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  • Kenneth Boyd,Kate Mooney. 1,001 Accounting Practice Problems For Dummies
    1,001 Accounting Practice Problems For Dummies
    Kenneth Boyd,Kate Mooney
    Features: 1,001 accounting practice problems Detailed, step??“by??“step answers and explanations for every problem Problems on a wide range of accounting topics, including the bookkeeping cycle, understanding and reporting profit, the elements of
  • George Ekeha. 101 Financial Accounting Practices
    101 Financial Accounting Practices
    George Ekeha
    More often that not, our accounting practices at the corporate levels have been very different from what actually goes on in our schools and universities. Many of our graduate students in accounting get into the real world of work and realised that whatever they learned in the classrooms haven’t much impact on the practice of accounting in the corporate environment. It is very pathetic to see graduates in accounting with very good honours but cannot conduct a simple bank reconciliation investigation when they got to the office. The business or corporate environments, I agreed, differ from one industry to another and also from one particular organisation to the other. However, there are various issues which are very common with any accounting practice, such as taxation and VAT. There is also a generally accepted practices in the business environment which are practicable within every organisation. This book is compiled to help aspiring accounting professionals to engage themselves in...
  • Financial Accounting Standards Board (FA. 2005 Original Pronouncements (Accounting Standards Original Pronouncements; 3-Volume Set)
    2005 Original Pronouncements (Accounting Standards Original Pronouncements; 3-Volume Set)
    Financial Accounting Standards Board (FA
    Book DescriptionThe 2005 FASB Accounting Standards publications give accounting professionals and financial executives a complete source of the current authoritative accounting pronouncements issued by the FASB and its predecessors. ORIGINAL PRONOUNCEMNTS The 2005 Original Pronouncements contains the FASB and AICPA pronouncements in three volumes: * Original Pronouncements: Volume I-FASB Statements 1-120 (0-471-73791-7) * Original Pronouncements: Volume II- FASB Statements 121-154 (0-471-73791-7) * Original Pronouncements: Volume III-AICPA Pronouncements and FASB Interpretations, Technical Bulletins, FASB Staff Positions, and Concepts Statements (0-471-73791-7) Features * All Pronouncements amended by subsequent pronouncements reflect those amendments. * New in 2005-includes all current FASB Staff Positions. * Status pages before each pronouncement identify sources of changes and other...
  • Financial Accounting Standards Board. 2003 Financial Accounting Research System (FARS) CD: Academic Version for Windows
    2003 Financial Accounting Research System (FARS) CD: Academic Version for Windows
    Financial Accounting Standards Board
    This CD-ROM is made up of five FASB infobases: Original Pronouncements, Current Text, EITF Abstracts, Staff Implementation Guides, and Comprehensive Topical Index, each of which is designed to resemble the printed version of the original documents as much as possible. The accounting literature within the infobases can be accessed in three different ways: through the Table of Contents window, through the topical index, and through user-defined queries and predefined query templates.
  • Ruppell. 2003-2004 Miller not for Profit Org W/CD
    2003-2004 Miller not for Profit Org W/CD
    2003-2004 Miller not for Profit Org W/CD
  • Financial Accounting Standards Board. 2004 Current Text (Accounting Standards Current Text)
    2004 Current Text (Accounting Standards Current Text)
    Financial Accounting Standards Board
    Book DescriptionThe FASB current text is a topical integration of currently effective accounting and reporting standards. Material is drawn from FASB Statements of Financial Accounting Standards and FASB Interpretations, AICPA Accounting Research Bulletins and APB Opinions. Volume I (General Standards) contains those standards that are generally applicable to all enterprises. Volume II (Industry Standards) contains specialized standards that are applicable to not-for-profit organizations and enterprises operating in specific industries. Each year these manuals are updated to reflect changes in standards. Intended a supplement to a course in Intermediate Accounting, Advanced Accounting, or Accounting Theory.
