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  • 1000 способов шрифтового дизайна
    1000 способов шрифтового дизайна
    Способность дизайнера грамотно работать со шрифтами - это высший пилотаж. Возможность искусно обращаться со шрифтом говорит о глубоком понимании всех сложностей типографики, а также об остром глазе, способном заметить едва различимые детали. В книге вы найдете коллекцию из 1000 примеров продуманного и вдохновленного использования шрифтов в соответствии с классическими правилами, и нарушая все правила. Фотографии и иллюстрации в этой книге рассказывают о способах создания шрифтов. Читатели смогут более детально узнать о каждой стадии работы. В книге вы найдете множество примеров шрифтового дизайна, которые расположены в определенном порядке, что позволяет быстро находить необходимую информацию. Книга послужит источником вдохновения при создании плаката, приглашения или брошюры. В любом разделе вы без труда сможете найти новые динамичные идеи.
  • Hugues Petrini. A Brand Awareness Based Investigation in the Video-Games industry
    A Brand Awareness Based Investigation in the Video-Games industry
    Hugues Petrini
    Video-games is an important part of leisure and recreational time in today’s societies. Since 1980, the start of the modern video game era, the development of technologies and internet has made video games accessible for every customer. The exchangeability of products in an affluent society forces producers to differentiate themselves from competitors. Therefore, a well-known brand helps companies to communicate to customers as well as it helps to keep existing clients loyal by adding value to the products. Brand awareness is essential to create a strong brand state, that it’s an important part of brand equity, helping customers to identify the value of a brand. The author concentrated on brand awareness as a part of brand equity, as no research has been conducted on this topic for the video-games industry so far. The paper aims to investigate brand equity in the Video-Games Industry. The objectives are, to find out what the most known brands are, if there is a...
  • Amber Osman and Muhammad Imtiaz Subhani. A Journey from Brand Awareness to Consumer/Brand Loyalty
    A Journey from Brand Awareness to Consumer/Brand Loyalty
    Amber Osman and Muhammad Imtiaz Subhani
    Brand Awareness is an essence of brand equity. The expense deployed on building brand equity by giant companies of well-known brands is not an easy job. It’s worth understanding the two-way communication between the brand and the consumer that how Brand Awareness(which is one of the important key to reach the ultimate level of the success of any brand) paves the way for Consumer/Brand Loyalty. In the era of dramatic environment and uncertainty, brand power is still going strong through extensive research on the marketing strategies and the brands(product/service) associated with it, to generate revenues and build long-term relationships with the consumers i.e. by establishing constant brand awareness, favorable associations, identity, personality, positive brand image, trust, preference and at last loyalty. This Book is based on in-depth research about Brand Awareness and how its underlying factors drive to attain Consumer/Brand Loyalty. It's interesting to find that Perception...
  • Saikrishna Mudaliar. A Study On Acceptability Of Social Media And Branding In Pune Industry
    A Study On Acceptability Of Social Media And Branding In Pune Industry
    Saikrishna Mudaliar
    Worldwide marketers have accepted social media and branding as a marketing tool. Where as in India, mostly the traditional approach of marketing is used. To see how Pune market reacts to consider branding and social media marketing as their marketing tool, I did this research. I had targeted many IT and Non-IT companies in Pune and asked their decision makers whether they would include social media and branding to promote their products or services.
  • Dave Marinaccio. Admen, Mad Men, and the Real World of Advertising: Essential Lessons for Business and Life
    Admen, Mad Men, and the Real World of Advertising: Essential Lessons for Business and Life
    Dave Marinaccio
    Admen, Mad Men, and The Real World of Advertising is written to be easily digestible by interns, CEOS, or anyone who has ever watched a television commercial or clicked on a banner ad. Irreverent, packed with useful information, and unflinchingly honest, it is a serious business book by a seriously funny man and a must for anyone who lives, works, or plays in today's commercial culture. Dave Marinaccio, cofounder and the Chief Creative Officer at LMO Advertising, is a veteran of the industry who, as a young man starting out, studied stand-up at Second City in Chicago. He later wrote an international bestseller, All I Really Need to Know I Learned from Watching Star Trek. His equally entertaining new book takes us inside the world of advertising, offering stories and observations from his three decades at some of America's best-known agencies, working with clients from Pizza Hut to the Holocaust Museum. In short, punchy chapters, Dave pulls back the curtain and shares his...
