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  • Сергей Березин. 20 простых финансовых советов, или Как сэкономить 1000 евро в год
    20 простых финансовых советов, или Как сэкономить 1000 евро в год
    Сергей Березин
    Каждый из нас ежедневно сталкивается с необходимостью достать кошелек и заплатить за товары, услуги ЖКХ, разговоры по мобильному телефону, кредиты и т. д. И эти счета все растут и растут. Прочитав эту книгу и критически оценив свои траты, читатель увидит, что значительную сумму можно добавить в личный бюджет практически из воздуха.
  • Everil Fernandes and Amulya M.. A study on Gap Analysis of Health care services
    A study on Gap Analysis of Health care services
    Everil Fernandes and Amulya M.
    Marketing is vital to the survival of any organization including health care delivery organizations. Assessment of quality of services provided by the hospitals in these days has been a serious concern for hospitals and health care organizations owing to the excessive demands imposed on them by users, consumers, government and society at large. In addition to the quality of services, measurement of patient satisfaction also has been encouraged by growing consumer orientation in health care, especially since it yields information about consumer views in a form which can be used for comparison and monitoring. The major focus of this study is to identify the gaps of the service providers if any. To Identify the gaps the 7 P's of Marketing were used as a base. A prominent hospital in Mangalore is considered for the study.A comprehensive service quality measurement scale SERVQUAL is given prime attention in the present study.
  • Asonganyi Joseph. A Sensitivity Analysis Of The Public Transport Assignment Algorithms
    A Sensitivity Analysis Of The Public Transport Assignment Algorithms
    Asonganyi Joseph
    Modern day public transport assignment faces lots of problems. Solutions may exist but needs some form of backings. A sensitivity analysis in most cases could just be sufficient to provide this backing. The developments in this book are very important for students, academic researchers and policy makers. The book provides an extensive review on transit assignment, sensitivity analysis and OmniTRANS. It highlights important conclusions such as:- - Passenger access-egress distances significantly affects their access stop choices. - The travel distance parameter of the generalized cost function has the highest influence on transit assignment - The number of transfers to be made by passengers significantly determines their generalized cost of travel - A carefully conducted partial sensitivity analysis can provide better predictions than a Monte-Carlo sensitivity analysis. As a policy advice to public transport operators in Flanders-Belgium, the developments in this book suggest...
  • Jorinda Ballering. A tourism potential analysis of Lundu District in Malaysian Borneo
    A tourism potential analysis of Lundu District in Malaysian Borneo
    Jorinda Ballering
    This book has been based upon Jorinda Ballering’s bachelor dissertation, commissioned by the Ministry of Urban Development and Tourism of Sarawak- nowadays Ministry of Tourism and Heritage,Sarawak (MinTH). This paper explores Lundu District,a relatively undeveloped region in Malaysian Borneo, upon its tourism potential. The research stresses that ‘understanding the interrelation and dependency among tourism elements is vital to achieve success’. The thesis has been presented for all actors involved in Lundu District at the MinTH. In 2010 the dissertation has beenawarded by the German Society for Research (DGT) with the Best Paper on Sustainability in Tourism Award. Mr. Bolhan Budeng – Head of Ecotourism and Community Participation "This thesis has enabled us to gain an insight intoLundu's tourism product-market combinations, theindepth stakeholder analysis and futurerecommendations have been of great use to theMinistry of Urban Development and Tourism in Sawarak for opening this area...
  • Betchoo Nirmal Kumar. An Analysis of HRD in Secondary Schools Mauritius
    An Analysis of HRD in Secondary Schools Mauritius
    Betchoo Nirmal Kumar
    In the actual stage of economic development of Mauritius, the importance of human resource development (HRD) is emphasised in various spheres of professional life. In this perspective, the researcher considers the relevance of HRD in a challenging work environment which is a public Secondary educational institution where he identifies the existence of HRD and he is interested to know how and why HRD remains important to the sector which he investigates. Human Resource Development is a broader perspective of training which focuses essentially on the acquisition of skills and knowledge, usually addressing the short-term and tailored to meeting specific needs of incumbents; in this case secondary school educators in Mauritius. The research aims at showing how HRD contributes to lifelong learning and the improvement of teaching competences if it is practised effectively.
  • Merle Krigul. An Analysis Of Factors In Developing A Cross-border Knowledge Region
    An Analysis Of Factors In Developing A Cross-border Knowledge Region
    Merle Krigul
    In this book, the author studies the factors in, and obstacles to, creating a common knowledge region between Helsinki and Tallinn capital regions under conditions where a special integration-enhancing institution, the non-profit organisation Helsinki-Tallinn Euregio, is part of the process. The developmental factors are analysed in the context of three interlinked theoretical concepts: regionalisation and networking theories, knowledge creation theories, including knowledge transfer, and Living Lab as an innovative method in the evolution of a Knowledge Region. This approach makes it possible to analyse how cross-border cooperation organisations can enhance the use of complex tools and methods for the advancement of a cross-border innovation that can be multiplied to other CB regions.
