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  • Зурабян С.Э.. Fundamentals of bioorganic chemistry
    Fundamentals of bioorganic chemistry
    Зурабян С.Э.
    The textbook is based on modern organic chemistry and considers the structure and chemical transformations of organic compounds, especially those that have biological importance. Special attention is given to the chemical reactions that have analogies in living systems. The book contains about 250 tasks on all topics and solutions for them. This book conforms to the Federal Educational Program on Bioorganic Chemistry for medical schools and universities. It is meant for students who study Bioorganic Chemistry during one term. The book may also be useful for teachers and students of specialized sec ondary schools with instruction conducted in English and colleges, whose main interest is medicine, pharmacy, biology and agriculture.
  • Левчук И.П.. Life Safety in Medicine
    Life Safety in Medicine
    Левчук И.П.
    The course book highlights six principle topics of the module "First Aid" as a part of the subject "Health and Safety, Disaster Medicine" and contains key questions for each part as well as cases and provisional tests for the students' self-control. This book can be helpful for the students taught by means of e-educational systems (including distant learning). The course book is designed for the tertiary medical students taught in English as well as for the foreign students attending classes as a part of the Russian-speaking groups. It can be used as complementary reading by the clinical residents, graduate students, medical students, secondary medical schools students and medical-college students learning English.

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