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  • Powell-Tuck Maudie. A Very Merry Christmas
    A Very Merry Christmas
    Powell-Tuck Maudie
    Snuggle up with your little one and share this wonderfully festive story about the many different ways we celebrate Christmas. Mr and Mrs Mouse are having a party. But their guests arrive with the strangest things: dinosaur cakes, cactuses... "This isn't like Christmas at all!" squeaks Mr Mouse. Little does he realise things are about to get very Christmasssy indeed! This sturdy board book is the perfect way to introduce young children to different Christmas traditions. Toddler-tough pages will withstand wear and tear and little hands will love the squishy padded cover - with special sparkles! A laugh-out-loud winter story with something for children and adults alike!
  • Litton Jonathan. Anatomy for Babies
    Anatomy for Babies
    Litton Jonathan
    Welcome class! Are you ready to learn about anatomy? Bold artwork, lively explanations and a lift-the-flap surprise at the end will keep children entertained and engaged. Parents might learn something too!
  • Walden Libby. As We Grow. The journey of life...
    As We Grow. The journey of life...
    Walden Libby
    No one knows what lies aheador who they'll grow to be, It's all a part of growing up - the journey to be me... In this stunning picture book, Richard Jones enchanting illustrations sensitively depict each stage of life and the journey of transformation that we undergo as we grow up.
  • McGee Marni. Best Christmas Ever!
    Best Christmas Ever!
    McGee Marni
    Christmas is only a day away, and Millicent Mouse has scrubbed and dusted and baked, until everything is perfect! But when Millicent's friends need help, her plans go topsy-turvy! How will she have her perfect Christmas now?
  • Galloway Fhiona, Litton Jonathan. Boo! A book of spooky surprises
    Boo! A book of spooky surprises
    Galloway Fhiona, Litton Jonathan
    Join Pumpkin and his friends in this spooky game of peekaboo! Follow the rhyming story to find out who is playing Halloween tricks and planning a spooky surprise. With bright artwork, colourful characters and ingenious finger holes Boo is definitely more treat than trick.
  • Hegarty Patricia. Everybody’s Welcome
    Everybody’s Welcome
    Hegarty Patricia

  • Lawrence Sandra. Festivals and Celebrations
    Festivals and Celebrations
    Lawrence Sandra
    Wherever they are in the world, people love to celebrate; as the seasons change, so do the festivities. This vibrantly illustrated book takes a look at some of the brightest, strangest, funniest and most beautiful festivals on the planet.
  • Otter Isabel. First Words Everywhere: A Wonderful Book of Words
    First Words Everywhere: A Wonderful Book of Words
    Otter Isabel
    Welcome to a world of words! Discover 100 first words split into fun and helpful categories in this colourful book, with raised pieces and cheerful rhymes on every page.
  • Lenton Steven. Five Christmas Penguins
    Five Christmas Penguins
    Lenton Steven
    1, 2, 3... party! Five cheeky penguins are getting ready for the best celebration of the year - it's Christmas! A Christmas counting book with super-snazzy illustrations! Get your toddler excited about Christmas as they count the cheeky little penguins throughout. With a lovely squishy and shiny cover and fabulously festive scenes, this jolly little book makes a wonderfully festive present for toddlers and preschoolers. From the illustrator behind the best-selling Shifty McGifty and Slippery Sam.
  • Lenton Steven. Five Silly Snowmen
    Five Silly Snowmen
    Lenton Steven
    Count the silly snowmen as they bounce and race and zoom into space! A hilarious Christmassy counting book with super fun illustrations and silly snowman scenes. This is a perfect winter-themed book to read together and an ideal Christmas present for toddlers and preschoolers who are learning to count. With a shiny, squishy cover for little hands! From the illustrator of the best-selling Shifty McGifty and Slippery Sam!
  • Walden Libby. Foods of the World
    Foods of the World
    Walden Libby
    Delve into kitchens around the globe and sample a vast array of culinary delights with this beautifully illustrated book. Uncover tasty treats, unique utensils and fascinating food facts as you experience the diverse foods of the world.