  • Kulthida Chalooddong and Ganesh. P. Shivakoti. An economic analysis of oil palm plantation in Northeastern Thailand
    An economic analysis of oil palm plantation in Northeastern Thailand
    Kulthida Chalooddong and Ganesh. P. Shivakoti
    The oil palm is a new plant in the Northeast Thailand which has been promoted for biodiesel production. The objectives of this research are to study the socio-economic of oil palm farmers, production process and marketing as well as to analyze the return on investment of the oil palm farming in Seka District, Nong Khai Province. Even though oil palm is not a generally planted crop in this region and farmers do not have much knowledge about this crop, this project is believed to be able to serve the community in terms of creating jobs and supplying cheaper energy source to the region.
  • Josphat Manyeruke. An analysis of the impact of university expansion on service quality
    An analysis of the impact of university expansion on service quality
    Josphat Manyeruke
    In this book five key elements of service quality at Universities were used to measure service quality at Chinhoyi University of Technology and to find out whether universities expansion has any effect on service quality. The five elements include Commitment of top management,course delivery, Campus facilities,courtesy, and customer feedback and improvement. Gaps between actual service delivery by Chinhoyi university and perceptions of students about service quality were noted. It was generally noted that expansion has negative impacts on service quality and organizations are encouraged to match expansion with resources so that expansion would not affect service quality in any way as physical facilities are of tantamount importance in service delivery. Quality audits must also be continuously done by big organizations so as to continuously improve service delivery and to monitor progress towards Total Quality Management.Quality is the lifeblood of any organization in this competitive...
  • Ijeoma Jacklyn Okorie. An Analysis Of The Impact Of Oil Pollution In The Niger Delta
    An Analysis Of The Impact Of Oil Pollution In The Niger Delta
    Ijeoma Jacklyn Okorie
    This study is focused on the impact of oil spills, which has become a constantly recurring phenomenon in the Niger Delta, endangering the lives of the citizens, marine life and ecosystem. The study aims to assess the relationship between corporate culture and oil pollution (CC&P) in Niger Delta: so as to make recommendations on how to reduce its effect on the environment. Its key objectives are to critically analyse the impact of oil pollution in Niger Delta and to investigate the role of corporate culture in Shell’s operations in Niger Delta. Furthermore, to develop research based recommendations (guiding principles) for improving the relationships between CC and reduction of oil pollution.
  • Cuthbert Muza. Analysis of failure prediction models
    Analysis of failure prediction models
    Cuthbert Muza
    The study sought to analyse the extent to which prediction models are used as a management tool by bank managers in the Zimbabwean’s banking sector. In this study, nineteen banks were sampled. Financial statements of these banks were used as research subjects. Tests and observation guide were used as research instruments. The study showed that managers of banks do not use prediction models in managing their business and predicting the going concern of banks. It was evident that managers were not aware that the businesses they manage were sinking into unsafe zone and no strategies were put in place to save the business. The study therefore recommends that managers include prediction models techniques in their management. This will enhance their management skills and ensures the viability of an organisation as a going concern without risk to shareholders investments. Finally, it is recommended that further research be carried in order to establish ways of reviving companies whose...
  • Arneet Singh Sarna. Analysis of Traffic Revenue Risk for PPP Highway Projects in India
    Analysis of Traffic Revenue Risk for PPP Highway Projects in India
    Arneet Singh Sarna
    The traffic revenue risk, may adversely affect the project cash flows leading to inadequate funds to cover the operational costs, service the debt and deliver expected returns to the investors. Attributes which affect the financial profitability of PPP highway infrastructure projects in India have been identified and their relative importance has been gauged, using a questionnaire survey. A total of 93 responses are received and the respondents comprises of professionals from concessionaire, consultant and owner organizations. Factor analysis of the collected responses has extracted six key factors responsible to influence financial profitability of these projects namely, financial constraints; error in cost estimations; revenue concession forms; litigious attitude of parties; revenue sharing mechanism; and diligence in traffic study conducted for the project. Emerging trends in the Indian Toll Road Sector and possible sources of ancillary revenues in the Indian context have also been...
  • Robert C. Higgins. Analysis for Financial Management
    Analysis for Financial Management
    Robert C. Higgins
    Analysis for Financial Management, 11e presents standard techniques and modern developments in a practical and intuitive manner with an emphasis on the managerial applications of financial analysis. It is intended for non-financial managers and business students interested in the practice of financial management. New with the Eleventh Edition, McGraw-Hill’s adaptive learning component, LearnSmart, provides assignable modules that help students master chapter core concepts and come to class more prepared.
  • Hamdi Ali and Uzziel Hategekimana. Analysis of the performance of Microfinance Institutions
    Analysis of the performance of Microfinance Institutions
    Hamdi Ali and Uzziel Hategekimana
    Microfinance institutions provide financial services to the poor who are excluded from service by classical banks. In Rwanda, despite of a set back in the year 2006, they have proven to be important players in the economic development through participating in poverty alleviation by providing financial services to the poor class. This research was designed to analyze the success factors in selected institutions in Rwanda. Focus was on analyzing characteristics, services and loan management, strategies and planning, and product design. Furthermore, client characteristics,their feedback evaluation of the institutions in addition to success factors and challenges were studied. Questionnaires were distributed to both managers and clients after using a focus group to validate the questionnaires. It was found that although the institutions have been growing and performing successfully through changing business and life style of their clients, they need to think ahead and plan to...
