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  • Robyn Beaver. A Pocketful of Houses
    A Pocketful of Houses
    Robyn Beaver
    Features more than 60 great homes from around the world.
  • Janelle Mcculloch. A Pocketful of Apartments
    A Pocketful of Apartments
    Janelle Mcculloch
    With over 50 apartments set in the world's most desirable destinations, including Rio, Sydney, New York, London and Hong Kong, this new book demonstrates just why so many people are now choosing to call an apartment home.
  • Wim Pauwels. A&d, Series 3: Urban Spaces
    A&d, Series 3: Urban Spaces
    Wim Pauwels
    This third part of the new A&D (Architecture and Design) Series features around ten exclusive city homes. All of the projects have been photographed in recent months: exceptional city residences, contemporary apartments, lofts with character. The starting point was the philosophy that runs through the AandD series: the constant interaction between architecture and interior furnishing and design.
  • Turner Alwyn. Biba: The Biba Experience
    Biba: The Biba Experience
    Turner Alwyn
    This lavishly illustrated and beautifully produced book is intended for those interested in fashion and graphic design of the 60's and 70's from a creative and historical standpoint, plus the huge number of people who remember Biba from the period with much affection.
  • Calendar Collections
    Calendar Collections
    Keeping a calendar has been a common way of tracking appointments, birthdays and special events. These days, calendars are available in electronic accessories such as mobile phones and watches, but an old-style calendar creatively designed is always able to bring a smile of appreciation to ones face. Although it is impossible for a contemporary calendar to deviate from the strict ancient time keeping system, the designs and types of calendars have become highly developed. For designers, calendar design is nothing to do with years, months and days, but creativity and aesthetics. This book, based on the idea of time movement, starts from the beginning of the year and ends at the close of the year. The contents comprise extremely innovative calendar designs developed in recent years, applied eye-catching illustrations and distinct typography, as well as thematic contents. This book aims to attract your attention and surprise you and at the same time refresh and stimulate your mind as you begin the process of designing a calendar.
  • Michael J. Crosbie. Class Architecture
    Class Architecture
    Michael J. Crosbie
    School buildings are constantly evolving to meet the needs of the next generation of teachers and students. This book presents more than 40 projects from the USA, showcasing leading elementary and secondary school design. Featred projects factor in important design elements including security and safety, new technology, resource centres and energy conservation. They must also accomodate flexible learning environments for a range of student groups. Full-colour photos, plans, drawings and descriptive text accompany the projects.
  • Wim Pauwels. Contemporary Houses
    Contemporary Houses
    Wim Pauwels
    This book illustrates trends in contemporary living by showing twenty projects carried out by leading architects and interior designers. They demonstrate that contemporary living nowadays calls for more than the harmonious integration of the latest designer furniture in a modern context.
  • Contemporary Kitchens
    Contemporary Kitchens
    This is the first book in Beta-Plus' thematic series that is dedicated exclusively to streamlined, minimalist kitchens. Superlative colour photography illustrates the very best modern kitchen designs. The book features all aspects of such kitchens, including kitchen design, cooking surfaces and the selection of natural stone or other materials for the worktops and floors.
  • Wim Pauwels. Contemporary Living
    Contemporary Living
    Wim Pauwels
    Features twenty contemporary homes created by renowned interior architects and designers.
  • Wim Pauwels. Country Living
    Country Living
    Wim Pauwels
    Shows the restoration, extension and decorating of older countryside residences for those seeking to escape the confines of city living.
  • Wim Pauwels. Family Houses
    Family Houses
    Wim Pauwels
    Everyone has their own opinion about how the ideal family home should look. This difference out clearly in the various reports in this book, which range from historic country houses that have belonged to the same family for generations to distinctive, recently built homes for young families with children.