  • Hart Owen. I'll Love You For Ever
    I'll Love You For Ever
    Hart Owen
    Travel through the seasons with Polar Bear and Cub as they discover the world and the wonders within it. Although snow melts and leaves turn golden, Cub learns that a parent's love will never change. A beautiful, picture book celebration of the eternal bond between parent and child. Heart-warming illustrations from Sean Julian (A Friend Like You and My Dad!) bring Owen Hart's gentle, reassuring rhyming story to life. Perfect for both mums and dads to share with their little ones.
  • Chapman Jane. Is It Christmas Yet?
    Is It Christmas Yet?
    Chapman Jane
    Christmas is coming and Ted is so excited. "Is it Christmas yet"? he cries. Poor Ted - will it EVER be Christmas?
  • Corderoy Tracey. It's Christmas!
    It's Christmas!
    Corderoy Tracey
    It's Christmas! And Archie is SO EXCITED! He's full of ideas to make this the most Christmassy Christmas EVER... Uh-oh - look out! Everyone's favourite rhino is back for a brilliantly funny festive romp, featuring homemade Christmas jumpers and an unexpected snowstorm! The latest addition to this award-winning series from Tracey Corderoy and Tim Warnes (No!, Why?, Now! and More!) is the perfect book for little ones who just can't wait for Christmas!
  • Maudie Powell-Tuck. Last Stop on the Reindeer Express
    Last Stop on the Reindeer Express
    Maudie Powell-Tuck
    Mia misses her Daddy. Without him, Christmas has lost its magic. But when Mia discovers a world within a mysterious post box, she is whisked away on a truly wonderful adventure over sparkling seas and streets of paper stars. But what will Mia find at the end of her journey? A magical tale of love and adventure, brought to life by peep-through pages, lift-the-flaps and breath-taking illustrations from Karl James Mountford (The Curious Case of the Missing Mammoth).
  • Hegarty Patricia. Moon
    Hegarty Patricia
    Have you ever wondered why the moon shines in the night-time sky? As the moon waxes and wanes above, the world below is full of busy night-time creatures; from turtles laying their eggs on white sandy beaches, to migrating birds using the moon to navigate their way to sunnier climes. Turn the peek-through pages to see the moon change shape as it goes through the lunar cycle.
  • Meredith Samantha. My Christmas Toy Box (board book)
    My Christmas Toy Box (board book)
    Meredith Samantha
    A perfect Christmas gift. Open up this handy little book to see all the exciting Christmas toys. With bright, jolly illustrations, this shaped board book is ideal for little ones just learning their first words. Its easy-to-grip handle and noisy rattle to shake make it a perfect Christmas book for toddlers.
  • M. Christina Butler. One Cosy Christmas
    One Cosy Christmas
    M. Christina Butler
    Little Hedgehog can't wait to spend Christmas with his friends. But who's eaten all the biscuits? Who's that snoring at night? And why is Little Hedgehog's hat missing? Is Christmas ruined, or can the friends make it perfect after all? One Cosy Christmas is a fabulously festive addition to the best-selling Little Hedgehog series (One Snowy Rescue, One Noisy Night, One Special Christmas, One Christmas Night). With wonderfully gentle illustrations from Tina Macnaughton and soft fuzzy textures throughout, this is the perfect gift for Little Hedgehog fans this Christmas!
  • Butler M. Christina. One Special Christmas
    One Special Christmas
    Butler M. Christina
    From the best-selling Little Hedgehog series comes another festive treat, just in time for Christmas! A brand-new Little Hedgehog paperback from the talented M Christina Butler and Tina Macnaughton. It's Christmas - but poor Santa has a cold! So Little Hedgehog sets out with a sledge full of presents. "Santa's helper is on the way!" But there are too many presents for one little hedgehog to handle. Perhaps he needs some help from his friends? With wonderfully wintry illustrations and soft touch-and-feels throughout, One Special Christmas is guaranteed to become a firm Christmas favourite.
  • Smallman Steve. Puppy's First Christmas
    Puppy's First Christmas
    Smallman Steve
    It's Puppy's first ever Christmas! Mum's been in the kitchen for days, there's a massive tree inside the house and the children have nailed their socks to the wall. What will happen next?

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