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  • Rabley Stephen. A New World: Un Nouveau Monde
    A New World: Un Nouveau Monde
    Rabley Stephen
    A bilingual fiction title for children who are independent readers. The parallel text, speech bubbles and pictures by different, talented illustrators provide a child-friendly bridge to reading - and speaking - in another language. There is a quiz at the end of each story to help comprehension and revise vocabulary.
  • Bruzzone Catherine. My First 100 Spanish Words
    My First 100 Spanish Words
    Bruzzone Catherine
    A fun and colourful, small format introduction to essential words in English and Spanish. Each spread features words from a popular theme: numbers, colours, clothes, toys, food, parties, indoors, playground, animals, transport and weather. There is a simple pronunciation guide to the Spanish. Alphabet game included on the cover flaps.

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