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  • Guillamont. Steaming Basics: 97 Recipes
    Steaming Basics: 97 Recipes
    Often overlooked, steaming is an easy way to cook healthy meals at home. The versatility of cooking with steam is often overshadowed by its association with low-fat foods and dieting. The recipes in Steaming Basics produce hearty dishes that will satisfy the palates of the most demanding family members. The book covers: Condiments, butters and sauces; Dim sum favourites; Easy vegetables; Stuffed dishes; Light suppers; Dishes in papillotes (a cooking method that involves wrapping meats, fish or vegetables in greased paper); Desserts. The reinvented classics and Asian recipes include: Light tartar sauce; Shrimp dumplings; Asparagus with hollandaise sauce; Salmon and spinach in papillotes; Chinese cabbage rolls; Party dips; Clams with herbed butter; Chicken with soy sauce; Couscous balls; Honey cake; Creme caramel. The My Cooking Class series takes a refreshing approach to learning the art of home cooking. The recipes are presented in complete visual sequences from start to finish, and every ingredient and every step is shown from above in full colour so it's as true to life as possible - just like a real cooking course. Written instructions accompany each recipe, and specialized tasks, such as making homemade pasta, are clearly demonstrated. Variations, notes and glossaries are welcome additions to each class. My Cooking Class replicates a professional cooking course and will transform how home cooks learn to prepare dishes and meals. Every ingredient, pot, pan and tool is shown, not just described, making this new visual cookbook format deliciously simple.

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