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  • Альвера Албул. 28 июля
    28 июля
    Альвера Албул
    События начинаются в конце XIX века с момента рождения главного персонажа. Главный герой из девочки становится девушкой, а затем женщиной, узнавая боль потерь, сталкиваясь с различными проблемами и странностями окружающих людей.Обложка книги создана Поляковой С. А. по личному заказу.
  • Alison  DeLaine. A Gentleman 'Til Midnight
    A Gentleman 'Til Midnight
    Alison DeLaine
    THE EARL AND THE CORSAIR COUNTESS1767 – The Straits of GibraltarLady Katherine Kinloch, the notorious sea captain, refuses to let anyone jeopardise her hard-won freedom; she survived captivity once, but she couldn’t do it again. Reluctantly returning to England to claim her family’s endangered estate for the sake of her daughter, Katherine unknowingly rescues celebrated naval captain James Warre… a powerful, virile man who represents the rigid society she despises.Regretting his role in her past, James is determined to be more than a ruthless, cold naval officer and will add his support to her fight for her inheritance. Katherine and her seduction are rapidly becoming his obsession. And the scorching attraction between them masks a secret that could force the two of them apart forever!
  • Lorelai  Ryan. A Lady's Undoing
    A Lady's Undoing
    Lorelai Ryan

  • Alison  DeLaine. A Promise by Daylight
    A Promise by Daylight
    Alison DeLaine

  • Louise Allen. A Regency Christmas Treat: Moonlight and Mistletoe / A Mistletoe Masquerade
    A Regency Christmas Treat: Moonlight and Mistletoe / A Mistletoe Masquerade
    Louise Allen
    Two of your favourite Christmas Regency stories from Louise Allen!Moonlight and MistletoeGuy Westrope, Earl of Buckland, was not a gentleman used to encountering opposition to his will. But the quick-witted, stubborn and delectable Miss Hester Lattimer was proving to be more than a match for him….Local ghost stories would not scare Hester from her new house–especially not at Christmas! Though her heart told her to trust the mysterious earl, she knew she had to be wary. Even if Guy was not behind the strange events, letting him get too close would inevitably reveal her scandalous past!A Mistletoe MasqueradeLady Rowan Chilcourt agrees to masquerade as a simple lady’s maid to help her friend avoid a bad match.But working below stairs introduces her to handsome Lucas Dacre. As Christmas approaches, Rowan begins to fall for Lucas, until she discovers that she isn’t the only one masquerading under the mistletoe…
  • Anna  Campbell. A Rake's Midnight Kiss
    A Rake's Midnight Kiss
    Anna Campbell
    ‘I’ll soften her up with a bit of flirtation, a few weeks of masculine attention, then leave her with a smile and the jewel in my pocket.’Tired of rumours of his mother’s sin, of being the Harmsworth bastard, indolent rake Sir Richard Harmsworth decides to hunt down the jewel that will confirm his claim as the rightful heir. But the quest isn’t as easy as he expects…The Harmsworth Jewel’s custodian is scholarly virgin Genevieve Barrett and the treasure is coveted by others as well as Sir Richard. Genevieve won’t part with the jewel easily – his only option is to seduce it from her.Frustratingly, deceiving the innocent beauty is much tougher on his conscience than he ever imagined…Book Two in THE SONS OF SIN seriesA Sensuous Regency DelightTHE SONS OF SINSEVEN NIGHTS IN A ROGUES BEDA RAKE’S MIDNIGHT KISSWHAT A DUKE DARESA SCOUNDREL BY MOONLIGHTDAYS OF RAKES AND ROSES (Novella)
  • Laura  Martin. A Ring For The Pregnant Debutante
    A Ring For The Pregnant Debutante
    Laura Martin
    From baby bump to marriage vows!Rosa Rothwell knows her pregnancy is scandalous. She will do anything to protect her baby, even staging a daring escape from her family’s Italian home. Rosa has no idea what the future holds—until a handsome but infuriating stranger offers his help.Convinced his family is cursed, Lord Hunter believes he’s far better off alone. But the pregnant debutante’s sweet nature touches him deeply. Can he confront his demons at last, and give them both a new future…as husband and wife?
  • Brenda  Joyce. A Rose in the Storm
    A Rose in the Storm
    Brenda Joyce
    When rivalry becomes passionWith warfare blazing through Scotland, the fate of the Comyn-MacDougall legacy depends on one woman.Recently orphaned, young Margaret Comyn must secure her clan’s safety through an arranged marriage.But when an enemy invasion puts her at the mercy of the notorious Wolf of Lochaber, her every loyalty and secret want will be challenged.And a kingdom is at stakeLegendary warrior Alexander “the Wolf” MacDonald rides with Robert Bruce to seize the throne of Scotland.But when he takes the fiery Lady Margaret prisoner, she quickly becomes far more than a valuable hostage.For, the passion between them threatens to betray their families, their country…and their hearts."Joyce's tale of the dangers and delights of passion fulfilled will enchant those who like their reads long and rich." Publishers Weekly on The Masquerade
  • Elizabeth Elgin. A Scent of Lavender
    A Scent of Lavender
    Elizabeth Elgin

