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  • Sang-Go Lee and Amaj Rahimi Midani. "Moneying Fish" in South Korean Waters
    "Moneying Fish" in South Korean Waters
    Sang-Go Lee and Amaj Rahimi Midani
    Effective management of harvesting within fisheries requires the setting of a management target for the stock biomass of the fishery. Common targets are garcest strategies that maintain the stock biomass at levels of MEY of a fishery, or those that provide a maximum sustainable yield (MSY). From an economic perspective a management tarfet of MEY is prefferred, and is the target specified by the economic objective of the commonwealth Fisheries. This objective specified that fisheries need to be managed in a way that maximizes net economic returns to the Korean community from management of South Korean Fisheries. Fishing industry faces numerous challenges over the next decade as fisheries evolves to play a new role in South Korean developing economy. This book analyzes the current situation in South Korean fisheries and Shows the amount of economic loss that South Korean economy faces annually and with in next 50 years.
  • Бенуа Мандельброт, Ричард Л. Хадсон. (Не)послушные рынки. Фрактальная революция в финансах
    (Не)послушные рынки. Фрактальная революция в финансах
    Бенуа Мандельброт, Ричард Л. Хадсон
    В своей очередной книге "(Не)послушные рынки" плодотворный автор знаменитой "Фрактальной геометрии природы" (1982 год) Бенуа Мандельброт вновь подрывает устои. На сей раз - современной финансовой теории - той самой, которую преподают в самых престижных школах бизнеса мира, и на которой построена глобальная финансовая система. Это совершенно новый, революционный взгляд на финансы, способный перевернуть наши представления о них с ног на голову. В книге показано, как применимы авторские концепции самоповторения в масштабе, долгосрочной зависимости, бурной случайности, мультифрактального анализа и многие другие к миру бизнеса. Очевидно, "Непослушные рынки" просто обязаны прочесть все, кто причастен к финансам, бизнесу, производству. Но не только: любой человек, интересующийся тем, как устроен наш мир, насколько он упорядочен или хаотичен, надежен или опасен, после прочтения книги посмотрит вокруг себя другими глазами. "Непослушные рынки" - книга научно-популярная, совершенно...
  • Галина Костина. 1 минута в день на домашнюю бухгалтерию, или Бизнес план успешной жизни
    1 минута в день на домашнюю бухгалтерию, или Бизнес план успешной жизни
    Галина Костина
    Большинство людей в этом мире хотят быть богатыми и счастливыми. А какое бывает богатство? Богатство может быть материальное и нематериальное. Материальная часть богатства состоит из капитала (в общем понимании это деньги) и активов (это имущество, движимое и недвижимое). Нематериальная часть богатства человека состоит из сокровищ внутреннего мира, личностных качеств и ключевых компетенций - знаний, умений, навыков. Что мы понимаем под словом "счастье"? Счастье - это гармоничное сочетание и полноценное использование всех сторон нашей жизни - и материальной и духовной. От умения качественно вести учет своих финансов и грамотно создавать капитал и активы напрямую зависит ваше благосостояние. А от умения гармоничного планирования своей жизни зависит ощущение счастья. Как объединить все это и применять в повседневной жизни вы узнаете из этой книги. Вторая часть данной книги составляет, по сути, практическое дополнение - вы сразу же сможете применить полученные знания в жизнь.
  • 500 Self-Portraits
    500 Self-Portraits
    Portraits are an endless source of interest, responding as they do to the basic human impulse to look at faces and try to see into the character behind them. Self-portraits have the added fascination that comes from looking into the mirror and trying to study one's own face. This book presents an uninterrupted sequence of 500 self-portraits, in chronological order from ancient Egypt to the present. The challenge of creating their own likeness has proved irresistible to artists, and included here are powerful and evocative works by many of the greatest painters and sculptors, including Durer, Rembrandt, Picasso and Andy Warhol. Presented without commentary, these works speak for themselves - a compelling collection for every student of art and human nature. Формат: 12,5 см х 18,5 см.