  • Pick Michael. Hardy Amies
    Hardy Amies
    Pick Michael
    Hardy Amies epitomised understated British couture, emphasising the cut of fine materials by tailored construction. Untrained in dress-making, he achieved Vogue 1937 headlines with his 'Panic' suit, a reconstructed design of a staple in every woman's wardrobe, wittily named to reflect current events. Evoking the glamour of pre-war London while meeting the demands of contemporary society's activities - town to country, morning to night - Amies designs drew a star-studded clientele. His war-time 'utility' designs revealed his design philosophy (and partly concealed his role as head of the Belgian Section of SOE), unveiling a needle-sharp intelligence and intuition for the changing world of fashion, his elegant execution of which was rewarded through the influential seal of approval by HM Queen Elizabeth II, as Princess Elizabeth, in 1950. The first post-war international designer to visit the USA, Amies's luxurious style produced lucrative global business opportunities, including ready-to-wear, menswear shown as couture, and wide-ranging merchandising options.
  • Daniel Pavlovits. Interiors Now - 80 of the World's Best Interiors
    Interiors Now - 80 of the World's Best Interiors
    Daniel Pavlovits
    Interiors Now is a collection of the world's most up-to-date and inspiring interiors. Including the luxurious and the practical, corporate and residential, the work of the best and most influential architects and interior designers from Europe, North America, Asia and Australia, is showcased in this comprehensive, single-volume book. Divided into four categories, Corporate, Hospitality and Public, Retail and Residential, each project is accompanied by a 200-word text, a brief biography of the firm, and contact information. Firms featured include Claudio Silvestrin, Fox and Fowle, Dominique Perault, OMA, Karim Rashid, EEA, Attilio Stocchi, SCDA, Studio Daniel Libeskind, VOX, Valerio Olgati, SARC, Behnisch, Diller and Scofido, Pugh + Scarpa, Renzo Piano Building Workshop, Gehry and Partners, and Ron Arad.
  • Tonko Dop. Jan Jansen
    Jan Jansen
    Tonko Dop
    or over forty years, Jan Jansen has been designing and selling shoes. His designs include the clog of 1969, the bamboo shoe of 1973 and the floating wedge of 1989. He has worked with some of the world's most renowned designers, such as Dior, Manolo Blahnik, Stephane Kélian and Charles Joudan. He has received many prestigious awards - including the Grand Seigneur Prize by the Fashion Association in 1996 - and his work has been exhibited all over the world. This book illustrates fifty of the very best Jan Jansen designs, offering an insight into the life and the inspiration of this top designer. Jan Jansen's shoes have been exhibited all over the world, including: Stedelijk Museum for Modern Art, Amsterdam; Gemeentemuseum den Haag, The Netherlands; Museum of Contemporary Crafts, New York; Worldexhibition, Montreal; Crafts Council, London; Matsuya Ginza, Tokyo; Hanshin, Osaka, Japan; Halle Sud, Geneva, Switzerland; Rheinisches Landenmuseum, Bonn, Germany; Ledermuseum, Offenbach, Germany; 2004 + 2005 exhibitions in Japan, sponsored by the Mainichi Newspapers, Japan.
  • Peter Hyatt. Masters of Light
    Masters of Light
    Peter Hyatt
    Fifteen leading architects are hailed as 'Masters of Light' in this new take on residential architecture. Writer and architectural photographer Peter Hyatt shows how light, in the hands of these masters, is used to shape, create, transform, heal and regenerate. This book illustrates how architects' often experimental, and highly individual, responses to the brief, site and environment of housing projects can be transcended by the manipulation of light. Just as light can increase worker productivity and satisfaction in an office, it can be shaped to fit a family's lifestyle and enhance its sense of well-being. Each of the features architects demonstrates an impeccable ability to capture the evanescent world of light and shade, and to use it not just as an architectural building block, but as navigation, interior design and artwork. Their skills in shaping light are explored in the more than 60 residential projects examined in this book.