  • Candace  Camp. A Stolen Heart
    A Stolen Heart
    Candace Camp
    Lord Thorpe's new business partner is not what he expected. With her billowy black hair and creamy skin, Alexandra Ward is stunningly beautiful, brashly outspoken…and the perfect image of a wealthy woman long thought dead.Straight from America, Alexandra finds London fraught with danger. Her appearance on Thorpe's arm sends shock rippling through society and arouses hushed whispers: is she a schemer in search of a dead woman's fortune, or an innocent caught up in circumstances that she doesn't understand?Someone knows the truth, someone who doesn't want Alexandra to live long enough to learn anything. Only Lord Thorpe can help her now–if he can overcome his own suspicions.
  • Barbara Taylor Bradford. A Sudden Change of Heart
    A Sudden Change of Heart
    Barbara Taylor Bradford

  • Alison  DeLaine. A Wedding By Dawn
    A Wedding By Dawn
    Alison DeLaine
    A hellion on the run. Lady India Sinclair will stop at nothing to live life on her own terms—even stealing a ship and fleeing to the Mediterranean. At last on her own, free to do as she pleases, she is determined to set her own course. There's only one problem….A gentleman determined to possess her. Nicholas Warre has made a deal with her father. To save his endangered estate, he will find Lady India, marry her and bring her safely back to England. And with thousands at stake, he doesn't much care what the lady thinks of the idea. But as the two engage in a contest of wills, the heat between them becomes undeniable…
  • Elizabeth  Beacon. A Wedding For The Scandalous Heiress
    A Wedding For The Scandalous Heiress
    Elizabeth Beacon
    A stolen kiss from a dashing stranger……at her own betrothal ball!When Isabella Alstone receives a shockingly passionate kiss from a handsome stranger at her betrothal ball, she scandalously ends her engagement. She is even more surprised when she discovers exactly who the stranger is! Ruggedly striking Wulf FitzDevelin is illegitimate, penniless, and her ex-fiancé’s half-brother—their match is wholly unsuitable. Yet Isabella cannot escape the burning longing to feel his touch again!
  • Elizabeth Elgin. All the Sweet Promises
    All the Sweet Promises
    Elizabeth Elgin

  • Sheelagh  Kelly. An Unsuitable Mother
    An Unsuitable Mother
    Sheelagh Kelly

  • Sharon  Page. An American Duchess
    An American Duchess
    Sharon Page

  • Candace  Camp. An Independent Woman
    An Independent Woman
    Candace Camp
    Only one person ever treated Juliana Holcott with anything other than disdain–Nicholas Barre, the orphaned heir to the estate where she spent her childhood. And when wild, rebellious Nick left home, Juliana was left to fend for herself.Forced to seek employment as a lady's companion, Juliana has resigned herself to a life of lonely independence…until Nick's innocent attentions at a ball cause her to lose her position, and he offers her the only recompense he can–a marriage of convenience.It now falls to Juliana to prove to Nick that he is capable of the love they both so richly deserve. But when a guest at their wedding turns up dead, they must pursue a more urgent quarry–a murderer.Will one man's greed and bloodlust ruin their chance at happiness…or will love conquer all?
  • Louise Gouge M.. At the Captain's Command
    At the Captain's Command
    Louise Gouge M.
    Duty and career–Captain Thomas Moberly of His Majesty's Navy prizes them above all. So why is he tempted to relinquish both for Dinah Templeton? Though Dinah seems sweet and charming, the difference in station between an East Florida belle and the son of an earl is too marked to ignore.And all other obstacles pale with the discovery that Dinah's brother James is not what he seems….A war is brewing on the colonies' horizon, and James has chosen his side–in opposition to the country Thomas has sworn to defend. But what of Dinah? Where does her heart truly lie–with her family, or with the man she claims to love?
  • Dorothy  Clark. Beauty for Ashes
    Beauty for Ashes
    Dorothy Clark

  • Paullina Simons. Bellagrand
    Paullina Simons
    Itaalia immigrant Gina, iseseisev, kirglik ja tugev neiu, soovib kõigest hingest perekonda luua. Bostoni sinivereline, idealist ja tulihingeline riigivastane Harry tahab aga ehitada üles paremat riiki ja maailma. Ginat ja Harryt ühendab kirg, mis toob kaasa raevuhooge ja südametemurdmisi, ent hoiab neid alati koos. Nende tee kulgeb läbi nelja aastakümne ja kahe maailmajao, läbi võidurõõmu ja segaduste, viib Massachusettsi osariigi rahutust immigrantide linnast ja sealsest Lawrence’i puumajast muinasjutulisse ja salapärasesse marmorsaalidega häärberisse nimega Bellagrand. Ginal ja Harryl tuleb teha valik, mis määrab igaveseks mitte üksnes nende, vaid ka nende järeltulijate saatused. Paullina Simonsi romaan „Bellagrand” on raamat Barringtonide perekonnast ja jutustab lugejale „Vaskratsaniku” (e.k 2014) eelloo. Romaan Alexander Barringtoni vanematest ja lapsepõlvest annab vastuse küsimusele, miks ja kuidas sattus pere Venemaale. Loo ajalooliseks taustaks on 20. sajandi alguse sündmused: töölisliikumine, streigid, Esimene maailmasõda.

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