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    This study aims at contributing towards enhancing the existing level of understanding with regard to the determinants of service quality and its effects on the behavior of customers in the Greek banking industry and narrowing the existing literature gap. We expect that the conclusions drawn will be welcome by the management of banking institutions and will be put to good use to progress their competitive market position. Previous research in international markets has shown that the corporate image of banking institutions to a large extend relies upon the excellence of their service delivery and their ability to sustain long-lasting relations with their customers. We hope our findings will become a useful basis for further research in the Greek or other financial services markets. A SERVQUAL type scale is developed especially customized for the Greek banking industry, assess the scale''s reliability and validity and detect its factorial structure....
  • Hersh Shefrin. A Behavioral Approach to Asset Pricing
    A Behavioral Approach to Asset Pricing
    Hersh Shefrin
    A Behavioral Approach to Asset Pricing
  • Alejandro Garcia-Monterde. A comparative case study between full acquisitions vs. joint ventures
    A comparative case study between full acquisitions vs. joint ventures
    Alejandro Garcia-Monterde
    Although this work specifically deals with one of Spain's largest multinational firms' international growth strategies it is also, in large part, an analysis of the impressive growth Spanish firms have attained in Latin America mostly since the mid 1980's. Just prior to this book's publication around May 2012, it would appear that much of the gains made by Spain's multinationals are unraveling with the recent announcements from the Argentinian, Venezuelan and Bolivian governments that they intend to nationalize many of Spain's top firms. While also dealing with the post credit crisis of 2008 austerity measures designed to combat record unemployment, high sovereign debt and struggling productivity, Spain must now endeavor to review its foreign commercial expansion strategies that would require greater diversification away from its cultural link with once friendly Latin American governments and economies. Other markets already entered into but not fully maximized are Central & Eastern...
  • Ehsan Kheradmand. A conceptual framework of Iranain stock market structural management
    A conceptual framework of Iranain stock market structural management
    Ehsan Kheradmand
    Iranian and Persian Gulf countries stock markets have similarities.Both are developing markets and low experienced. Besides,both of them are petroleum based markets.So organizational and managerial comparison between these markets helps markets not only increase strengths and opportunities but also decrease weaknesses and threats.The main purpose of this paper is to compare structural and managerial differences between Iranian and Persian Gulf (Saudi Arabia, United Arab of Emirates and Qatar)stock markets.The conceptual model is based on Mintzberg organizational structure which consists of five segments. These markets have similarities on supervision board, but have differences in other parts. In order to compare managerial differences between these markets we use SWOT analysis. We use managerial criterions in order to compare strengths and weaknesses between these markets.Besides we use relationship with international financial markets and experience of stock markets in order to...
  • Masum Shahriar. A Comprhensive Study on the Stock Market of Khluna
    A Comprhensive Study on the Stock Market of Khluna
    Masum Shahriar
    Funds for investment from savers to borrowers are channelled through financial system. Thus financial system is the absolute vital for the proper functioning of any capitalistic economy. Capital market plays a great role by channellings the funds to those who can make better and productive uses that improve the living standard. Capital market includes primary and secondary market. It is encouraging to see that the capital market of Bangladesh is growing. In these circumstances, the satisfaction of the retail customer is truly very important as they are an important part of it. But many times it has been observed that they are the major victim of crash and come to the street which can be a threat for this market to sustain for the long run. The objectives of this study was to find out the general information of the investors, their current status and their structure of investment and whether they have real knowledge about the capital market or not. Another major objective of this study...
  • A Dissertation report on The Secure Online Banking
    A Dissertation report on The Secure Online Banking
    Financial institutions are the biggest motivators for technocrats in terms of information and online transactions. Banking institutions advanced in the field of technology. They are first in adopting latest technology. This decade is the dedicated to online banking. Banks provides the service from long time but its implementation among customers is not raised as per expectations. But after enhancement in security in online banking, banks will strives to get more customers to use online banking. The current scenario increases the pace of online banking. Despite this, security and other constraints mess the growth of online banking. To make a great success, banks and its IT solutions partners implement various security methodologies like implementation of secure socket layer, security protocols and fraud detection, two way authentication methods for authorise transaction.The SSLestablishes secure connection that enhances the security in online banking in bits transmission. This work...
  • Farrukh Saleem. A Feasibility Analysis of Marginal Trading System
    A Feasibility Analysis of Marginal Trading System
    Farrukh Saleem
    This research is done to find out how effective MTS introduction would be for the Pakistani Stock Markets. An evaluation of the existed products is conducted. A list of steps and methods which would be used to implement the Marginal Trading System are identified and analyzed. The predictions about the aftermaths of MTS implementation has also been mentioned but these are the predictions which we extracted after squeezing our research work. Throughout this research project the words “MTS” and “Marginal Trading System are interchangeably used.