  • Randy Charles Epping. A Beginner's Guide to the World Economy : Eighty-One Basic Economic Concepts That Will Change the Way You See the World
    A Beginner's Guide to the World Economy : Eighty-One Basic Economic Concepts That Will Change the Way You See the World
    Randy Charles Epping
    In the past decade of rapid change in the world economy, Randy Charles Epping's Beginner’s Guide to the World Economy has been the most reliable tool for keeping track of what's happening. The third edition updates the information in previous editions and explains many new concepts. What is the new economy? What is globalization? Is the euro the final seal on European Union? How is e-commerce transforming our world beyond economics? What is virtual money, and does it have real value? How do social concerns and societal ills (drugs, poverty, AIDS, endangered natural resources) play a part in the rapidly changing world economy. What are multinationals, and do they signal the end of nationalism? These and many other pertinent issues are concisely addressed in the most accessible primer for those who want to be economically literate (and who doesn't?).
  • Jim Rogers. A Bull in China
    A Bull in China
    Jim Rogers
    Profiting from China without getting burned is currently an obsession with the international investment community. The estimated size of the Chinese economy has just been revised upwards, making it the 4th largest in the world behind the US, Japan and Germany, and ahead of the UK but the idea that investing in China is a sure-fire, get-rich-quick investment story is dangerously misleading. The author of the bestselling "Investment Biker", "Adventure Capitalist", and "Hot Commodities", is providing a book that provides a window into what will soon be the most vital, most lucrative market of our time: China. While the Chinese economy has had an annual average growth of 9.4 percent since 1978, and despite the ongoing speculation about China's future, its stock market is now emerging from a six-year low. As the Chinese economy continues to lumber toward a free market system - and as the Chinese government inevitably unpegs its currency and opens its stock market to more foreign...
  • A Critical Examination of Overconfidence in the Financial Sector
    A Critical Examination of Overconfidence in the Financial Sector
    This book focuses on the aspect of irrationality of human decision making, more specifically gives an overview of the phenomenon that is termed overconfidence in the study of Psychology. The book has the following structure. In the beginning the basic tenets of traditional economics are explained, starting from the basic assumptions of the homo economicus. After that the reader will find a chapter on behavioral economics which is the new field of studies of which overconfidence is a sub-field. In the section about behavioral economics the reader will have the chance to understand how this new field differs from traditional economics. The fourth chapter will introduce overconfidence in detail to the reader with many examples from the labs and the field. The chapter after will discuss in depth the findings of overconfidence in the financial sector. Lastly the paper will conclude with a detailed explanation of the certain measurement types related to overconfidence, the downsides of...
  • Saadat Wahid. A Contemporary Study on Stock Behavior of Financial Institutions
    A Contemporary Study on Stock Behavior of Financial Institutions
    Saadat Wahid
    This book is, actually, an Applied Research, conducted for the global and local exchange investors, to analyze the stock performance of 7 categories of Pakistani financial institutions (FIs). The stock of 7 categories of FIs – 25 commercial and 31 investment banks, 34 modarba companies, 22 mutual funds, 18 leasing companies, 3 life and 34 general insurance companies – are examined with the help of 8 independent variables, i.e. KSE 100 index, stock capitalization, stock turn over per day, interest rate, SCRA, US Dollar, British Pound and Euro. Initial analysis conducted includes mutual correlation among 56 sets of 7 DIs and 8 IVs, descriptive statistics and changes in the values of index and stock of FIs and their volatility. This study resulted in 38 tables and their illustrations with graphs and figures. As the FIs in KSE are, basically, taken as investment vehicles, the analysis of their performance should be applied just as the initial homework for the intended investors in KSE....