  • Michael J.Crosbie. New York Dozen: Gen X Architects
    New York Dozen: Gen X Architects
    Michael J.Crosbie
    From the celebrated author of Houses of God, Architecture for Architects and many other popular titles, comes this book on New York's most celebrated living architects, the latest new-generation practitioners. It also offers an exploration of the legacy of the original 'Five Architects' - Features an exclusive foreword by Kristen Richards. Young architects in New York are finding new ways to practice, experimenting with cutting-edge materials, and expressing changing values in their work. This book profiles the work of 12 firms making a name in the city that never sleeps - the latest of a new generation of practitioners that are being challenged by a new economy. The book explores the legacy of New York's original Five Architects - Peter Eisenman, Michael Graves, Charles Gwathmey, John Hejduk and Richard Meier - and how these new firms are following that history and departing from it. Find out what some of the most creative young architects in New York are up to.
  • Sabina Marreiros, Markus Bachmann. Remote Luxury. Top Resorts Down Under
    Remote Luxury. Top Resorts Down Under
    Sabina Marreiros, Markus Bachmann
    Remote Luxury: Top Resorts Down Under is the ultimate guide to getting away from it all in both Australia and New Zealand. Over the past decade or so, Australia and its just as spectacular neighbour across the Tasman have established a reputation for being two of the most sought-after destinations in the world. This reputation has come about from not only the extraordinary landscapes both countries boast but also the inspirational way Australasian architects and designers have used these landscapes to fashion innovative and memorable places to escape to. This beautifully photographed publication takes you on a visual journey through the most remote of these idyllic getaways, from luxurious but laidback lodges in the Outback to sophisticated eco resorts in the rainforest and sleek retreats by the sea. Some of the destinations are easily recognisable, such as the far-flung but first-class Burrawang West Station and the celebrities' favourite, Huka Lodge in New Zealand; but others are refreshingly lesser known, such as Capella Lodge on Lord Howe Island, the culinary hideaway known as the Lake House in country Victoria, and Awaroa Lodge in Awaroa Bay, New Zealand, a luxury lodge that's only accessible by water, air or an invigorating three-day hike. Whether your taste veers toward the Champagne lifestyle and designs that seduce with their total luxury or the quieter, more tucked away hideaways that offer style, service and solitude in equal measure, Remote Luxury - Top Resorts Down Under will enthrall and delight.
  • Melina Deliyannis. Retail Therapy: Store Design Today. A Pictorial Review, Volume 1
    Retail Therapy: Store Design Today. A Pictorial Review, Volume 1
    Melina Deliyannis
    Fantastic ideas for retailers, merchandisers, interior designers and architects. This new addition to the 'International Spaces' series presents exciting retail projects from aroun the world. The role that architecture plays in branding, marketing, and the ultimate success or failure of retail ventures cannot be underestimated; indeed, the relationship between the architecture of retail stores and customer behaviour is increasingly researched and highly specialised subject. Recent collaborations between some high-profile architects and retail icons have brought about a shift in the preception of retail architecture. This book illustrates the potential of such collaborations.
  • Stephen Crafti. Robyn Beeche: Visage to Vraj
    Robyn Beeche: Visage to Vraj
    Stephen Crafti
    Australian photographer Robyn Beeche discovered a new world when she went to London in the late 1970s. From catwalk shows to clubs, Beeche captured the leading designers and artists of the time, becoming an important photographer of the fashion world and working extensively with designers such as Zandra Rhodes, Vivienne Westwood, Bill Gibb and Mary Quant. Working with legendary make-up artists such as Richard Sharah and Phyllis Cohen, Beeche took fashion photography to a new level, creating surrealistic masterpieces. While the Blitz club was the place to be at the start of the 1980s, a few years later Beeche discovered the beauty of India, particularly the region of Vraj, which she visited on many occasions to document local festivals and culture. She moved to Vrindavan permanently in 1992. Through Beeche's superb photography, this book conveys the vibrancy of London and the richness of India, beautifully capturing the tapestry of life in both countries.
  • SPA-DE, Vol. 4: Space & Design - International Review of Interior Design
    SPA-DE, Vol. 4: Space & Design - International Review of Interior Design
    An international selection of distinctive enviromental displays and products from the world's hippest interior designers and architects.

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