  • Faith Kandie. A handbook on the determinants of interest rates in Kenya
    A handbook on the determinants of interest rates in Kenya
    Faith Kandie
    This is a handbook on determinants of lending interest rates in microfinance institutions in Kenya and it contains an in-depth coverage of the following determinants: • Operation costs • Risk factors • Market structure Recognizing interest rates as a critical factor to lending of loans Faith provides expert advice on how Microfinance can improve their performance through engaging in comprehensive review of their lending rates so that they can become more appealing to loan borrowers.
  • Francesco Giuliani. A Journey Through the Capital Structure of the Banking Sector
    A Journey Through the Capital Structure of the Banking Sector
    Francesco Giuliani
    Francesco Giuliani has merged a practitioner and an academic approach to the banking sector: this book, derived from his doctoral thesis, focuses on the evolution of debt and equity during the recent financial crisis (2008-2012). Francesco has an extensive experience on fixed income derivatives and balance sheet analysis; he proposes an alternative reading from the standard RWA model (regulatory model) to assess the capital adequacy of major players in the banking sector with respect to market risk. Francesco has been working for a major European investment bank for 12 years, covering financial institutions in the field of fixed income products.
  • Wai-Ching Poon. A Monetary Policy Rule: The Augmented Monetary Conditions Index
    A Monetary Policy Rule: The Augmented Monetary Conditions Index
    Wai-Ching Poon
    Previous studies suggested Monetary Conditions Index (hereafter MCI) serves as an indicator of the monetary policy stance to capture the degree of tightness of the monetary policy. The weights of the MCI in the model reflect long-term effects of the interest rate and the exchange rate on the economic activity. Nevertheless, MCIs may not be used as an operational target as it is not resilient to shock identification. Recognizing the caveats upon its usage empirically, the augmented MCI (AMCI) is contemplated by incorporating other informative variables into the conventional model. Since monetary policy affects the price level through a number of transmission mechanisms, other variables need to be incorporated to AMCI to account for possible channels in the transmission mechanisms. First, the weight of the AMCI is estimated, and the lag effect on the real GDP is identified using Autoregression Distribution Lags (ARDL) approach. Bounds test reveals evidence of cointegration for...
  • Meriem Djennas,Mustapha Djennas and Mohamed Benbouziane. A Neural Network-Genetic Algorithm Hybrid Model for Forecasting
    A Neural Network-Genetic Algorithm Hybrid Model for Forecasting
    Meriem Djennas,Mustapha Djennas and Mohamed Benbouziane
    Prediction of exchange rate is one of the most leading financial problems because of its intrinsic difficulty and practical applications. In recent years, many nonlinear models have been proposed in the literature to modify the results of prediction in order to improve the forecasting performance of high frequency exchange rates. Neural networks and chaotic models are among models that have been exploited and have shown promising results. The main objective of our research is to conduct a comparative evaluation of nonlinear models on a series of data and variables and to verify the predictive power of neural models under the same experimental conditions. This study uses a criterion to evaluate the model performance: the root of the mean squared error. Our study will be applied on US-Dollar/Kuwaiti-Dinar exchange rate.
  • Jahnavi K Dubal. A Research On The Management Of The Co-operative Bank
    A Research On The Management Of The Co-operative Bank
    Jahnavi K Dubal
    Today Banks have become a part and parcel of our life. It was the time when the dwellers of city alone could enjoy their services, but now it is not so. Gradually, banks have emerged with different services and innovative technologies. Apart from their traditional business oriented functions, they have now come out to fulfill national responsibilities. Today's Banks cater to the needs of agriculture, industrialists, traders, working women, students and to all other sections of the society. Thus they accelerate the economic growth of a country and steer the wheels of the economy towards its goal of "Self reliance in all fields". Hence, today, banking sector has become the lifeline of the economy. Nowadays, Co-Operative banks are progressing very fast than other commercial or nationalized banks. The customer service, lending services and other banking facilities given to the society is being better than other banks. So People are also being attracted and interested in Co-Operative...
  • Fazelina Sahul Hamid. A Study Of Risk Taking Behavior In The Malaysian Stock Market
    A Study Of Risk Taking Behavior In The Malaysian Stock Market
    Fazelina Sahul Hamid
    The lack of retail participation in the Malaysian stock market in recent time poses a very interesting question: what are reasons that are making the retail investors to shy away from the market now given the fact that they accounted for about 60 percent of the volume in the market during the 90’s? In light of this, the present study examines the risk taking behavior of retail investors in the Malaysian stock market using the theoretical framework proposed by Sitkin and Pablo (1992) in order to see if risk aversion is a factor that is causing the retail investors to participate less in the market. In assessing their risk taking behavior, situational characteristics, problem characteristics and also individual characteristics are looked into. The findings show that risk preference and inertia had significant effect on risk propensity whereas problem domain familiarity had significant effect on risk perception. This study failed to confirm the mediating role of risk propensity and...
  • Abhinava Singh and Siddharth Das. A Study of Modern Blood Banking in India
    A Study of Modern Blood Banking in India
    Abhinava Singh and Siddharth Das
    This study is an attempt to highlight the current state of blood banking in the country with a focus on the operations of Prathama Blood Centre. A constructive survey of the public about their opinion and perceptions about blood donations & Prathama has also been carried out. Although the blood bank is supposed to work on societal lines it has to professionally manage its activities and operations to maintain quality service and its reputation as one of India's leading modern blood bank. This work shall be highly useful to policy makers and managers associated with the blood banking sector and also those who are pursuing research in the area of societal marketing and blood banking.
