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  • Эдуард Тополь. 18+, или Последний аргумент
    18+, или Последний аргумент
    Эдуард Тополь
    «Шпионско-эротический триллер» – так сам автор обозначил жанр этого романа о приключениях юной российско-кубинской разведчицы в США и ее погоне за военными секретами и личным счастьем.
  • Charles  Cumming. A Spy by Nature
    A Spy by Nature
    Charles Cumming
    For all fans of TINKER TAILOR SOLDIER SPY comes this masterclass in suspense about a spy caught up in his own web of deception…Alec Milius is young, smart and ambitious – with a talent for deception. When a chance encounter opens the door to a career with MI6, he is desperate to make his mark.But life as a spy begins to take a terrible toll on himself and those around him, and soon Alec is chasing not just success but survival. Forced to work alone, he spins a web of deceit that traps him centre stage in a game of global espionage.In this new job, the difference between truth and a lie can be a matter of life and death. And for Alec, it’s getting harder to tell them apart…A Spy By Nature is the bestselling novel with which Charles Cumming announced his arrival as heir apparent to masters like John le Carré and Len Deighton; compellingly told, utterly authentic and heart-racingly intense, it will grip you till the very last page.
  • Charles  Cumming. Alec Milius Spy Series Books 1 and 2: A Spy By Nature, The Spanish Game
    Alec Milius Spy Series Books 1 and 2: A Spy By Nature, The Spanish Game
    Charles Cumming
    This ebook omnibus edition brings together Charles Cumming’s two classic Alex Milius novels, also offering readers a sample of his following novel The Trinity Six.A SPY BY NATUREAlec Milius is young, smart, ambitious and comfortable with deceit. So when a chance encounter leads him to MI6, Alec thinks he’s landed the perfect job for his talents. But working alone, relying on instinct, he’s soon spinning a web of deception that has him caught between his new masters and powerful opponents. For in his new line of work the difference between the truth and a lie can be the difference between life and death. And Alec is having trouble telling them apart …THE SPANISH GAMEAlec Milius quit the spying game six years ago – or so he thought.Living in exile in Madrid, he is lured back into a brutal world of lies and deception by the mysterious disappearance of a prominent politician. Forced to work alone, without the support of his former masters in London, Alec comes face to face with the nightmare of modern terror. And this time there's no-one to call for help…
  • Rivka  Galchen. Atmospheric Disturbances
    Atmospheric Disturbances
    Rivka Galchen

  • Szymon Wojtyniak. Bezpańskie psy
    Bezpańskie psy
    Szymon Wojtyniak

  • Džefrijs Dīvers. Carte blanche
    Carte blanche
    Džefrijs Dīvers
    Trauksmes signāls atsauc Bondu no vakariņām ar skaistu sievieti. Valdības sakaru dienesta štābs atšifrējis elektronisku ziņu par šajā nedēļā paredzētu uzbrukumu – “upuru skaits mērāms tūkstošos, un tiek nopietni skartas britu intereses”. Un 007 aģents saņem carte blanche – pilnīgu rīcības brīvību…
  • Gordon Kent. Damage Control
    Damage Control
    Gordon Kent