  • Tiken Das. A Region-Wise Analysis of Microfinance Program in India
    A Region-Wise Analysis of Microfinance Program in India
    Tiken Das
    Microfinance is gathering impetus to become a significant strength in India. In spite of being successful, there are still disparities in the program in its level of progress across different parts of the country,including the north east India.The paper analyzed the problem of uneven spread of microfinance program in India, particularly between north eastern and southern region of India. The study is made by using the SHG-BL Model, based on percentage method and by determining growth rate. The study took five variables namely- (a) savings of SHGs with banks, (b) bank loans disbursed to SHGs, (c) bank loans outstanding against SHGs, (d) non-performing assets of bank loans to SHGs, and (e) recovery performance of bank loans to SHGs. Apart from that, this paper examined some of the factors responsible for backwardness of microfinance program in north eastern region of India. According to study, the acceptability of the program was relatively higher in southern India. The study found...
  • Perumal Mariappan. A Study On Mathematical Finance Models
    A Study On Mathematical Finance Models
    Perumal Mariappan
    In order to minimize the cash outflow, an optimization model for a manpower system is considered, where in the vacancies are filled up based on promotion and recruitment. A mathematical model is constructed based on the mapping of a manpower system with an appropriate Queuing Model and Transportation Model with the objective of recruitment cost minization. Essentially, the standard portfolio optimization problem is to identify the optimal allocation of the available limited resources based on the limited set of investments. In this juncture, the term optimality refers the tradeoff between the perceived risk and the expected return with the help of Preemptive Goal Programming model and Integer Programming Model. Investment decisions are based on the risk-return patterns. Appropriate measures of risk and return are of great concern to investors. CAPM, based on market beta, addresses this concern quite well. But, an alternative CAPM can also be thought of. An attempt is made to...
  • Tarek Kandil. A Tale of Two Different Cultures & Financial Performance Relationships
    A Tale of Two Different Cultures & Financial Performance Relationships
    Tarek Kandil
    The organisational culture of any business, industry or nation is like the software designed by their leaders. This viewpoint sheds some light on the differences between the organisational performance of one business and another in the same industry, or of one industry and another in the same nation. This contributes to our understanding of why some nations are more developed than other apparently similar nations. The tale of the relationship between culture and financial performance is primarily due to the “programmer” (leader) not the “software” (culture). For instance, the political conflicts between North and South Korea cannot simply be explained by the differences in their cultural values, without also looking at how these in turn are caused by the differences in their leaders’ behaviours. In contrast, despite the similarity in the values of different Arab nations, there are still disagreements among their leaders in announcing the first or the last day of Ramadan. ...
  • Raghubir Singh. A Way into India
    A Way into India
    Raghubir Singh
  • Accounting for Financial Instruments
    Accounting for Financial Instruments
    This work, motivated by the controversy surrounding fair value accounting for all financial instruments in financial institutions, generates empirical evidence on preparer and user preferences. An understanding of actual perceptions is important for standard-setters to determine the most acceptable accounting standard for financial instruments, particularly for the complex financial institutions industry in Australia and Singapore, two prominent financial markets of the Asian Pacific region. On average, preparers neither strongly support nor strongly oppose fair value accounting, while users are slightly more supportive. Results show that achieving the qualitative characteristics espoused by the IASB framework for financial reporting is far more important than trying to fulfill the different needs of various groups. This slight support for fair value accounting is part of a bigger tapestry of a slow but steady movement towards fair value measurement in financial accounting and...
  • Tafa Mosisa. Accounting practices and access to finance of SME's in Addis Ababa
    Accounting practices and access to finance of SME's in Addis Ababa
    Tafa Mosisa
    In many developing countries including Ethiopia small and medium size enterprises are affected by lack of or poor record keeping. Because of lack of or poor record keeping they are not able to know their profit or loss and financial position exactly during the accounting period. Access to finance is also another bottleneck of such business in many developing countries. Financial institutions usually require collateral or financial report to provide a loan, but many of small and medium size businesses are able to meet neither of the two requirements, because of different factors. So this problem remains one of the attractive area for the future research.
