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  • Angi  Morgan. .38 Caliber Cover-Up
    .38 Caliber Cover-Up
    Angi Morgan
    Undercover DEA agent Erren Rhodes was used to working alone. So the very idea of teaming up with Officer Darby O'Malley to ferret out a killer wasn't exactly how he thought this critical mission would go. But thanks to information only the beautiful cop possessed, finding whoever was responsible for shooting Erren's friend made Darby a valuable – and irresistible – partner.Digging into the case, though, revealed a far-reaching conspiracyand angered all the wrong people. Now, trying to bring a killer to justice while keeping Darby safe was making Erren remember why he was better off on his own. Especially when Darby made him long to hole up with her in the safe house and never let her out of his sight.
  • Endrū Gross. 15 sekundes
    15 sekundes
    Endrū Gross
    Pietiek ar piecpadsmit sekundēm, lai apgrieztu laimīgu dzīvi kājām gaisā… Henrijs Stedmens ir ceļā uz mediķu konferenci, kad policija viņu aptur par sīku satiksmes pārkāpumu. Viņš nepagūst ne attapties, kad ceļu policistu nošauj kāds svešinieks zilā sedanā. Šis noziegums pārvērš Henrija dzīvi murgā… Henrijs kļūst par intensīvas vajāšanas mērķi. Tagad viņam jāspēj atšķirt draugu no ienaidnieka un atšķetināt liktenīgu melu un bīstamu patiesību kamolu, lai atklātu, kas slēpjas aiz velnišķīgā iznīcināšanas plāna.
  • Stuart MacBride. 22 Dead Little Bodies and Other Stories
    22 Dead Little Bodies and Other Stories
    Stuart MacBride
    From the No. 1 bestselling author of THE MISSING AND THE DEAD comes the short novel: 22 DEAD LITTLE BODIES, plus two short stories: STRAMASH and DI STEEL'S BAD HEIR DAY, and a novella: THE 45% HANGOVER, all featuring his most popular characters – DS Logan McRae and DCI Roberta Steel.They say ‘small is beautiful’, but as Stuart MacBride demonstrates in these four tales, it can also be dark, violent, disturbing, and sometimes really quite rude.So pour yourself a wee dram, curl up on the sofa and enjoy DS Logan McRae and his sometime boss, friend, mother substitute, and nemesis, DCI Steel at their best.Here you’ll find Logan’s week from hell; Steel’s own personal nightmare before Christmas; an explosive shootout on a remote Scottish island; and the ultimate test of their relationship…
  • Greg  Iles. 24 Hours
    24 Hours
    Greg Iles
    ‘A superbly crafted and clever book’ (The Times) from Greg Iles, the New York Times No.1 bestseller. The perfect family. On the perfect night. About to become trapped in the perfect crime.In 24 hours, one family will learn the meaning of fear…Twenty-four hours is all it takes for John Hickey to pull off the perfect crime. He’s done it before, he’ll do it again, and no one can stop him. But this time, he’s picked the wrong family to terrorize.Will and Karen Jennings have it all. Together, they’ve built the life of their dreams and they share it with their beloved five-year-old daughter, Abby. They will do anything to keep her safe, including confronting a terrifying psychopath.They refuse to become victims. They refuse to let Hickey tear another family apart. And they’re going to fight back even if it kills them…
  • Carla  Cassidy. 5 Minutes to Marriage
    5 Minutes to Marriage
    Carla Cassidy

  • Dana Marton. 72 Hours
    72 Hours
    Dana Marton
    He had 72 hours to rescue a beautiful hostage…After being taken hostage, Kate Hamilton had faced her share of pain and confusion. But it was nothing compared to learning that undercover agent Parker McCall had come to her rescue. This secretive man with whom she’d once spent long days and hot nights was plotting their escape.His skill at securing her safety was impressive and incredibly sexy to watch. The closer they got to freedom the more dangerous the situation became, which only seemed to heighten the attraction that bound them to one another!
  • Donna  Young. A Bodyguard for Christmas
    A Bodyguard for Christmas
    Donna Young

