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  • Philip Campbell. 10 Cash Flow Rules You Can't Afford to Ignore
    10 Cash Flow Rules You Can't Afford to Ignore
    Philip Campbell
    Book DescriptionThis audio CD is adapted from the Book Never Run Out of Cash In this audio program, author Philip Campbell cuts through all the complicated and confusing accounting and financial concepts typically heard from CPAs and accountants and gives readers simple, easy-to-understand guidance for taking control of their cash flow. Learn why cash flow problems don't 'just happen', why one should never attempt to manage cash from a bank balance, the four secrets to creating cash flow projections, and a whole lot more.
  • Роберт Кийосаки. 8 финансовых заблуждений. Управление деньгами
    8 финансовых заблуждений. Управление деньгами
    Роберт Кийосаки
    Автор советует и показывает, как отказаться от общепринятых мнений о деньгах и поменять свои экономические взгляды на более современные, которые позволят разоблачить плохих советчиков и взять на себя ответственность за свое финансовое будущее. Для широкого круга читателей.
  • Edited by John Armour and Joseph A. McCahery. After Enron
    After Enron
    Edited by John Armour and Joseph A. McCahery
    At the end of the twentieth century it was thought by many that the Anglo-American system of corporate governance was performing effectively and some observers claimed to see an international trend towards convergence around this model. There can be no denying that the recent corporate governance crisis in the US has caused many to question their faith in this view. This collection of essays provides a comprehensive attempt to answer the following questions: firstly, what went wrong - when and why do markets misprice the value of firms, and what was wrong with the incentives set by Enron? Secondly, what has been done in response, and how well will it work - including essays on the Sarbanes-Oxley Act in the US, UK company law reform and European company law and auditor liability reform, along with a consideration of corporate governance reforms in historical perspective. Three approaches emerge. The first two share the premise that the system is fundamentally sound, but part ways over...
  • Alan D. Schultz, Elaine Todd. All Together Now: Records, Instructions and Wishes for Those You Love
    All Together Now: Records, Instructions and Wishes for Those You Love
    Alan D. Schultz, Elaine Todd
    Save your loved ones TIME, ANGUISH and MONEY!! Our busy lives leave us little time to get our personal and financial affairs in order and our good intentions don't leave much for our spouse, children or loved ones to work with if we are suddenly disabled or die. We want to be in control, but it's so hard to get organized! To make matters worse, family members are scattered across the country and we seldom discuss things like where we keep important papers, what to do in a medical emergency situation, our healthcare preferences, household instructions, (ex., how to start the lawn mower, or fill the water softener),pet care instructions, (ex., favorite foods, daily habits and the vets name), and the list goes on and on. We love our family and would like to save them anguish regarding decisions about our healthcare. To save them time looking for papers, guessing at your final wishes for them and their beloved pet. To save them money on legal expenses, time off work, etc. ...
  • Kevin Dowd. An Introduction to Market Risk Measurement (The Wiley Finance Series)
    An Introduction to Market Risk Measurement (The Wiley Finance Series)
    Kevin Dowd
    This book provides an introduction to Value at Risk (VaR) and expected tail loss (ETL) estimation and is a student-oriented version of Measuring Market Risk (John Wiley & Sons 2002). An Introduction to Market Risk Measurement includescoverage of: Parametric and non-parametric risk estimation Simulation Numerical Methods Liquidity Risks Risk Decomposition and Budgeting Backtesting Stress Testing Model Risk Divided into two parts, part one discusses the various risk measurement techniques, whilst part two provides a toolkit of the main tools required to understand market risk measurement. A CD is packaged with the book, containing a MATLAB folder of risk measurement functions, in addition to some examples in Excel/VBA.
  • Gary Weiss. Born to Steal : When the Mafia Hit Wall Street
    Born to Steal : When the Mafia Hit Wall Street
    Gary Weiss
    Book DescriptionHood brokers. Monthly million dollar paychecks. Thirty-six hour cocaine binges.'Rocky' themed pep rallies. Run-ins with Mafia thugs toting Mac 10 machine pistols. This was the life of Louis Pasciuto, a fast-talking Staten Island kid who, from the age of 19 to 25, moved stocks for 17 different brokerage houses-most of that time without even a fake license. This inside account of the Mafia's infiltration of Wall Street details Louis' career as the consummate liar, selling phantom stocks to naive Americans and leading a lifestyle worthy of Caligula. To avoid a long prison sentence, Pasciuto eventually turned state's witness. Now, Gary Weiss shares the inside story of Wall Street's notorious 'chop houses,' the crooked Mob-run brokerages whererampant thievery netted several billion dollars from gullible investors.Download DescriptionThis account of the Mafia's infiltration of Wall Street uses as its chief source a fast-talking Staten Island kid named Louis Pasciuto who,...
  • Francis T. Cullen. Corporate Crime Under Attack
    Corporate Crime Under Attack
    Francis T. Cullen
    Corporate Crime Under Attack
  • Corporate Finance Student Problem Manual
    Corporate Finance Student Problem Manual

  • Bernard Muhammad. Credit Emergency Surgery
    Credit Emergency Surgery
    Bernard Muhammad
    Bad credit is a fact of life for millions of Americans. Americans are filing bankruptcy by the millions each year due to poor financial judgement and management. Credit Emergency Surgery is based on the fact that the average person does not know how important good credit is until they have embarked on a financial endeavor in which having a good credi history is an integral part of the equation. Credit issues are usually the factors that delay the close of the transaction. The effort of this book is to assist the reader by identifying steps to resolve credit issues.
  • Dave Ramsey. Dave Ramsey's Financial Peace: The Great Misunderstanding, The Power of Giving!
    Dave Ramsey's Financial Peace: The Great Misunderstanding, The Power of Giving!
    Dave Ramsey