  • Larry D. Kelley, Donald W. Jugenheimer, Kim Bartel Sheehan. Advertising Media Planning: A Brand Management Approach
    Advertising Media Planning: A Brand Management Approach
    Larry D. Kelley, Donald W. Jugenheimer, Kim Bartel Sheehan
    The planning and placement of advertising media is a multibillion dollar business that critically impacts advertising effectiveness. The new edition of this acclaimed and widely adopted text offers practical guidance for those who practice media planning on a daily basis, as well as those who must ultimately approve strategic media decisions. Full of current brand examples, the book is a "must-read" for all who will be involved in the media decision process on both the agency and client side. Its easy-to-read style and logical format make it ideal for classroom adoption, and students will benefit from the down-to-earth approach, and real-world business examples. Several new chapters have been added to the fourth edition, including: International advertising Campaign evaluation The changing role of media planning in agencies, to give the reader a better grounding in the role of media in an advertising and marketing plan today Evaluating media vehicles, filled...
  • Tom Himpe. Advertising Next
    Advertising Next
    Tom Himpe
    This book has a simple objective: to explore, illustrate and define a new set of rules for brand behaviour in the digital age. Almost overnight, and throughout the world, brands have been forced into a radical rethink of how they behave and interact with people. The internet and other new technologies, together with changes in consumer responses and wider changes in society, have reshaped the communications landscape and disrupted the current advertising model irrevocably. Tom Himpe provides 17 mantras for everyone in advertising, communications and business in general, accompanied by 150 recent campaigns. With over 500 illustrations, all 400 pages are packed with invaluable content and analysis.
  • Nouman Ahmed. After Effects of Brand Repositioning
    After Effects of Brand Repositioning
    Nouman Ahmed
    This book looks at the brand repositioning. How it can be implemented and why we need to reposition the brand? Literature suggests that customer form an image through a fusion of all signals released by the brand. Brands try to encourage customers to perceive the attributes they seek as being strongly associated with the brand. The brand has definitely gone much further from its original concept of identification because of today’s highly competitive world where only the best can survive hence customer perception is very critical. Positioning is not about the product, but what they buyer thinks about the product or organisation. Companies need to reposition its brand when it starts struggling to survive in the market. In this book Skoda motors case history has been used. Research reflected that how Skoda brand improve their market growth and reposition itself from being unreliable to durable cars manufacturer image and the factors involved in their success
  • Bang Nguyen, T C Melewar, Don E. Schultz. Asia Branding
    Asia Branding
    Bang Nguyen, T C Melewar, Don E. Schultz
    This is an edited collection examining different elements of branding within the context of Asia. Written by experts, it provides insights into current applied research on the relationship between companies, brands and consumers across key Asian economies.
  • Khansa Zaman. Billboard and Brand Image: A case of Pakistan
    Billboard and Brand Image: A case of Pakistan
    Khansa Zaman
    Writing this book on a key aspect of marketing has been an enjoyable experience. This book comprehensively covers the issues of branding, billboards and its impact on the perception of customers. The First chapter contains an introduction of the book and its key concepts. The second chapter covers theoretical background of constructs in detail. Third chapter discusses the methodology of work. Whereas, the analysis of the results, its discussion, and recommendations educates the research cycle as it encompasses the full gamut from qualitative to quantitative work. Additionally, the book provides a case study of telecom industry operating in Pakistan. I expect that students will enjoy this book.
  • Husnuye Kamanli. BP’s Brand Image: “The Slow-Motion” Disaster
    BP’s Brand Image: “The Slow-Motion” Disaster
    Husnuye Kamanli
    BP’s “Deepwater Horizon Oil Spill” case has attracted enormous media coverage, and the company is required to employ image restoration strategies to handle the incident and to diminish the effects of the spill on the brand image. The purpose of this book is to examine the image restoration strategies employed by BP after the Deepwater Horizon Oil Spill and to compare the British and American media coverage about the incident. In particular, this book is an attempt to reveal the effectiveness of strategies utilised to restore BP’s brand image by the theoretical framework of ‘Benoit’s Image Restoration Theory’ and will help in future referrals for the specialists on subjects of brand image, image restoration and crisis management.