  • Alice  Sharpe. A Baby Between Them
    A Baby Between Them
    Alice Sharpe

  • Linda  Castillo. A Cry In The Night
    A Cry In The Night
    Linda Castillo
    Search-and-rescue leader Buzz Malone thought losing the only woman he'd ever loved was the worst blow life could deal. He was wrong. Finding out that he had a son—a son his ex-wife, Kelly, had kept secret—was worse. Especially when that child was lost in the Rocky Mountains, pitted against a raging forest fire.Tirelessly trekking through the mountains with Buzz by her side, Kelly soon realized that the wilderness wasn't the only thing on fire. For the passion that had always flared between them now burned hotter than ever. If they ever made it through this ordeal alive, Kelly vowed to face an even greater challenge—convincing Buzz to give their love another try!
  • Ann Peterson Voss. A Cop In Her Stocking
    A Cop In Her Stocking
    Ann Peterson Voss
    Tyler Davis comes from a long line of cops, and he's learned the hard way that police work and families don't mix. But his solitary life is about to be called into question with the return of Megan Garvey, the woman he once loved…and lost.Now, Megan is determined to keep her emotional distance–though it's clear that she and the rugged lawman still share something special. But a predator has come to Lake Hubbard for Christmas. And when Megan's young son disappears, there's only one cop to believe in. This holiday, Ty has been given a second chance to be the hero Megan needs…if he can bring her boy home alive.
  • Агата Кристи. A Christmas Tragedy: A Miss Marple Short Story
    A Christmas Tragedy: A Miss Marple Short Story
    Агата Кристи
    A classic Agatha Christie short story, available individually for the first time as an ebook.Whilst dining at the Bantrys Miss Marple is asked to tell a murder mystery. She recounts the time she could tell from a man’s behaviour, that he was planning to kill his wife. But at the time of the murder he had a perfect alibi…
  • Jenna  Mills. A Cry In The Dark
    A Cry In The Dark
    Jenna Mills
    Danielle Caldwell tried desperately to hide her terror from the FBI special agent whose muscled frame darkened her doorstep just hours after Alex disappeared. Liam Brooks claimed he'd been led to her by Titan, the sinister criminal he'd been tracking. He recognized the fear in her eyes and knew only he could wrest her son from Titan's grasp.Though Danielle told herself she needed Liam's help, her feelings ran deeper. His gaze, his touch, awoke emotions she'd thought long buried, made her want him–body and soul. But all the while, evil was watching, waiting for the right moment….
  • Carol  Ericson. A Doctor-Nurse Encounter
    A Doctor-Nurse Encounter
    Carol Ericson
    Coming to the rescue of beautiful nurse Lacey Kirk while she interrupted a murder wasn't the encounter Dr. Nick Marino had in mind when he first set eyes on her. Now, as he held her and offered protection, he wanted to believe the attack was random. Unfortunately, the chilling death threats made it clear that it wasn't. An expert at covering up his infamous past, clues proved Lacey's attack was connected to Nick's true identity.But as much as he wanted the sexy brunette in his bed, Nick couldn't admit he was to blame for endangering her life. And experience taught him it would be far more dangerous–even fatal–to reveal his secret loyalties….
  • Vickie  Taylor. A Doctor's Watch
    A Doctor's Watch
    Vickie Taylor
    A year after the death of her husband, single mother Mia Serrat finally got herself back on track…when a mysterious accident left her fearing for her life–and her heart. Mia knew that Ty Hansen, the hotshot psychiatrist assigned to her case, was the last man she should be falling for. Yet their professional relationship quickly became personal. Very personal. Their forbidden romance screeched to a halt when Mia's son went missing and she was named as the prime suspect.Could she convince Ty of both her sanity and her innocence before it was too late?
  • Terese  Ramin. A Drive-By Wedding
    A Drive-By Wedding
    Terese Ramin
    HIS HIJACKED WIFEAllyn Meyers was inexplicably drawn to the jogger running alongside her car even before he hopped in and kidnapped her at gun-point. But dangerously handsome Jeth Levoie was no ordinary carjacker. He was an undercover agent who'd just risked everything to save a child's life. And the only hope Jeth and the infant had of staying alive now was if Allyn would become his wife! But when Jeth sealed their temporary pack with a soul-shattering kiss, Virginal Allyn was drawn to him like a moth to the flame. And Allyn somehow knew that fate–not chance–had brought them together. Could she turn their drive-by-wedding into a real-life trip down the aisle?
  • Gwendoline  Butler. A Double Coffin
    A Double Coffin
    Gwendoline Butler
    John Coffin is left reeling after the former Prime Minister makes a shocking confession. A dark and gripping crime novel from one of the most appraised English mystery writers, perfect for fans of Agatha Christie.A visit to the riverside apartment of the long retired former prime minister, Richard Lavender, is to have startling consequences for John Coffin. For it transpires that the old man, nearing the end of his life, has a confession to make: he is the son of a serial killer. He tells Coffin how, as a boy, he helped to bury one of his father’s victims. Feeling death is near, he wants to repair and reclaim the past – with Coffin’s help.Unsure whether Lavender is caught up in fantasy or telling the truth, Coffin agrees to investigate and appoints Chief Inspector Phoebe Astley to the task. But then a young woman is found murdered on a foggy November night, and all too soon the sins of the past and present come together in a terrifying denouement.
  • Mallory  Kane. A Father's Sacrifice
    A Father's Sacrifice
    Mallory Kane
    A child's life was at stake.Little Ben had only had a few precious weeks before he'd be paralyzed forever…and the neurological interface Dr. Dylan Stryker had been developing for the federal government was his son's only hope. But someone wanted the prototype–someone who would steal, kidnap, even murder to get it.Dylan would do anything to save his little boy–even turn to FBI agent Natasha Rudolph to help him. Falling in love wasn't in the plans. With his son's life hanging in the balance, getting involved with Natasha just might get them killed. Now it was a race against time to find the madman who threatened them–and to protect woman and child at all costs…
  • Агата Кристи. A Fruitful Sunday: An Agatha Christie Short Story
    A Fruitful Sunday: An Agatha Christie Short Story
    Агата Кристи
    A classic Agatha Christie short story, available individually for the first time as an ebook.Edward Palgrove gets more than he bargained for when he buys a basket of fruit and a second-hand car…
  • Marie  Ferrarella. A Hero in Her Eyes
    A Hero in Her Eyes
    Marie Ferrarella
    Eliza Eldridge saw through other people's eyes. And now her dreams of a missing little girl were becoming urgent. Eliza couldn't ignore them, and she vowed to reunite the child with her father.While Walker Banacek would do anything to find his daughter, he'd been devastated in the past by charlatans who promised to help him. But when Eliza mentioned a little girl's pink toe shoes–something only he and his daughter knew about–he had to wonder. Was Eliza the one woman who could help him…and then love him?
  • Linda  Castillo. A Hero To Hold
    A Hero To Hold
    Linda Castillo
    She had no name, no memory, nothing but the knowledge that she was pregnant and someone wanted her dead. Her only hope was John–the rescue medic who'd saved her life, the Good Samaritan who'd vowed to keep her safe, the sexy stranger who was stealing her heart. Her hero.Saving lives was his job, but John Maitland had learned long ago the cost of personal involvement. Risking his life he could handle, risking his emotions–his heart–was out of the question. Until he rescued «Hannah,» battered, bruised and scared for her life, off the side of a mountain. Suddenly things got very, very personal….

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