  • Mary Hunt. Debt-Proof Your Marriage (Debt-Proof Living (Audio))
    Debt-Proof Your Marriage (Debt-Proof Living (Audio))
    Mary Hunt

  • Determinants Of Implementing Financial Management Systems
    Determinants Of Implementing Financial Management Systems
    Financial Management Systems (FMS) in the current business environment has become a powerful driver in performance of business processes as it determines organizational growth and sustainability. With increased globalization, firms are facing unprecedented competition since they operate in a dynamic environment therefore they are in competition to adopt best business processes by investing heavily in the implementation of Financial Management systems in their financial activities so as to achieve efficiency, economy and effectiveness. Research has shown that the implementation of FMS is a complex, risky, resource-intensive process that requires major procedural changes and often involves high-level officials who lack incentives for reform. Therefore for businesses to succeed in this turbulent world, top management commitment and support, business re-engineering,capacity building and training are paramount. This book looks at the effect of these three factors on the implementation of...
  • Wesley R. Gray,Jack R. Vogel,David P. Foulke. DIY Financial Advisor: A Simple Solution to Build and Protect Your Wealth
    DIY Financial Advisor: A Simple Solution to Build and Protect Your Wealth
    Wesley R. Gray,Jack R. Vogel,David P. Foulke
    Praise for DIY Financial Advisor "Surprisingly simple advice: Avoid these common mistakes, make these small improvements, and voila! Better investing performance!" Barry Ritholtz, Chief Investment Officer, Ritholtz Wealth Management "Sophistica
  • Joseph Masinde. Financial Management
    Financial Management
    Joseph Masinde
    Initial Public Offers (IPOs) attract much attention in World stock markets. The IPOs do not go unnoticed in emerging markets since they are focal points, particularly if listed alone, and stirs the whole market. As such a single large IPO can have a significant effect in a less developed market. Therefore, this study sought to evaluate the effects that IPO announcements had on the market return of listed stocks at the Nairobi Stock Exchange(NSE). In addition, the study assessed the effects of the turnover and volume traded on the market return. The study incorporated all the seven recently floated IPOs at the NSE between January 2006 and March 2009. The main results from the fitted linear regression model showed that all IPOs had a significant effect on the market return. In particular, Co-operative Bank, KenGen, and Volume traded had a negative effect while the remaining IPOs, elections and turnover had a positive impact on the market returns. This will be a source of valuable...
  • Kate Lister, Tom Harnish. Finding Money : The Small Business Guide to Financing (Small Business Series)
    Finding Money : The Small Business Guide to Financing (Small Business Series)
    Kate Lister, Tom Harnish
    This book answers the two most important questions on the minds of small business owners and entrepreneurs today—what are the most promising sources of financing and how do I tap into them? Readers are given detailed guidance on 17 different financing sources including home equity loans, banks, SBA programs, venture capital, grants and government programs. Includes real-life vignettes and revealing quotes from bankers, venture capitalists, investment bankers, magazines and entrepreneurs. Features usable formulas, charts, forms and dozens of references to crucial publications and information resources.
  • Knott, Geoffrey. Financial Management 4ed
    Financial Management 4ed
    Knott, Geoffrey
  • Jae K. Shim, Joel G. Siegel. Financial Management
    Financial Management
    Jae K. Shim, Joel G. Siegel
    Heres a practical handbook for owners and managers of small-to-medium size businesses with advice on controlling the companys financial resources, purchasing and amortizing capital equipment, projecting operating costs, and meeting ongoing expenses. The authors offer guidance in understanding and analyzing financial statements, the time-value of money, making capital budgeting decisions, and much more. Appendices include a list of online Internet resources and short descriptions of Excel financial and investment functions. The third edition has been updated with new information on SEC reporting requirements, managing dependent-demand inventories, the Sarbanes-Oxley Act, and more.
  • Dave Ramsey. Financial Peace Personal Finance Software
    Financial Peace Personal Finance Software
    Dave Ramsey

  • Trabelsi Slaheddine. Financial Management
    Financial Management
    Trabelsi Slaheddine
    Recent financial events have emphasized the need for an understanding of financial decision-making, financing instruments, and tools used in financial and investment management. Although there are a number of books on the subject of financial management,a few of them are fairly comprehensive. Nevertheless, the present book is expected to serve better the interest of the readers who are not well versed in the terminology of advanced financial management. The reason is that the explanation has been made greatly lucid, with a good number of examples in order to suit the needs of such readers. Moreover, the volume of the text has intentionally been limited to suit the time framework of the readers. The present book contain five chapters. The first one present an Overview of Financial Management. The Second explain Capital Budgeting. The third chapter discuss the Cost of Capital. The Fourth chapter disclose the Working Capital Management. Finally, the fifth chapter examine the Dividends...
  • Financial Management Practices and Performance of Small Businesses
    Financial Management Practices and Performance of Small Businesses
    The role of management in influencing performance of a firm need not be overemphasized. But financial management for SBs is quite a new area. In Africa, SBs represent over 90% of all businesses. In Somaliland, SBs constitute the largest portion of the private sector, employing 98.5% and contributing 70% of the GDP. However, their performance declined during 2010-2013. Their profits fell by 3.98%, solvency by 18.36%, and cash flow declined. But the management practices adopted and their effect on performance of SBs had not been empirically investigated. Guided by Six Sigma Theory, this study investigated the effect of financial management practices on performance of SBs in Borama town with focus on working capital management, financial control and financial planning. The study found that working capital management [F (1, 276) = 3.88, p = .012, R2 adj = .542]; financial control [F (1, 276) = 3.88, p = .010, R2 adj = .022]; and financial planning [F (1, 276) = 3.88, p = .024, R2 adj =...

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