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  • Cracking the LSAT (+ DVD)
    Cracking the LSAT (+ DVD)
    Cracking the LSAT now offers MAJOR new features on DVD, including engaging video tutorials from The Princeton Review’s top instructors. We also bring you full length practice tests in the book and exclusive free access to additional practice exams and...
  • James Leonard Schofield. Double Dealing. Intermediate Business English Course (+ Audio CD)
    Double Dealing. Intermediate Business English Course (+ Audio CD)
    James Leonard Schofield
    Following the commercial project manager Sean McCabe's mysterious death Emily Lee is sent by the Chief Financial Officer of the construction company Bergerbild to investigate the project financial records - Creative accounting is only the...
  • Hallucinating Foucault
    Hallucinating Foucault
    A tale of a writer, the glamorous, scandalous Paul Michel, enfant terrible of French letters, and of a student who sets out to find him. When he does find Michel, it is in a French asylum where he has languished for years. The student arranges for...
  • Mount Ferdinand. Heads You Win
    Heads You Win
    Mount Ferdinand
    Heads You Win is a tragicomedy of second chances. After taking early retirement, Gus Cotton is surprised to find himself persuaded by two old friends - a disgraced wheeler-dealer and a convicted drug smuggler - into taking on the City by launching the...
  • Interchange Intro Teacher's manual: English for International Communication
    Interchange Intro Teacher's manual: English for International Communication
    nterchange Intro is the new introductory level for the Interchange series, designed for students of English at the beginner level and learners needing a thorough review of basic functions, grammar, and vocabulary. Lessons are carefully organized to...
  • Dibdin Michael. Medusa
    Dibdin Michael
    When Austrian cavers exploring some abandoned military tunnels in the Italian Alps come across human remains, everyone assumes the death was accidental, until the unidentified body is stolen from the morgue and there is a news blackout. Aurelio Zen is...
  • Sinclair Clive. Meet the Wife
    Meet the Wife
    Sinclair Clive
    A book about identity, about journeys, about transitions and boundaries - most especially those between life and death - and about contemporary adventures that suddenly assume mythic proportions. Accept Clive Sinclair's invitation, and you will...
  • A.C.Frieden. Tranquility Denied
    Tranquility Denied
    Hotshot maritime lawyer Jonathan Brooks may finally be in over his head. He can't find evidence that his client's ship was rammed by a U.S. Navy vessel - evidence he needs to win his trial and help his client escape bankruptcy. But after...

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