  • Nan  Ryan. Dearest Enemy
    Dearest Enemy
    Nan Ryan
    Susanna LeGrande lost her fiancé, her brother and her beloved home to the Union Army. But her grief only strengthened her resolve to spy for the Confederacy. The once-pampered Southern belle charmed her way through Washington society, falling brazenly into the arms of Rear Admiral Mitchell B. Longley, a commanding Union sailor. She seduced, used…and loved the powerful man.In the heat of ecstasy, Susanna forgot Mitch was her enemy—she surrendered her body and her heart. But her ruthless betrayal in the name of the South would cost Mitch everything—his command, his men and very nearly his life. She left a shattered, soulless man in her wake. And now Susanna's dearest love, her dearest enemy, will show her that the sweet kiss of vengeance is a game he, too, can play….
  • Jon  Stock. Dead Spy Running
    Dead Spy Running
    Jon Stock
    Re-inventing the spy story for the 21st Century.John Le Carre meets Jason Bourne!Suspended MI6 agent Daniel Marchant is running out of time. He’s alongside a man strapped with explosives at the London Marathon. If they drop their speed the belt will detonate, killing all around them. But is Marchant secretly working for the terrorists?Marchant’s father, ex-chief of MI6, was accused by the CIA of treachery. To prove his innocence, Marchant must take a perilous journey via Poland and India to unearth his father’s dark past, test his relationship with fellow spy Leila and challenge the heavy hand of America’s war on terror.Most of all, he has to learn to trust no one.
  • Jon  Stock. Dirty Little Secret
    Dirty Little Secret
    Jon Stock
    For fans of Bond and Bourne, the third instalment of the pulse-pounding Daniel Marchant spy series.The special relationship between London and Washington is in tatters. Salim Dhar, the world’s most wanted terrorist, has disappeared after an audacious attack on an American target in the UK. The CIA believes Daniel Marchant, renegade MI6 officer, was involved. But Marchant has a bigger secret: Dhar has agreed to work for MI6, promising to protect the UK from future terrorist atrocities.He has also asked for something in return: Marchant must help him with a final strike against America. Should Britain sign up to this Faustian pact or hunt them both down? Intelligence chiefs are divided – and one of them is working for Moscow.In a high octane thriller set in Britain, France, Russia and Morocco, Marchant wrestles with his conscience and his love for Lakshmi Meena, a beautiful CIA officer with her own secret. Does loyalty to one’s country come above all else, whatever the price? Or are some relationships too special to ignore?
  • Khurrum  Rahman. East of Hounslow: A funny, clever and addictive spy thriller, shortlisted for a CWA Dagger 2018
    East of Hounslow: A funny, clever and addictive spy thriller, shortlisted for a CWA Dagger 2018
    Khurrum Rahman

  • Elmar Valmre. Ennustus relval
    Ennustus relval
    Elmar Valmre
    Raamatupidaja Stemin mõrvatakse, kuid ruum kus laip leitakse on seestpoolt lukustatud: siit hargneb edasi mõistatus mida püüavad lahendada sündmustekeerisesse juhusena sattunud dr. Truve ja krimnalist Harro. […] Alateadliklult ta oli tõmmanud ühendava sideme mõrva ning tundmatu daami vahel ja kohkus ise oma avastusest. „Kas mõrvar on tabatud?” ta küsis. „Ei tea,” vastas kohtuarst. „Politsei keeldub andmast lähemaid seletusi. Mulle tundub, et midagi on seal liimist lahti. Hommikul, kui tulin läbi kriminaalpolitseist, oli seal koos salk ajakirjanikke. Nad olid mõrvast kuulnud ja tahtsid teada üksikasju. Kriminaalpolitsei ülem Jaanre aga saatis nad kõik minema. Ma ei ole teda veel kunagi näinud nii pahurana ja kategoorilisena. Vaesed poisid olid päris ehmunud.” […]
  • Kim Stanley Robinson. Fifty Degrees Below
    Fifty Degrees Below
    Kim Stanley Robinson