  • Buvaneswari P.. A Study on Advances by Scheduled Commercial Banks
    A Study on Advances by Scheduled Commercial Banks
    Buvaneswari P.
    Indian banking sector, which withstood the turmoil of the global financial crisis during 2008-09, started showing some signs of stress during the subsequent period. Performance of Indian banks during the post-crisis period was conditioned to a large extent by fragile recovery of the global financial markets as well as a challenging operational environment on the domestic front, with high inflation and muted growth performance. Bank lending was the principal focus of monetary policy under the credit planning approach adopted in 1967-’68. However, in the wake of banking sector reforms, various restrictions on banks’ balance sheet were withdrawn and direct credit controls largely dismantled, though in a phased manner. Directed investments were also reduced to a significant extent. The system of administered lending rates was also dismantled and various other restrictions on banks’ lending were gradually removed in order to enable banks to operate in a flexible manner. This leads to a...
  • Mohammad Riaz Khan. A Study of the Working of Central Cooperative Bank
    A Study of the Working of Central Cooperative Bank
    Mohammad Riaz Khan
    The aim of this book is to provide the detailed information and data to advance the knowledge of the students,researchers and bank officials who are interested in the study of working of Cooperative Banks.This book has a detailed discussion on origin & growth,rules for membership and management patterns, share capital, working capital,borrowings and loan operations of Central Cooperative Bank.Besides,the policies of the Central Cooperative Bank announces by the Government for grant the loans to the members has also been highlighted in this book.
  • Suriya Murthi,Mahalakshmi V. and Karthik R.. A Study on Customer Perception towards Internet Banking
    A Study on Customer Perception towards Internet Banking
    Suriya Murthi,Mahalakshmi V. and Karthik R.
    This book was carried out to validate the conceptual model of internet banking. Internet banking is still at infancy stage in the world. Many studies focused on usage of internet banking but many factors on non-usage were overlooked. This research was carried out to validate the conceptual model of internet banking. The causes were identified and researched through correcting the causative factors so that internet banking can be used by more people. This will help the banking operations to be more cost effective. The research is focused on what are the customer’s perceptions about internet banking and what are the drivers that drive consumers. How consumers have accepted internet banking and how to improve the usage rate were the focus of research area in this study. The purpose of this research is to determine the factors influencing acceptance level of internet banking by the bank customers. The study revealed that education, gender, income plays an important role in usage of...
  • M. Thukaram. A Study of Customer Services in Regional Rural Banks
    A Study of Customer Services in Regional Rural Banks
    M. Thukaram
    A service marketing is a new area of modern marketing management. Services industries are quite varied. Such as: (i) airlines (ii) banks (iii) hotels (iv) insurance companies (v) management consulting firms (vi) medical practices (vii) motion picture companies (viii) plumbing repair companies (ix) real estate firms (x) healthcare (xi) tourism (xii) transport (xiii) personnel care (xiv) entertainment (xv) tele-communications and similar services, which attract the profession of marketing.In India, 75% of rural population comprise small/marginal farmers and landless labour and other disadvantaged sections of society. These sections need credit support for economic development. A large section of this population still depends on the informal credit system, which charges exorbitant rates of interest6. Government of India has identified the basic need of providing the rural credit to the agriculture sector, as the rural farmers are facing a lot of financial problem. Customer service is...
  • Govindaraj Veerakumaran and Ajitha Suresh. A Study on Customer Satisfaction in a Co-Operative Bank
    A Study on Customer Satisfaction in a Co-Operative Bank
    Govindaraj Veerakumaran and Ajitha Suresh
    Throughout the world Cooperative Banks are trying to serve the suppressed and depressed mass. In India particularly in the state of Kerala, cooperative movement has developed significantly and cooperative banks cater the needs of members and non-members. This book deals with the functioning of a Central Cooperative Bank and studied the level of customer satisfaction by using SERVQUAL tools. Those who are interested to know the competitive strength of cooperative banks and its professionalized management must read this book. If graduate students want to study the customer satisfaction of banks they can use this as a model. The financial performance analysis of the bank will also set a standard for further studies. It could also be used as case study material to teach the students of banking and finance.This is also a significant contribution to the literatures on cooperative sector.
  • Hummayoun Naeem. A TQM Model for Commercial Branch Banking Operations
    A TQM Model for Commercial Branch Banking Operations
    Hummayoun Naeem
    The TQM Model for Commercial Branch Banking Operations, developed by Dr. Hummayoun Naeem, is an original contribution to the body of knowledge having lots of applied aspects. In academic world, the said model has been cited as an independent school of thought. In corporate world, commercial banks may use this approach to develop competitive advantage in the market. Institutions offering financial services may benefit from the proposed model to ensure their future sustainability.

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