  • Shani Shamah. A Currency Options Primer
    A Currency Options Primer
    Shani Shamah
    Book DescriptionA quick and concise guide to currency options An understanding of currency options is essential for those working in investment and foreign exchange. A Currency Options Primer sets out to give readers a clear guide to how the currency option market functions, offering practical advice on mastering the necessary components and concepts for fully understanding the workings of this market.Download Description"In recent years, currencies of major industrial nations have fluctuated widely in response to trade imbalances, interest rates, commodity prices, and political uncertainty. The pressure to maintain currency parity has led to the breakdown of many exchange rate mechanisms, and has forced the need for active foreign exchangehedging decisions to prevent the erosion of profit margins. To counteract this worldwide market volatility, currency options were developed as an alternative risk management tool to the spot and forward foreign exchange market, and owe their...
  • Ronan McIvor. A Study Of Performance Measurement In The Outsourcing Decision
    A Study Of Performance Measurement In The Outsourcing Decision
    Ronan McIvor
    A Study Of Performance Measurement In The Outsourcing Decision
  • Cozma Ighian Diana Sabina. Accounting valuations
    Accounting valuations
    Cozma Ighian Diana Sabina
    Unifying the economical-financial information at an international level represents today, within the context of the globalization and integration of the financial markets around the world, an important and urgent demand. One of the coordinates of accounting globalization is the fair value based valuation system. This paper describes the controversial history of fair value measurement and the main novelties in the field of fair value measurement, arising from the international convergence process. But the concept of fair value has been the source of vivid debates with regards to its meaning in contemporary accountancy, both in theory and in practice. So, we find it necessary to explore the arguments for and against fair value and tries to find out whether advantages are superior to disadvantages of fair value measurements. Due to the ever increasing importance of the concept of fair value, we have decided it was relevant to focus our research work on the analysis of how this concept...
  • Jerry J. Weygandt, Donald E. Kieso, Paul D. Kimmel. Accounting Principles, Chapters 1-13, Study Guide
    Accounting Principles, Chapters 1-13, Study Guide
    Jerry J. Weygandt, Donald E. Kieso, Paul D. Kimmel
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  • Heenaba B. Zala. Accounting Practices in Business
    Accounting Practices in Business
    Heenaba B. Zala
    Today, the business world is very competitive and the cost of businesses is going up. Because of high competition and rising cost of business transactions, the margin available to the owners of business becomes very thin. Therefore, the businessmen have to improve the financial performance of the business by monitoring and measuring the results of business regularly. Accounting and the accounting practices play a significant role in arriving at the overall result at the end of the year by meticulously recording every transaction during the year.Through present research study, the researcher tries to find out which accounting practices have been adopted by wholesalers and retailers of Jamnagar district and tries to give suggestions to improve the accounting practices in business.This research work is mainly based on primary data and information has been collected with the help of structured questionnaire from randomly selected 100 respondent, 50 wholesalers and 50 retailers of Jamnagar...
  • Malcolm Howard. Accounting and Business Valuation Methods
    Accounting and Business Valuation Methods
    Malcolm Howard
    Accounting and Business Valuation Methods
  • Nikhil Chandra Shil and Alok Kumar Pramanik. Accounting for Value Added
    Accounting for Value Added
    Nikhil Chandra Shil and Alok Kumar Pramanik
    Value added is a concept used in accounting and economics literatuer with a very close meaning. It signifies the value added by a company or a country during a certain period and thus very important for evaluation of performance. Conventional income statement doesn't report this and thus in UK, the practice of value added reporting starts with the publication of The Corporate Report. Later on, the concept of value added gained so popularity that companies in different countries started to publish value added statement voluntarily. The statement has two parts: first part deals with value creation and the second part deals with the distribution of same. Later on, expanded value added statements, a special form of value added reporting, has emerged to accomodate social and environmental reporting within the mainstream framework. Such incorporation increases the scope and utility of the statement. However, such statement is not a mendatory requirement, goes to the discretion of management...
