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  • Eugene Ching, Nora Chi, Ling Yan. 201 Mandarin Chinese Verbs
    201 Mandarin Chinese Verbs
    Eugene Ching, Nora Chi, Ling Yan
    This valuable language reference book presents 201 of the most often-used Mandarin Chinese monosyllabic verbs, with compounds and phrases for each verb. This title departs from Barron’s more typical 201/501 Verbs books in that it does not present conjugation tables. Chinese verbs cannot be conjugated because they do not change to indicate tense, person, or number. This book presents each verb, one verb per page, with both its Chinese character and its English infinitive form printed at the top of the page. Examples of common verb compounds are then presented in exemplary phrases with Chinese characters. Pronunciation for each phrase is given in the Roman alphabet (pinyin) and their meaning is given in English. The authors open this book with an enlightening introduction that explains Mandarin Chinese verb usage. They also provide extensive appendices at the end of the book, listing Chinese characters in both traditional and simplified forms.
  • Thomas Jr. , Beyer R.. 501 Russian Verbs
    501 Russian Verbs
    Thomas Jr. , Beyer R.
    Fluency in any language begins with mastery of its verbs, and Barron's 501 Verb books are the world's top verb reference guides. 501 Russian Verbs presents: The most commonly used verbs in the featured languageFull conjugations in an easy-to-read chart formatHelpful expressions and idioms for travelersHundreds of example sentences demonstrating verb usageThe most commonly used 501 Russian verbs are arranged alphabetically in a table format, one verb per page with English pronunciation and translation. Verbs are fully conjugated and presented in all forms. The book's additional features include common idioms with example sentences to demonstrate verb usage and a grammar review.
  • Samuel Kostman, Carol M.S. Chaitkin. Barron's Regents Exams and Answers English
    Barron's Regents Exams and Answers English
    Samuel Kostman, Carol M.S. Chaitkin
    These ever popular guides include study tips, test-taking strategies, score analysis charts, and other valuable features. Each book contains between 5 and 20 recently given New York State high school Regents exams. They are an ideal source of practice and test preparation. The detailed answer explanations make each exam a practical learning experience.
  • Umar Bobby. Barron's. GMAT
    Barron's. GMAT
    Umar Bobby
    Barron's brand-new GMAT is a game-changer, designed to give you the best balance in both the depth of content and breadth of strategies. Written by two of North America's leading GMAT experts and award-winning instructors, this updated edition gives you the confidence to tackle every GMAT problem. You will know what to expect, what theory each question tests, what strategies you have in your arsenal and the step-by-step processes to get the correct answer quickly and efficiently. This new book provides a comprehensive review of all four content areas on the GMAT. Most importantly, it offers solid strategies for managing the particular challenges presented by this high-stakes, computer adaptive exam. For each of the GMAT sections (Verbal, Quantitative, Integrated Reasoning, and the Analytical Writing Assessment), Barron s GMAT provides: Diagnostic Skills Tests initial quizzes that accurately and quickly assess strengths and weaknesses within a topic areaTargeted Review Questions additional questions for the frequent problem subject areas (probability, parallelism, data sufficiency) allowing test-takers to focus on their specific needs Strategic Step-by-Step Methods approaches to each question type field tested by the authors on a wide range of test-takers with differing abilities and goalsFull-Range Content questions, strategies, and tips for all test-takers, whether they are aiming for a 70th or 95th percentile score, studying while undergrads or after years in the business world Barron's GMAT includes more strategies, theory, and methodologies than any other stand-alone GMAT book on the market! All questions come with answers and explanations.Also includes access to one full-length online practice test.
  • Fitch Thomas P.. Dictionary of Banking Terms
    Dictionary of Banking Terms
    Fitch Thomas P.
    Barrons Business Dictionaries may be small in size, but they are extremely useful and economical reference sources for business students, business managers, and general readers seeking advice and information on specific business subjects. Each pocket-size book defines thousands of authoritative yet specialized terms within its subject area and features an abundance of diagrams, charts, and line art. These are must-haves for students and professionals alike. This updated and expanded edition features more than 3,000 terms defined and explained. Topics covered include every conceivable aspect of investment banking and commercial banking practices, finance and money management, and much more.
  • Sharon Weiner Green, Ira K. Wolf. GRE (+ CD-ROM)
    GRE (+ CD-ROM)
    Sharon Weiner Green, Ira K. Wolf
    This manualas new edition offers prospective graduate students intensive preparation for the GRE Graduate Record Exam. Opening chapters provide a perspective on the exam with a GRE overview, advice on effective test-taking tactics, and a diagnostic test to help students pinpoint their strengths and weaknesses. Subsequent chapters review all GRE test areas and include practice exercises for the following topics: antonym, analogy, and sentence-completion questions, reading comprehension, vocabulary, analytical writing, discrete quantitative questions, quantitative comparison questions, data interpretation questions, and math. The math review includes questions in arithmetic, algebra, and geometry. The manualas concluding section presents five full-length model exams that reflect recent GREs in length, question types, and degree of difficulty. All questions are answered and explained. The book comes with an enclosed CD-ROM that presents two brand-new computer-adaptive model GREs. The computer-adaptive tests (or CATs) simulate actual test-taking conditions, and provide automatic scoring, as well as answers and explanations for all questions.
  • Montana Patrick, Charnov Bruce. Management
    Montana Patrick, Charnov Bruce
    Many teachers of college-level business courses use titles in Barron's Business Review Series as textbook supplements to illustrate practical examples of business situations. The books also make excellent main texts in adult education and business brush-up programs. In addition to detailed analyses of today's business practices, these books include review questions with answers. The authors of this book describe and appraise several contemporary trends and techniques employed in company management, with reference to businesses of various sizes. The strengths and weaknesses of each method are reviewed.
  • Green Sharon Weiner , Wolf Ira K.. Pass Key to the SAT
    Pass Key to the SAT
    Green Sharon Weiner , Wolf Ira K.
    This fully revised and updated shorter version of Barron's brand-new full-length SAT test preparation manual offers big results in a small package. Students will find: Two full-length SAT practice tests with all questions answered and explainedDetailed advice on writing the SAT essay Subject reviews covering Critical Reading, Writing Skills, and Math Strategies for the Writing and Language sectionImportant math facts students need to know, including strategies, definitions, facts, formulas, and much moreFor students who have limited time to prepare, this compact version of Barron's comprehensive SAT test preparation manual provides everything they need to succeed on this all-important exam.

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