising as a discipline and an industry and the role it plays in modern life, also making direct reference to examples of successful advertising campaigns. Specific chapters feature such diverse subjects as: the `rules' of the poster and the demands of outdoors; the development of a brand identity; the relationship of text and image; the case for wit and humour; and the future of the poster in multimedia campaigns.
  • John Strachan. Advertising and Satirical Culture in the Romantic Period
    Advertising and Satirical Culture in the Romantic Period
    John Strachan
    Advertising, which developed in the late eighteenth century as an increasingly sophisticated and widespread form of brand marketing, would seem a separate world from that of the "literature" of its time. Yet satirists and parodists were influenced by and responded to advertising, while copywriters borrowed from the wider literary culture, especially through poetical advertisements and comic imitation. This 2007 study to pays sustained attention to the cultural resonance and literary influences of advertising in the late eighteenth and early nineteenth centuries. John Strachan addresses the many ways in which literary figures including George Crabbe, Lord Byron and Charles Dickens responded to the commercial culture around them. With its many fascinating examples of contemporary advertisements read against literary texts, this study combines an intriguing approach to the literary culture of the day with an examination of the cultural impact of its commercial language.
  • Advertising: Approaching the Right Market & Its Practical Application
    Advertising: Approaching the Right Market & Its Practical Application
    Over the last few years, the consumption market has been changing as it never has. The market is more diverse now and advertisers are in need of finding new approaches to reach out an always changing market. This book contemplates two chapters. The first chapter contains theoretical information and real life scenarios showing trends that final customers are nowadays adapting to their lives. The second chapter presents a study concerning market selection and target approach in a diverse scenario. This book will help as a useful source to understand the market and its development through time and should be specially useful to professionals in Advertising, Communications, Marketing, Research, or any related field.
  • Warren Berger. Advertising Today
    Advertising Today
    Warren Berger
  • Advertising Photography in Japan 2007
    Advertising Photography in Japan 2007
  • Kevin Reagan, Steven Heller. Alex Steinweiss: The Inventor of the Modern Album Cover
    Alex Steinweiss: The Inventor of the Modern Album Cover
    Kevin Reagan, Steven Heller
    Alex Steinweiss invented the album cover as we know it. In 1940, as Columbia Records' young new art director, he pitched an idea: Why not replace the standard plain brown wrapper with an eye-catching illustration? The company took a chance, and within months its record sales increased by over 800 per cent. Over the next three decades, Steinweiss made thousands of original artworks for classical, jazz, and popular record covers for Columbia, Decca, London, and Everest; as well as logos, labels, advertising material, even his own typeface, the Steinweiss Scrawl. His daring designs, gathered here in all their bright combinations of bold typography with modern, elegant illustration, revolutionized the way music was sold.
  • Assessing the Relative Performance of Online Advertising Media
    Assessing the Relative Performance of Online Advertising Media
    Online marketing campaigns are the big trend in today’s advertising world. The obvious advantages of online ad media – low costs, multiple tracking options and better segmentation -, are forcing marketing managers to re-allocate big portions of their advertisement budgets from traditional offline marketing media to online ad campaigns. Several digital communication channels are suitable for online advertising, each serving different communication goals - awareness, engagement, traffic generation, lead generation and sales conversion – according to the overall brand strategy. Yet, which channel or mix of channels should advertisers or marketing agencies employ in order to best achieve its communication goals is something that still remains highly unclear. This is particularly true for advertising markets outside the USA.
  • Beyond Advertising: Communication
    Beyond Advertising: Communication
  • Yoram (Jerry) Wind,Catharine Findiesen Hays. Beyond Advertising: Creating Value Through All Customer Touchpoints
    Beyond Advertising: Creating Value Through All Customer Touchpoints
    Yoram (Jerry) Wind,Catharine Findiesen Hays
    Why Do CEOs Recommend Beyond Advertising? "If you need to convince others that it is time for a fresh look at the role Marketing should play in your company, hand out this book." David C. Edelman, Global Co??“Leader, McKinsey Digital, Marketing and Sal
  • Sanabra, P. Big Format Advertising
    Big Format Advertising
    Sanabra, P
    Big Format Advertising
  • Colour Management for Logos
    Colour Management for Logos
    Offers suggestions for working within budgetary constraints, and illustrates how colour combinations can enhance a logo design. This work shows how to communicate with and manage colour in the various aspects of logo design, from issues of impact and lifestyle message, emotional responses to colour, and technical considerations.
