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  • Andres Fredes. Around Europe Promotion
    Around Europe Promotion
    Andres Fredes
    Welcome to a new edition of the "Around Europe" series, this time, about "Promotion". As in previous editions, this book series visits different European countries in search of the most interesting graphic design by a wide variety of studios whose work stands out for its quality. This volume offers a journey across Europe's best graphic design in the field of "Promotion" and allows you to savour the wide menu which European graphic artists are capable of offering.
  • Graphic Details: A Style Guide to Patterns and Applications
    Graphic Details: A Style Guide to Patterns and Applications
    Showcasing the most progressive currents in pattern design and application, the book includes designs created specially for this book. Full-page graphics invite readers to explore the patterns in all their exhilaratingly intricate detail, while colour ways demonstrate the versatility of the designs and lavish photographs show how the patterns can be applied to breathtaking effect. A bold, beautiful anthology with a finger on creative talents to watch, this volume is a visually intoxicating treat for designers, artists and those who relish their genius.
  • Well-seasoned: Best of Restaurant Graphics
    Well-seasoned: Best of Restaurant Graphics
    Can the graphic identity of a restaurant transmit the aromas, colours and flavours of the dishes presented in a menu, even before the first dish arrives at the table? Is experimental cuisine a Futura font or a Times? All these questions and many more are answered in Well-seasoned which features dozens of restaurants from around the world with a graphic identity that transmits an overwhelming array of sensations to their customers. Widely documented with hundreds of photographs, Well-seasoned is an essential reference guide for those interested in the design of restaurants' graphic identities.

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