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  • Sharon Stasney. Feng Shui Your Kitchen
    Feng Shui Your Kitchen
    Sharon Stasney
    Using the principles of feng shui to understand how this very important room reflects your personality, patterns, and relationships. These designs are more than blueprints for redecorating the space; they are guidelines for improving your home life. Charts and a questionnaire will help you pinpoint your "type": for example, if you like to get up and go in the morning and enjoy trying new things, you will probably favour a room done in wood. Unique feng shui techniques: area solutions, advice on where to put things, and suggestions for shifting just a few items to make the design more compatible with your behaviour patterns and preferences.
  • Lark Books. Focus: Love: Your World, Your Images
    Focus: Love: Your World, Your Images
    Lark Books
    This is a beautiful gathering of images each representing the universal symbol of love. These amateur photographers have found heart shapes everywhere, from graffiti to stones on a forest floor. This stunning collection will make the perfect gift for Valentine's Day or just to brighten a loved one's day! Amateurs, by definition, work for love alone - so what subject is more fitting for the first entry in a brand-new series focusing on the art of the amateur photographer than that potent symbol of love: the heart? These snapshot-hungry photographers glimpse hearts everywhere: in graffiti scrawled on an alleyway wall, in paper cut by a child and in nature's worn stones scattered on a forest floor.
  • C. J. Petersen. Glass House. The Art of Decorating with Light
    Glass House. The Art of Decorating with Light
    C. J. Petersen
    With more than 175 gorgeous photos, this illuminating guide illustrates the myriad ways glass windows, walls, doors, skylights, entryways, partitions, and accents can add both drama and warmth to a home. Just as the material itself is transparent, the functional and aesthetic potential of glass is also invisible to many people. But these luminous images reveal that not only is glass an architectural focal point in its own right, but also it allows us to exploit the beauty and flow of natural light—a crucial element in a well-designed space. That’s why the discussion begins with a look at lighting exposures. Special sections then break down the different types of glass structures, with the pros and cons of each, while style guides throughout help you to choose exactly the right type for your home, décor, and taste. Each chapter ends with a look at a different type of art glass technique, from stained to beveled and beyond.
  • Chalmers Jamie. Push Stitchery: 30 Artists Explore the Boundaries of Stitched Art
    Push Stitchery: 30 Artists Explore the Boundaries of Stitched Art
    Chalmers Jamie
    Announcing PUSH, a new series devoted to indie-crafters and artists pushing the boundaries of traditional crafting mediums! Curated by Jamie Chalmers - aka Mr. X Stitch, a leading figure in the new embroidery movement - PUSH Stitchery profiles the cutting-edge creative work of 30 top stitching artists from around the world. Each designer is showcased with six to eight pages of gallery-style imagery. A fascinating question-and-answer section, along with bios, make this innovative and inspirational book a must-have for anyone interested in blurring the lines between craft and art.

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