  • Eric E. Cohen. Accountant's Guide to the Internet
    Accountant's Guide to the Internet
    Eric E. Cohen
    This updated and revised authoritative guide is essential to finding business resources and opportunities available in cyberspace. Written by a practicing СPA, this key reference arrives hilly modernized to accommodate the rapid changes in the environment of the Internet. Based on the author`s exhaustive research - which includes interviews with many of the nation`s leading accounting, software, and communications experts - the `Second Edition` will show you how to take advantage of the explosion of information resources and business opportunities now available to accountants on the Internet and the World Wide Web. For both novices and experienced Net navigators, all the bases are covered to assist you in keeping pace with current technology. Beginners learn the basics of getting connected and finding their way around the Internet, its relevance in public practice and industry, and how it will impact the profession in the future. More experienced users will discover...
  • Salem Udoh. Accounting Communication And Users’ Expectations
    Accounting Communication And Users’ Expectations
    Salem Udoh
    Annual reports at present, against past remedying efforts, still score low in clarity, readers’ interest, investment decision usefulness and understandability among other desirable attributes; this empirical study in Lagos has confirmed. This work originally submitted as Masters Thesis in 2008 prescribes novel disclosures extension which users sampled herein confirm will enhance the information value (valence) of future annual reports and satisfy their expectations. This monograph will hence give more use value as a guide on financial statements formats, presentation and disclosures to policy makers, regulators, and standard setting bodies including IFAC, IASB and IOSCO among others on one hand; and also to global investment community, general preparers and readers of annual reports and researchers as methodology guide.
  • Robert Kirk. accountancy standards in Depth
    accountancy standards in Depth
    Robert Kirk
    accountancy standards in Depth
  • David Otley. Accounting Control and Organisational Behaviour
    Accounting Control and Organisational Behaviour
    David Otley
    Accounting Control and Organisational Behaviour
  • Jerry J. Weygandt. Accounting Principles, with PepsiCo Annual Report, Problem Solving Survival Guide, Volume II, Chapters 14-27
    Accounting Principles, with PepsiCo Annual Report, Problem Solving Survival Guide, Volume II, Chapters 14-27
    Jerry J. Weygandt
    Book DescriptionAccounting Principles, Seventh Edition addresses the issues that our customers-- instructors and students-- have said are important. These include student success, student motivation, student problem-solving skills, student decision-making skills, and technology to assist learning and technology to assist teaching. Click on www.wiley.com/college/wkk for details on how we address each of these issues.
  • Sri Nivas Madishetti and Ganka Daniel Nyamsogoro. Accounting for Corporate Securities
    Accounting for Corporate Securities
    Sri Nivas Madishetti and Ganka Daniel Nyamsogoro
    In this book, Accounting for Corporate Securities, we present an easy to follow step by step discussion on accounting for shares and debentures as key corporate securities. At the beginning of each chapter specific learning objectives are described. Several illustrations are provided on each key concept and its respective accounting treatment. In addition, at the end of the chapters, we provide self-assessment questions to help easy review of the chapter coverage. Problems provide a better way to practice and ensure that the learning objectives can be easily met. Where applicable, hints to solutions to the problems have been given to facilitate learners to check correctness of their answers on the attempted problems. Key words listed at the end of each chapter provide a quick reference for all key concepts learned in the chapter.
  • Denis Durepos. Accounting for Not-For-Profit Organizations
    Accounting for Not-For-Profit Organizations
    Denis Durepos
    Accounting for Not-For-Profit Organizations discusses the accounting standards tailored for Not-For-Profit Organizations (NFPOs). Whilst both the United States and Canadian standards are discussed, an emphasis is placed on a Canadian context. The book traces the development of the accounting standards from the first conceptual frameworks developed by the Financial Accounting Standards Board (FASB) in the United States in 1979 to the eventual release of the Canadian Institute of Chartered Accountants (CICA) standards that came into effect in 1997. An explanation and breakdown of each CICA standard is then provided. The book concludes by examining actual financial statements issued by NFPOs in 1996, the year before the new Canadian standards come into effect. The latter is done to determine the work organizations needed to complete in order to adhere to the new Canadian standards.

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