  • Aswath Damodaran. Applied Corporate Finance
    Applied Corporate Finance
    Aswath Damodaran
    Readable and usable in style and valuable in approach, this text provides the practical and succinct advice that students and practitioners need, rather than a sole concentration on debate theory, assumptions, or models. Like no other text of its kind, the author applies corporate finance to real companies. The new Third Edition has four real-world core companies to study and follow. Perfected suited for MBA programs' corporate finance and equity valuation courses, all business decisions are classified into three groups: the investment, financing, and dividend decisions.
  • James J. Valentine. Best Practices for Equity Research Analysts: Essentials for Buy-Side and Sell-Side Analysts
    Best Practices for Equity Research Analysts: Essentials for Buy-Side and Sell-Side Analysts
    James J. Valentine
    A real-world guide to becoming a top-performing equity analyst. Praise for Best Practices for Equity Research Analysts: "Jim Valentine has taken his decades of experience as a highly successful security analyst and written an effective and comprehensive guide to doing the job right. I only wish I had this book by my side throughout my career" - Byron R.Wien, Vice Chairman, Blackstone Advisory Partners LP "Given the fast pace and high-pressure nature of the markets, analysts don't have the luxury to make mistakes. James J. Valentine's Best Practices for Equity Research Analysts should be required reading for all new and experienced analysts, particularly those who were not lucky enough to be brought up in the business under a mentor. Valentine can be that mentor" - Jami Rubin, Managing Director, Global Investment Research, Goldman Sachs "Jim's book is an excellent window into the world of securities research. Very few works cover the complete life cycle of an...
  • David Dugdale, Stephen Lyne. Budgeting Practice and Organisational Structure
    Budgeting Practice and Organisational Structure
    David Dugdale, Stephen Lyne
    Budgeting is at the heart of the performance management process for most companies. However, some argue that many companies today are dissatisfied with budgeting. It is seen to be costly and time-consuming; it inhibits action and causes organisational problems. The influence of the "Beyond Budgeting" model has caused many major companies, including Toyota, to abandon traditional budgeting altogether. Should other companies follow suit? This report explores the changes in budgeting through a survey of financial and non-financial managers. Concerns include: The attitudes of managers towards budgeting models; How budgetary practices have changed; What problems budgeting can cause; The effects of budgets on overall company performance. This report reveals that there's little evidence to suggest widespread dissatisfaction with traditional budgeting. However, to enable a company to perform at its best, understanding budgeting in context is essential...
  • Business Analysis For Dummies
    Business Analysis For Dummies
    Business Analysis For Dummies provides readers with the tools and techniques used by successful business analysts to understand business environments and make informed decisions.
  • Velavan M.. Capital Structure Analysis of Sugar Companies in India
    Capital Structure Analysis of Sugar Companies in India
    Velavan M.
    The text is designed to cater to the need of the students, as well as the research scholars in financial management, by giving a good understanding of the subject and its applications. This new edition seeks to enhance the coverage of the book and update it by including new statistical techniques.It makes the book more comprehensive and incorporates the changes that have incurred in the field of finance and management in India as well as the world. The purpose of this book is to clarify concepts of the capital structure analysis of the sugar industry and at the same time relate them to those examples which rendered the text meaningful to the reader. The book has been written for the student as well as the researcher in the field of finance and management, both of whom need to have good understanding of the subject and its applications.
  • Irfan Raza and Muhammad Zia-ur-Rehman. Career change decisions: Analysis of the determinants towards success
    Career change decisions: Analysis of the determinants towards success
    Irfan Raza and Muhammad Zia-ur-Rehman
    This original piece of work based on empirical research brings into lime light, the issues regarding the professionals who change their educational career towards other disciplines. The piece of writing explores the causes of doing so by exemplifying the phenomenon on reality grounds, by providing an insight into the trends considered as significant contributors towards success in educational career change decision (ECCD). This also helps professionals about perceived scope of careers which makes significant influence on success of ECCD. In this book, Irfan Raza and Muhammad Zia-ur-Rehman, also present valuable recommendation for future perspective related to career change and consequences, which can be of a great help for those who wish for having bright future in line with their objectives.
  • Cash Reserves during the Financial Crisis
    Cash Reserves during the Financial Crisis
    By the end of 2006, the average company in the S&P 500 held approximately 7.9% of its total assets in cash – a total amount of 721 billion dollars! Nevertheless, in three years, this figure increased to approximately 1,157 billion dollars. By the end of 2009, the same companies had almost 10% of their total assets “invested” in cash. This book is dedicated to investigating this increase in cash holdings in the course of only three years, a period that was heavily impacted by a financial crisis. The main objective is to identify what determines a company''s decision to enlarge its cash holdings, especially when confronted with an economic downturn. Existing theoretical approaches to explaining cash holdings (such as tradeoff, pecking order and free cash flow theory) are challenged by a data set prone to a severe financial as well as economic crisis.

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