  • Jon  Stock. Games Traitors Play
    Games Traitors Play
    Jon Stock
    Re-inventing the spy story for the 21st Century.John Le Carre meets Jason Bourne!Salim Dhar is the world's most wanted terrorist. The CIA is under pressure to hunt him down, after he narrowly failed to kill the US president. The borders of Afghanistan and Pakistan are the target of relentless drone strikes. Echelon, the West's intelligence analysis network, is in meltdown, monitoring all channels for the faintest trace of Dhar. But no one can find him. Only Daniel Marchant, renegade MI6 officer, knows where he is.Marchant has been living in Marrakech, listening to the traditional Berber storytellers as they enthral tourists with tales from The Arabian Nights. Marchant believes that Dhar has shunned technology, retreating to old customs:coded messages for Dhar are being embedded in ancient narratives.When a man flees from the square, Marchant pursues him up into the Atlas Mountains, where he sees an unmarked military helicopter take off and head east. Is someone shielding Dhar to perpetrate an act of proxy terrorism on the West? Or is the CIA right when it claims to have killed him?To discover the truth, Marchant must be recruited by Moscow. But Marcus Fielding, erudite Chief of MI6, doubts that his young intelligence officer has the mental strength to be a double agent. It's a role that will require him to believe his late father was a traitor, an allegation that Marchant fought long and hard to dispel. Now he must rekindle those rumours and confront dark truths about his own loyalties. He must also work with Lakshmi Meena, the CIA's beautiful new liaison officer in London. Can he ever trust a woman-or an American-again after being betrayed by her predecessor?As Britain braces itself for an airborne terrorist attack, Marchant survives torture in Morocco and India in his bid to find and stop Dhar. Will family ties ultimately prove more binding than ideology? In an absorbing thriller that combines the nuances of Cold War Le Carre with the ejector-seat excitement of Top Gun, Marchant discovers that treachery is the greatest game of all.
  • Khurrum  Rahman. Homegrown Hero: A funny and addictive thriller for fans of Informer
    Homegrown Hero: A funny and addictive thriller for fans of Informer
    Khurrum Rahman

  • Эндрю Каплан. Homeland. Родина Кэрри
    Homeland. Родина Кэрри
    Эндрю Каплан
    «Homeland. Родина Кэрри» – это захватывающая история, написанная с тем же накалом и непредсказуемостью сюжета, которые сделали культовым одноименный телесериал. Этот роман популярного американского писателя Эндрю Каплана дает фанатам фильма возможность окунуться в прошлое полюбившихся героев и заглянуть во внутренний мир блестящей шпионки Кэрри Мэтисон.
  • Andrew Kaplan. Homeland: Carrie’s Run
    Homeland: Carrie’s Run
    Andrew Kaplan
    An edge-of-your-seat original prequel novel based on Showtime’s hit series, HOMELAND, ‘the best thriller on American television’ New York PostBeirut, 2006. CIA operations officer Carrie Mathison barely escapes an ambush while attempting a clandestine meeting with a new contact code-named Nightingale. Suspicious that security has been compromised, she challenges the station chief in a heated confrontation that gets her booted back to Langley.Expert in recognizing and anticipating behavioral patterns—a skill enhanced by the bipolar disorder she keeps secret to protect her career—Carrie is increasingly certain that a terrorist plot has been set in motion. Carrie risks a shocking act of insubordination that helps her uncover secret evidence connecting Nightingale with Abu Nazir, the leader of Al Qaeda in Iraq. Determined to stop the terrorist mastermind, she embarks on an obsessive quest that will nearly destroy her.Filled with the suspense and plot twists that have made Homeland a must-watch series, this riveting tale reveals the compelling untold backstories of the series’ main characters and takes fans deeper into the life and mind of one brilliant woman spy.
  • Andrew Kaplan. Homeland: Saul’s Game
    Homeland: Saul’s Game
    Andrew Kaplan
    The second, edge-of-your-seat prequel novel based on Showtime’s hit series, HOMELAND, ‘the best thriller on American television’ New York PostDamascus, Syria, 2009. Carrie Mathison is leading an operation to capture or kill al Qaeda terrorist, Abu Nazir. But arriving at the compound where he was supposed to be in hiding, they find it empty. Carrie is sure that someone is leaking CIA information to the enemy and has betrayed their operation, seriously threatening American interests in the Middle East. To expose the double agent, her boss, Saul Berenson, devises an elaborate ruse that will send her on the most dangerous mission of her life.This twisting tale of international intrigue takes fans deeper into the intense world of high-stakes espionage, and explores never-before-seen details of Carrie’s life as an operative in the Middle East, Saul’s past as an agent in Iran, Brody’s dark childhood and captivity, and events involving the trio—and other favourite characters, like Dar Adal—that will lead them to the present.
  • Jorge Volpi. In Search of Klingsor
    In Search of Klingsor
    Jorge Volpi

  • Tess  Gerritsen. In Their Footsteps / Stolen: In Their Footsteps / Stolen
    In Their Footsteps / Stolen: In Their Footsteps / Stolen
    Tess Gerritsen

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