  • Larry G. Linne. Brand Aid
    Brand Aid
    Larry G. Linne
    Brand Aid
  • Kashir Asghar. Branding Pakistan
    Branding Pakistan
    Kashir Asghar
    This books is about Branding Pakistan purely from a Pakistani students' perspective. The concepts of nation and place branding have recently emerged in branding literature. However they have become reasonably dominant due to the concepts of differentiating and developing of identities for nations and destinations to compete with one another. The book first offers a description of the terms branding, nation branding and place or destination branding. An effort has been made to study the awareness and commitment of Pakistani students in branding their country Pakistan. Anholt’s Hexagon has been used as a model to check the cohesiveness of Pakistani students as brand ambassadors along with role of Government of Pakistan as a facilitator.
  • Paul Temporal. Branding for the Public Sector: Creating, Building and Managing Brands People Will Value
    Branding for the Public Sector: Creating, Building and Managing Brands People Will Value
    Paul Temporal
    POWERFUL BRAND STRATEGIES FOR THE PUBLIC SECTOR The importance of branding in the public sector is immense. Faced with the breakdown of markets, increased globalization, coupled with challenges in securing talent, trade, investment, tourism, government s
  • Bill Chiaravalle,Barbara Findlay Schenck. Branding For Dummies
    Branding For Dummies
    Bill Chiaravalle,Barbara Findlay Schenck
    Learn to: Understand the meaning and process of branding Get clear about the difference between branding and marketing Create and keep loyal brand customers Manage and protect your brand Create, improve upon, and maintain a successful brand
  • Larry G. Linne. Brand Aid
    Brand Aid
    Larry G. Linne
    Brand Aid
    The phenomenal growth of the IT & ICT industry in India has brought to the fore the growing importance of the country as a knowledge powerhouse. Communications is the fastest growing sector in India''s economy.The average compound rate of growth of the economy works out to 24.02 per cent per annum since the turn of this millennium. No other sector of the economy has clocked such a rate of growth. The sector accounts for about 4 per cent of GDP and the recent high rate of growth has contributed to about 11 per cent of the growth in overall GDP of the country.To avail global advantage,mobile providers of India & abroad should seek for loyal customers.Hence, Brand loyalty is a highly sought after goal in the market place & building loyalty is seen by some as the “central task for the marketing manager” as it has many advantages.The presence of Brand loyal customers has a beneficial impact on sales,costs & profit & they act as barrier to competitors because enticing ...
    Francesca Boglione
    Brand Extension is becoming a reality also within luxury, due to the important changes thatthis sector has undertaken. Studies within this area of research have focused mostly onconsumer goods. The purpose of this work is to explore Brand Extension within the luxurycontext. The objective is to define what are the rules that a luxury brand should follow whenextending in new territories, delineating the differences between functional and prestigegoods. The work focuses on a specific area of extension that is the dilution of brand image. Conclusions are the result of an empirical research carried out in the form of an experiment.As for functional goods the beliefs about a parent brand will be diluted when an extension isperceived as inconsistent with the original family brand beliefs. The notion of consistencyvaries between functional and luxury goods. As a consequence there is a greater extendibility, among product classes, for luxury goods. The context around the luxury brand is very...
  • Tom Page. Brand Identity in Consumer-driven Product markets
    Brand Identity in Consumer-driven Product markets
    Tom Page
    The purpose of this monograph is to understand the elements which exist within a brand and how they can impact the consumer. This paper will examine how consumers perceive brands with the use of Aaker’s personality dimensions and also use Fournier’s brand typology to recognise and disclose relationships. A total of one hundred individuals completed each questionnaire; the results illustrated a correlation between the most descriptive brands and those which were ranked most desirable. The second questionnaire provided insight into the perceived personality of the brand, in the eyes of the consumer. The results indicated that each of the four brands clearly expressed one personality trait. Research findings from the interviews provided insight into the brand typologies and how they are created. This process allowed an understanding into the importance of logo’s, symbols and name to the consumer to be understood. An important finding was that of the ‘celebrity’ brand and its...
  • Suleyman Serhanoglu. Branding Technical Services - a case study on SWECO's brand
    Branding Technical Services - a case study on SWECO's brand
    Suleyman Serhanoglu
    The economical structure has faced a great change during the last decades; the service industry has grown into a dominant force in the developed countries. Therefore, the concept of services marketing is relatively new. Although more and more service companies are realizing the importance of marketing and branding, there are still technical service companies that has not adapted the concept. The consultancy firm SWECO, which will serve as a case study, is one of them.

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