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  • Tzahi Weiss. "Sefer Yesirah" and Its Contexts
    "Sefer Yesirah" and Its Contexts
    Tzahi Weiss

  • Tomasz Jelonek. 104 Pielgrzymki Jana Pawła II
    104 Pielgrzymki Jana Pawła II
    Tomasz Jelonek

  • Magdalena Butkiewicz. 200 lat teologii uniwersyteckiej w Warszawie
    200 lat teologii uniwersyteckiej w Warszawie
    Magdalena Butkiewicz

  • Russell Blackford. 50 mitów o ateizmie
    50 mitów o ateizmie
    Russell Blackford

  • John Morreall. 50 mitów o religiach
    50 mitów o religiach
    John Morreall

  • Tomasz a Kempis. 978-83-8043-554-4
    Tomasz a Kempis

  • M. J. Ryan. A Grateful Heart
    A Grateful Heart
    M. J. Ryan

  • Robert W. Prichard. A History of the Episcopal Church (Third Revised Edition)
    A History of the Episcopal Church (Third Revised Edition)
    Robert W. Prichard
    • Completely revised and updated history • Evergreen seller for all reference shelves This thorough, carefully researched history sets church events against the background of social changes. This third revised edition will be up-to-date through the events of the 2012 General Convention of the Episcopal Church.
  • Justin Miller. A Journey through Christmas
    A Journey through Christmas
    Justin Miller

  • Bishop Seraphim Sigrist. A Life Together
    A Life Together
    Bishop Seraphim Sigrist
    Written in the tradition of the Orthodox East’s “desert tradition” of short meditations on spiritual themes, Bishop Seraphim’s new book is the Eastern Church’s answer to Bonheoffer’s great reflection on similar themes. Here, Bishop Seraphim explores the Russian understanding of the term Sobornost, a word for “community” first introduced in the 19th century, which has taken shape as a key concept for exploring what community means and how unity between human beings is truly possible. This uniquely Eastern perspective on a topic of interest to people everywhere will appeal to anyone hungering for a new understanding of community that can inspire daily life. The book will also leave readers with the happy awareness that the history of the Church is not something closed and complete, nor is Christianity an exhausted creed which has run its course. Instead, Christianity is young and ever new, and the Church is just beginning to discover the inwardness that is implicit in the Gospels.
  • St. Teresa of Avila. A Little Daily Wisdom
    A Little Daily Wisdom
    St. Teresa of Avila
    St. Teresa of Avila is not a lofty, inaccessible saint; she’s a companion, and has been taking Christians on a journey through their own interior “castles” for hundreds of years. Honest, humorous, and insightful, her devotional and spiritual reflections show readers how to open up themselves to God in new ways. This journey through Teresa’s life and writings will engage readers for a full year, with carefully chosen daily selections from the broad range of her writings—letters, poems, memoirs, as well as spiritual and theological musings. Bangley makes all of these writings accessible—and essential—in these new translations into contemporary English.
  • Carmen Acevedo Butcher. A Little Daily Wisdom
    A Little Daily Wisdom
    Carmen Acevedo Butcher
    "Remember kind actions – more than anything else – cause the soul to shine with brilliance." —Gertrude the Great Discover the strength, wisdom, and joyful faith of Christianity's legendary women – the medieval mystics. Their honesty and deep love for God will encourage and empower you every day of the year. This book of daily readings will help you create quiet space for focusing on God's love in the midst of a busy life. As you spend time with these great women, you will discover an astonishing view of a God who is tender, nurturing, forgiving, and as close as breath. "In these pages, the images of the spiritual life are the erotic ones of the feminine experience. They are the stuff of very physically-present women who loved their Lord with a ferocity and passion that could be reported only in those experiences of the flesh." —Phyllis Tickle
  • Marek Chmielewski. ABC Duchowości cz. II
    ABC Duchowości cz. II
    Marek Chmielewski

  • Marek Chmielewski. ABC duchowości. Część I
    ABC duchowości. Część I
    Marek Chmielewski

  • Bruce  Feiler. Abraham
    Bruce Feiler

  • Martin Shannon. According to Your Mercy
    According to Your Mercy
    Martin Shannon
    Many have called the psalms a 'school of prayer' and indeed St. Augustine in his Confessions wrote that the psalms could be a stepping stone to deeper conversation with God. These ancient words from Scripture mirror our own thoughts and emotions—celebration and praise, suffering and lament, gratitude and asking for help—as relevant today as when they were first sung in the Temple. Fr. Martin Shannon brings deep teaching as well as the personal encounter of someone who has chanted and studied the Psalms for years. Each reflection is on one psalm, offering a meditation on its meaning and how it connects to our lives, followed by a word from one of the ancient church fathers and a prayer. There is a reflection for each of the forty-seven days from Ash Wednesday to Easter that reflect the various twists and turns on the Lenten journey. Readers will discover the power of the psalms to inspire their own Lenten journey towards Easter.
  • Sue Mink. Advent A Calendar of Devotions 2018 (Pkg of 10)
    Advent A Calendar of Devotions 2018 (Pkg of 10)
    Sue Mink
    The season of Advent provides an opportunity for spiritual renewal for followers of Christ. But often what happens is that we get so caught up in the hurry and rush, the hustle and bustle, the frantic pace of the season that we emerge more spiritually exhausted than refreshed and more disillusioned than inspired to face the coming of a new year. We may have tried so hard to enjoy the holiday season, to recapture a sense of wonder and mystery, only to end up asking, «Is that all there is?» The purpose of Advent A Calendar of Devotions 2018 is to help you focus on the things that truly matter during this busy season so that you can experience spiritual renewal.
  • Jenny  Smith. Advent: A Calendar of Devotions 2020 (Pkg of 10)
    Advent: A Calendar of Devotions 2020 (Pkg of 10)
    Jenny Smith
    Providing daily devotions for Christians as they prepare to celebrate Christ's birth, this annual favorite is a wonderful resource for churches to give to each family to emphasize the importance of the Advent of our Lord. Each day’s reading, from December 1 to Christmas Day, is based on the Revised Common Lectionary and includes the Scripture, a short devotion, and a closing prayer.   Larger font for ease of reading. Sold in packs of 10, booklets are designed to fit in a #10 envelope, enabling churches to include them in Advent mailings, and making it easy to mail to visitors or share as a part of home-bound or prison ministry.
  • Krzysztof T. Konecki. Advances in Contemplative Social Research
    Advances in Contemplative Social Research
    Krzysztof T. Konecki

  • Lesley Hazleton. After the Prophet
    After the Prophet
    Lesley Hazleton

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