  • Adoption of International Financial Reporting Standards in Nigeria
    Adoption of International Financial Reporting Standards in Nigeria
    Improvement in the quality of financial reports, investigating the cost and benefits of IFRS implementation, the impact of IFRS implementation of managerial efficiency. Checking the correlation between the predictors variables of improvement of financial reports, perception about the cost and benefits of IFRS adoption and attitudes of stakeholders on management effectiveness. Analysis of participants opinions vide 5 points Likert scale on a semi structured survey instrument. Reliability and of instruments was ensured.
  • Alan S. Blinder. After the Music Stopped
    After the Music Stopped
    Alan S. Blinder
    After the Music Stopped
  • Kavita G. Kalkoti. Agricultural And Industrial Finance
    Agricultural And Industrial Finance
    Kavita G. Kalkoti
    A lot of responsibility of fulfilling the policy aims for the rural area development lies with the functioning of NABARD, by making rural credit delivery system vibrant and dynamic. The study attempts to critically analyze the role NABARD in Dharwad district of Karnataka State, in facilitating the process of economic development through credit planning, monitoring and other functions to achieve the districts’ potential. The officials interviewed were having adequate qualification, work experience in the district and had received need based training in this area of work. They were of the DDM of NANBARD Dharwad district and the ranks of managers and chairman of RRB. During the course of conducting interviews the researcher felt that the raison d’etre of NABARD can be achieved. The mission statement can be fulfilled if the will to do so exists among the government officials (bureaucrats), Lead Banks, RRBs, Co-operative Banks and the Commercial Banks. Financial viability of the NABARD...
  • Chukwuemeka Ojukwu. Agricultural Finance and Growth in the Nigerian Economy
    Agricultural Finance and Growth in the Nigerian Economy
    Chukwuemeka Ojukwu
    There has been shortage of food in Nigeria and this has been fully blamed on the relative lack of agricultural output coupled with high growth rate in population and lack of planning by governments and stakeholders. the role of agriculture in the economy has been declining and its share of GDP fell from 61.5% in 1963 to 14.63% in 1983. This study has made it clear that finance is an important pre-requisite for the attainment of agricultural development. The government, through various policy measures particularly the various credit guidelines issued annually by the Central Bank of Nigeria as well as the commercial banks spreading of branches to the rural areas has tried to encourage farmers, most of who feel no obligation to refund the agricultural loan funds. In recent years, Nigeria has generally made some progress in implementing macro-economic and structural reforms towards strengthening the financial and agricultural sectors. This will reduce our reliance on imported food and...
  • Robyn Asleson. Albert Moore
    Albert Moore
    Robyn Asleson
    Albert Moore was one of the most important late Victorian artists. In a single-minded quest for aesthetic perfection, he employed the female figure to embody abstract systems of ideal beauty, and created many of the iconic and defining images of the Aesthetic Movement. Yet he has remained a shadowy figure. Based on original research and unpublished family documents, Robyn Asleson's monograph presents a fresh view of the artist's allegedly reclusive personality, and firmly establishes him as a major figure and a significant precursor of Modernism. This beautiful book is now issued in a paperback format that will bring the artist to a wide and appreciative audience.
  • James Crump. Albert Watson
    Albert Watson
    James Crump
    Albert Watson (b. 1922) is one of today's most successful and sought-after fashion and commercial photographers. His instantly recognizable portraits feature many iconic figures of fashion and popular culture, including Kate Moss, Jack Nicholson, Mike Tyson, and Alfred Hitchcock. His photographs have been featured on over 250 covers of VOGUE and in publications such as ROLLING STONE, THE FACE, and ARENA. He has shot major commercial campaigns for clients that range from Levi's to Chanel. This book is an important and accessible survey of his work. It features previously unpublished photographs from early in his career, along with his most famous images from both commercial and artistic projects. ALBERT WATSON features an essay by James Crump, a specialist in photography and film, who assesses Watson's influential place in fashion photography and the influence of film on his work.

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