  • Consumer Perception Towards Advertisement Related To Cosmetic Goods
    Consumer Perception Towards Advertisement Related To Cosmetic Goods
    Consumer perception towards Advertisement related to cosmetic goods: A comparative study of working and non-working women in Punjab. The purpose of the study is to analyses the influence of advertisements on the buying behavior and the attitude of the respondent regarding the overall impact of advertisements on consumer’s perception. This study shows that the respondent interpolated in this survey belongs to diverse backgrounds which increase the scope of future study. The current study, also appraises the economic and financial factors necessary for the purchase of goods. In countries like India, which is believed to be the swiftest growing market for cosmetology, advertisement plays a powerful role in determining the consumption of products. Since any publicity is good publicity, therefore, all the mediums used by advertising agencies be it the brand value or the celebrity attached to it, add up a good member of consumers.
  • Mario Pricken. Creative Advertising
    Creative Advertising
    Mario Pricken
    What makes an advertisement hard-hitting and memorable? Unravelling the creative processes behind some of the most effective campaigns of recent years, this new edition of Creative Advertising showcases over 200 examples of international advertising from a wide range of media. All brilliantly demonstrate a fascinating range of approaches, including ways of visualizing concepts, the art of illusion and paradox, the use of metaphor and analogy, and the deployment of shock tactics and humour. Entertaining and inspirational, this remains a vital book for all designers, art directors, copywriters and students of advertising in fact, for anyone who makes a living from good ideas and for whom creativity is the key qualification.
  • Miriam Sorrentino. Creative Advertising: An Introduction
    Creative Advertising: An Introduction
    Miriam Sorrentino
    Creative Advertising: An Introduction
  • Cultural Influences on Perceptions of Standardisation of Advertising
    Cultural Influences on Perceptions of Standardisation of Advertising
    Despite the long-term discussions about standardisation and adaptation of international advertising, problems of how to measure and evaluate the degree of advertising standardisation still exist. Most of the current approaches view this matter from the marketers' and companies' perspective. This study examines and investigates the degree of standardisation of advertising campaigns from both the companies' and the consumers' viewpoint and is based on international research. A methodology is presented to assess the degree of standardisation by conducting an extensive case study using both qualitative and quantitative research methods. Consumers from three different countries around the world (USA, United Kingdom and Greece) were asked to give their personal views by completing online questionnaires in order to evaluate the different perceptual values of consumers from each specific country concerning standardised or adapted advertising. The analysis should help shed light on the...
  • Effects of InGame-Advertising within a strategy computer game
    Effects of InGame-Advertising within a strategy computer game
    An auspicious opportunity for advertising companies arises out of the growing market for video games. Based on a real-time strategy computer game, this study assessed whether advertisements, implemented in four different versions of a custom-made World in Conflict: Soviet Assault mission as pure product and/or plot placement created after the advertising effect model by Kroeber-Riel, have an effect. Brand recall data, gathered with recall and recognition methods and evaluated by an analysis of variances, showed significant effects. Contrary, expected differences in brand recall – based on the use of pure product or plot placement – could not be verified. Furthermore, plot placement interactions did not correlate with the brand recall and no change in behavior could be detected.
  • Effectiveness of Health Drink Advertisements on Children
    Effectiveness of Health Drink Advertisements on Children
    The book presents a study which aims to find whether health drink advertisements are effective in children i.e., does watching health drink advertisements result in children buying the product? A random sample of 250 students, both boys and girls, rated ‘Effectiveness of Health Drink Advertisements'' on a 5-point rating scale and a standard questionnaire for locus of control measure on a 7-point rating scale. Statistical tools like Chi-Square, t-test, percentile analysis, correlation, mean and standard deviation were used for analysing the data. The result reveals effectiveness of health drink advertisements on children and falls in the ‘Good Advertisement'' category. Very low degree of positive correlation between effectiveness of health drink advertisements and locus of control is seen. The result also reveals external locus of control existing in the respondents.

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